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Our company is run as small business with a family atmosphere. Our goal is quality and something unique that cannot be mass produced. Our main glue that we use for assembly is water based cross-link PVA. Diesel fuel drives the cost of shipping. Fortunately, Reclaimed Lumber Product's custom doors, wood flooring, and millwork match well with green architecture. Then it was Lumber Products Can Be Modeled Best Using The Model Of Network milled and fabricated into your Jim Thorp Lumber Products Yoncalla Or Key door by our top craftsman.

North Can Ada Road Nampa, Idaho USA. West Success Way Emmett, Idaho USA. Reclaimed Lumber Products North Can Ada Road Nampa, Idaho Map. West Success Way Emmett, Idaho USA. Phone: () Fax: () Hours M-F, Mountain Time (by appointment only) Local Idaho Customers. Please schedule appointment using the form to the left, and read our DIY Source for Reclaimed Lumber article first. Anything you order from Reclaimed Lumber Products is going to be a one of kind unique item only made in the USA by our in house team of craftsmen. Nampa, Idaho Lumber Products Definition China USA. West Success Way Emmett, Idaho USA. Contact Form. Phone: () Fax: () Hours M-F Mountain Time. Navigation.

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