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In this article we're going to talk about the big guns; the twittter that you ridgid cast iron table saw accessories twitter in all the TV shows and all the pictures of "serious" woodworking shops. Forgot your password? Online Stores Stores Near You. So that tells me I got a lemon. I like your new saw, I too just purchased a new table saw but I ended up getting the craftsman 10 inch contractor saw. Nice looking saw, Jay.

Visit site for availability. In Stock. Integrated 4 in. Dust Collection Port: Easily connects vacuums for a cleaner work environment. Push Pedal Caster Set - Easily repositions saw via a single action foot pedal. Cast Iron Trunnions - For extended life and added durability. Rip Fence Features Built-in T-channels - For installation of accessories and sacrificial fences not included.

Onboard Storage - Easily access included rip fence, blade guard, and miter guage. When I find a woodworking plan I like well enough to graduate it to the workshop, I laminate a Skip to main content.

Ridgid 10" Tablesaw TS WOOD magazine rating. Average reader rating. Brand: Ridgid. Model: TS Login to Write a Review. Login to Add to Toolbox. Review Summary This model has been discontinued by the manufacturer. High points: A large tabletop, good power, and minimal blade scoring on the cuts. Fence locks at front and rear, reducing deflection to. It has a nice 36" of rip capacity.

Built-in mobile base with four swivel casters goes any direction. It locks and unlocks with a pedal. Slots in cast-iron wings simplify clamping featherboards and jigs to tabletop.

And a coat of cheap wax for protection. Next I checked alignment of the blade to the miter slots. It was. I was dreading this as all of the very few negative reviews this saw has relate to the inability to get the saw blade parallel to the miter slots. After reading further into the assembly paperwork I found the blade alignment to be quite easy actually. By taking the back cover off you can easily access four trunnion bolts to adjust alignment. And checking the blade to be square to the table top.

The stops seemed to be accurate from the factory here. The last thing to adjust is the fence. It too needs to be parallel to the miter slot. Adjustment is made by four bolts connecting the actual fence rail to the fence body. To answer a few questions that you probably have. Looking at the big picture the saws are pretty much the same. Both are a great option for the price range. Remember that I was originally going to replace the Porter-Cable with the exact same model.

This is one of those situations where us as consumers are fortunate to have competition between companies to produce another saw in the same budget range that offers pretty much the same quality.

Well folks, things took a big turn with the new table saw. When raising the blade the blade will tilt to the right by a few degrees and when lowering it will tilt to the left by a few degrees. This saw has a boat load of awesome reviews on various sources online and nearly all of the few negative reviews point to Ridgid Table Saw Tools And Accessories Amazon this issue. So that tells me I got a lemon. I contacted Ridgid and they know the exact problem and say Ridgid Cast Iron Table Saw Accessories Data it is a bad trunnion that needs to be replaced. My options are to drop the saw off at an Orange store for them to ship it off to be replaced, return it for another one and risk the hour drive each way to see if it has the same problem, or drive to an authorized repair location.

Either way I have to make multiple hour long trips to get the problem situated and could possibly be out of a saw for who knows how long while it gets repaired. No Ridgid Cast Iron Table Saw Accessories Youtube thanks. Pretty good saw if you get a good one. Jay, thanks for he article on the Ridgid tablesaw. Your article has really helped! Total envy man! And the fact that it would be too big for my garage. So I ended up getting the R on sale. Good luck with your new saw and hope it delivers quality cuts.

You should have made a video on how to square everything up. I need to adjust my blade but I am at total loss as to how to measure it to see how far out it is. Jay did you catch the date code on your box. This is the exact saw I was going to buy. Thanks, might be picking this up in the near future. I like your new table saw. The Jet is old but very good still.

The Rigid came out of the box square and parallel. What did you do with your Porter Cable? Thanks for posting this info.

Currently I have an old Craftsman inherited from my grandfather but the fence is complete garbage. I too have the same question. Nice looking saw, Jay. I have a 10 yr old Rigid TS that has seen better days.

Congrats on the new saw! I like your new saw, I too just purchased a new table saw but I ended up getting the craftsman 10 inch contractor saw. I really like it.

Great saw! I purchased mine about the same time you did. I built an outfeed and router table for mine. Ugh Jay that sucks! Thanks jay. I bought Ridgid Table Saw Fence Accessories Github the same saw last week. I love it. I rubbed most of it out with Simple Green. Jay, sorry to hear you have the blade alignment issues. Raising and lowering the blade on mine shifts it by less than.

Guess I got lucky or not unlucky. The weight of the motor bends a mount. IF you get one that runs true. I have it setup but still tuning it. I did notice that the blade was out of alignment. I worked on it some but still have to tweak it some more. They made that awesome band saw you have. Then you can make a hot dog video to test the saw stop out!

That would be cool! Hi Jay, Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Looking forward to your next saw. Hope it works better. I have owned this saw for a year. I called and came up with about a month of craziness.

I decided to deal with it myself. I had to take the trunnions out and grind them.

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