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Retighten the lock rikon 326 manual 3.1 to secure the table. This manual is also suitable for: tg. Rip Fence M. The following instructions must be followed at all times. Woodturners will like the stability the large table provides when roughing bowl blanks. If adjustment is needed follow the steps below.

Table leveling nut and bolt C. Table stop safety bolt D. Table mounting bolts and washers Rip fence assembly: A. Scale B. Fence bar C. Fence D. Resaw bar E. Fence carrier F. Light I. Blade Tracking Window B. Tension Indicator Window J. Quick Release Lever C.

Blade Tension Hand-wheel K. Guide Post Lock Knob D. Switch L. Rip Fence M. Motor F. Speed Hand-wheel N. Page 9: Assembly Assembly The bandsaw is supplied partly assembled.

Prior Rikon 10 Bandsaw Blades Manual to use, the following items have to be assembled: working table, rip fence, hand-wheels, tool holder. Locate the two pan head Kreg Pocket Hole Jig K4 Manual No screws from the bag of loose parts. Mount the tool holder to the column and install a pan head screw in each hole, then tighten with a Phillips screw driver. Turn the table tilting knob B-Fig. Use the angle indicator scale on the trunnion bracket to find the desired angle. Retighten the lock handle to secure the table. Do not set the bearing Rikon 10 326 Vs Grizzly Ed guides too close as this will adversely affect the life of the saw blade.

If the mounting bolts have been tightened, these will need loosened off before this adjustment can be made. The blade should run in the center of the wheel. Page Maintenance Maintenance Caution! Keep the table clean to ensure accurate cutting. No power supply. Check the cable for breakage. Defective switch. Furnituremakers will like the large 13" resawing capacity and cutting accuracy.

Woodturners will like the stability the large table provides when roughing bowl blanks. You can even cut non-ferrous metals on low speed. An extremely sturdy steel frame maintains accuracy. A Quick-release lever quickly lowers the upper wheel, reducing blade tension for quick blade changes. It also lets you release blade tension at the end of each day's use, easing stress to the blade and the bandsaw's components.

The large cast iron table tilts for beveled cuts and includes a heavy rip fence with integral inch scale and resawing pivot guide. This product may expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. Please read our Proposition 65 warning. For more information, see www.

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