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Pointed Stylus Tip quantity. All necessary hardware is included; you just need your router and wood. Pinned End Blades. This is not an extremely tight fit as the centering happens from the convex area of the pin. Flat End Spiral Blades.

Leigh - Super 18" Dovetail Jig. Leigh - Super 12" Dovetail Jig. Anything you can print on paper you can rout. Develop your own stencils, or use the included two stencil fonts and a selection of line drawings.

Follow the design with your stylus, and let the router do the work. All necessary hardware is included; you just need your router and wood. Easy to set up and easy to use. Clear and easy to follow instructions. Feels and looks like it is quality made. I Did a test piece using some of the stencils it came with, and some that I created and printed, and it all turned out great!

Find a Store. My Account. Picture Hanging Keyhole Template. Spray Ink 5 of 5 Stars 2 reviews. Corner Radius Template Guide 3. Double-Faced Tape 5 of 5 Stars 2 reviews. Point Cutting Plunge Roundover Bits. Round Nose Bits 5 of 5 Stars 1 review. Round Nose Bits. Flat End Spiral Blades. Mach Scroll Saw Blades. Crown Tooth Blades. It certainly gives me more options than the sign making kit I had purchased from Milescraft in the past. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

I was hoping to view a demonstration at one of the woodworking shows, but they are no longer available in the western states. A new tutorial with more detail in the use would be helpful either on the internet or by making a DVD available. I love my PantographPro. I was looking through different CNC Machines but the prices were way out of my budget. The PantographPro was the perfect solution.

I am able to route out logos, words and various different signs. PantographPRO — 4 Stars out of 5 This kit contains everything one need to make signs using router, except for the router and wood. There is also a manual in the box and if that is not enough, one can watch a video about the assembly and use of this kit. The video is available on YouTube and the Milescraft website. There is not a DVD provided with this product. Assembly is quite easy and takes only few minutes. The idea is simple: you move a stylus over a stencil of a letter or a drawing and the PantographPRO transfers that movement to the router, which makes exact copy in scale half the size of the stencil in the wood or some other material.

The stencil is held in place by a transparent plastic sleeve and thumb tacks. Stylus is supposed to move just a little bit above the plastic without touching Router Sign Making Kit Amazon Connect it. It was easier for me to be able to push the stylus on the stencil therefore I had to use many thumb tacks to hold it firmly in place, otherwise the sleeve would warp. Perhaps thin acrylic sheet would work better. It takes a bit of practice to produce nice signs. It is recommended to try the jig first on a scrap material to get a feel of it.

One cannot make a whole word in one go. Letters have to be made one by one. That slows down the whole project. It is also a bit tricky to get the spacing between letters right, therefore there are spacing marks made on the templates. Following lines with a stylus is not that easy and takes some experience. However this jig is capable of producing very nice signs once you get the hang of it. PantographPRO is more versatile than a SignPro, as there are no limits to the fonts one wants to use.

Anything can be printed or drawn on paper and copied on wood with this jig, whereas SignPro allows only the use of font provided. However, this jig is a little bit more difficult to use in my opinion. Also, one has to have in mind that template will be copied in half the size, therefore there may be a need to enlarge the stencils.

Jessica Randlall was most helpful, a few test and I was on my way to my first sign. Thanks, I wish other transactions could be as smooth as this was! Ordered this for my husband for his birthday.

He loves it! Took a but of time to make the jig for it. Love it! What type of cuts do the different router bits make and what are they used for? Round Nose Bit: Single passes on stencil will create a round bottom cut. Not recommended for situations where an even surface is desired at the bottom of Professional Router Sign Making Kit Api a cut.

Flat End Bit: Creates vertical side walls while cutting.

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