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Plus they are just beautiful machines. We are able to work way faster with increased precision and no mistakes! Park never over-promised on anything, but they over-delivered on many levels. We run into more things every day that add to our level of satisfaction. If you do your research, you will always choose Park. I never worry about our [Park Industries] stone machines.

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Stone Fabrication The proven leader in building and supporting machinery for stone fabricators. View Solutions. Peace of Mind. Saw cuts ok but track is nearly useless.

Virtually impossible to cut a straight line with the amount of flex in the section connectors. If a more rigid option was offered, this would be a great compact panel cutting system. Awfully noisy for such a little beastie! I used the 60 tooth blade. Lots of tear out and like I said, noisy.

Track works ok but instructions said the first cut would trim the rubber edge. Tape over the cutline will work. I have looked at all the track saw systems out there. I have a small shop and needed to find a small system that would work for me.

I purchased this and I wasn't disappointed. This system is versatile and compact. Being able to cut a 45 on an edge of plywood during break down has saved me time. I definitely Small Router Tables For Sale would recommend this saw for a small shop. Decently impressed and buying a second for my dad for his birthday. This is the first track saw I have owned. For years I have used a circular saw and edge guide to make cross and rip cuts that can't be done on a table saw or miter saw.

After an afternoon of checking it out, I recommend it. The cut with the saw was clean using the supplied carbide blade. There is a little side to side play in the saw tracking slot but does not affect the cut with slight right pressure on the saw against the track.

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