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Mark and drill pilot holes, and attach the vise with washers and lag bolts Photo G. Pony Rarely will you open your vise all the way, but a deep capacity gives you more clamping versatility. Related Wikis. Woodcraft Magazine. Customer Care Talk to a friendly customer care representative to help with your purchase. Includes a sliding front stop inch capacity Durable cast-iron construction.

Jun 02,  · Face vises are attached on the front, or face, of the bench; end vises are installed on the end. The best benches have both, but if you can only afford one, I’d go for a face vise initially. Right-handers should mount a face vise at the far left of the bench’s front edge and an end vise on the end Woodworking Bench Vise Parts Name of the bench at the foremost right-hand corner.4/5. Woodworking workbench vises and hardware at Highland Woodworking. FLIP thru our latest Woodworking Tool Catalog. 1. A metal-jaw vise is ready to go right out of the box. Add wood cheeks, bolt it to your bench and you’re ready to clamp. 2. A wood-jaw vise requires assembly. Make your own jaws and turn a handle of any length (or buy one).The front of the bench doubles as the upper half of the rear jaw. 3. Squeeze the lever on this quick-release.

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