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I have told them I router tables australia yarn in Budapest and they apologise however I still keep getting the calls. He made austraia real mess, I am still quite distressed thinking about it, I mean the blood is still drying on the bonnet now. Could not say where, router tables australia yarn or details of the car. I had a telephone call from a lady calling from number stating Ihad been xustralia a accident. How annoying that they can try and manipulate you.

I just had one of these calls, asking if I had been involved in an accident in the last three years. Phone number showing was I told then to take my number of their list and to stop calling people to take advantage of them. Eventually she hung up on me. Thank you for your comment Katherine. They did not give their company details and hang up. I did exactly that today! Waffled on for a bit to string them along… Scammer eventually said how I could be so sure it was 6 months ago.

To which they are either shocked and just hang up or they apologise and say they will remove me from there list. Try it! Is this the url you went to? More sites are installing SSL now though mainly because Google are pushing for it.

I started getting these calls the day after I advertised my car on Gumtree … funny that! Am I missing the point but I cant seem to work out what they hope to get out of it? I have tried blocking the numbers but they just use a different one the next time.

I have had 2 today, I go along with them but give no details and then start to add in juicy bits like I was with a married lady and needed discretion etc I go on the fact the longer I keep them on the line the fewer calls they can make lol, first time I said I ran in to a lamp post, when they asked what car I was driving I told them no i was running and I thought they were the insurers of the lamp post lol. I just received another call from an number regarding the same issue.

This cold calling should be made illegal. I requested that they remove my name from their marketing list. Even so, holiday illness claims are already another avenue they are exploiting. As for cold calling being made illegal the government may yet still ban it. Just received a call from a alleged company called Pronto number: asking if I could confirm having a car accident. When I questioned him further, he just hung up! The callers number is 07 Brisbane Queensland. So you get the same problems in Australia then by the sounds of it?

Thanks for the comment and good advice. My husband had an accident 2 years ago which was not his fault. He was not injured and signed the accident form with his insurers to that effect. We were then plagued with calls to make a claim, calls a day, every day.

I tried reporting them, we told them this was fraud and we did not want to claim but still they kept calling. Tried blocking the calls as well. Eventually a Northern gentleman called and told my husband the only way to stop the calls was to make a claim. All else had failed so my husband agreed.

He told the sales guy on the phone, the investigator who came to our home, the solicitor and the doctor who examined him that he was not injured. They all ignored him and still processed a claim. The solicitors, Amanda Cunliffe have ignored emails and still held the case open. The 3 year claim deadline is looming and Amanda Cunliffe want final confirmation. Once again we told them in writing that no injury and was hassled into this.

They have responded that if the insurance does not cover their fees we may be liable. If Amanda Cunliffe were to try and recover their costs from us personally what would be their chances? However this page on the SRA website may be of some use to you. I keep getting calls on my mobile from quite a few different numbers. Telling me they understand I have been involved in an accident that was not my fault.

I have not been involved in any accidents at all. Yes they are legal, at the moment at least. You can visit the TPS website and report the number to them. Ive just received a call from a Three mobile number and a company called — M. He said he just needed me to understand the procedure and that a cheque would be sent to me over the next weeks, saying he would put paperwork in the post to me that would arrive on Monday.

He had all my details and said that my Insurance company had passed them on. Ive looked Top 10 Router Tables Uk 40 for MAC on the web and there is no information on them. How annoying that they can try and manipulate you.

These cold callers usually have some name or other they use which has nothing to do with who they really are. If you have had an accident then I expect they would have got your details from somebody. I have just taken a call telling me I have had an accident in the last 3 years but gave no company name I questioned where he got this info and he said the accident depart moment London.

He was going to hang up when I asked him what info he had about me and this accident. Saying he got the information from the accident department London? Phone calls originating from within the area code often turn out to be a telemarketer, a telephone survey or bill collector trying to disguise their real phone number. He was not English so not sure if he was ringing from abroad. My concern is he may have my details and address. This is quite worrying. I sometimes get calls from similar numbers claiming there is a problem with my router, which is a common scam and I just hang up the phone.

They may be able to address your concerns and put your mind at rest. Hi my worry is that iv not had an accident at all ,so where do they get this wrong information from and will it effect my car insurance premiums. Depending on whether or not it was an actual person that spoke to you and if they called you by your name would maybe determine where they got your phone number. They may just have a program that generates mobile phone numbers that are then automatically dialled, hoping on the off chance that you have had an accident.

On the other hand they could have bought your number from someone, or scraped it from the web as seems what probably what happened to John further down the page. I love making up stories about my fictitious accident,usually involving an animal like a cow or an Elk with gigantic antlers.

Omg that is Gold! I hate how they just hang up with no comment when they catch on. How did you ever know about my horrible accident!? Great network! The caller suddenly hung up.

My husband cheered me for wasting her precious time and my son was really annoyed with me for teasing a possible criminal. I just tried to find out who they are and how this possible scam works by stretching the conversation and see how they react. I wasted my time too. I have never been involved in a car accident. After one minute I got a call from a guy asking me about an accident and he said that he has the number from the national survey database or something like that.

So gumtree sells your info without your consent. Thanks for the comment John. Rather than gumtree selling your number I suspect somebody is just collecting phone numbers from the ads and then selling them on. They claim to have got your information from the national road accident database or a governmental body. This is not correct. There is no national database of accidents with names, telephone numbers and addresses.

Government departments do not hold any of this information and they would not supply it to anyone under any circumstances. You can find easy the phone number from GumTree. Just say i dont drive and dont own a car. Than they ask has anyone in the family been in a accident. Again i say nobody has a car in my family. They then hang up. I get loads of calls every week regarding an accident I had last year when we ran over a deer. They have all of our details — date, registration no etc — but obviously know nothing of the actual accident since they start by telling me the third party has made a provision for personal accident claims.

Obviously subscribe to a database of insurance claims. I am on TPS. I have tried complaining but TPS are not interested unless you have a the number you were called by and b the registered owner of that number. TPS offers no protection whatsoever. Total waste of time.

Tearing my hair out. Hello Vicky. Unfortunately some companies that use cold calling know all of the tricks in the book in avoiding any comeback on their end. Hi my husband just had a cold call about an accident he had sometime in the last 2 years. The call was from accident claim advice.

Could not say where, when or details of the car. He has not had an accident in the last 10 years, let alone the last 2. Hello Claire. I apologise if we called you incorrectly. I would like to reiterate however that we do not cold call, but unfortunately sometimes we do have people filling in Call Back forms with incorrect information. Apologies again. I have recently had a minor accident on my motorcycle with no third party involved.

Although it was a minor accident there was substantial damage to the the bike resulting in having to make a claim. The only people involved Router Tables At Lowes 90 are myself and my insurance broker. Can I find out? Hello Colin. This sounds like a case of ambulance chasing.

An article you might find useful that will help explain your predicament can be found here. Although you say only yourself and your insurance broker are involved is it possible your motorcycle was recovered by a recovery company, is it being repaired in a local garage? As for finding out who it was that is likely to be difficult.

I got a plan. Just waste as much of their time as you possibly can. The longer you keep them on the less people they get to scam. I had a call recently with a woman on the other end of the phone asking me about a car accident I had recently.

When I searched the phone number it is apparently an automated call, but was fairly convincing. I read somewhere about these kind of automated calls being used for voice recognition. So beware! Thanks for the comment Carol, and the warning, and yes I have also heard of that scam. Some information on it can be found here although doing a quick search will result in many more news stories about it mainly from the US, but we will no doubt hear more about it in the UK given time.

Happy new year to you Geoff. As for what you say about pretending you have been injured we have suggested a similar approach to a few people that have complained to ourselves, incorrectly believing we have cold called them. You are vile parasites. Calling people on the pretence of an accident report. You give abuse to disabled, mock callers whilst benefitting from the vulnerable. I have today contacted the police about one of your call handlers and constant barrage of calls.

Shame On You. Any advice we provide is to people that have contacted us. Any claims we take on are from clients who have contacted us, and in fact we are very ANTI cold calling. One thing I done in the past when the person called me from a private number was to go along with them and pretend I did get injured in an accident.

When I got called back by the lawyer who had been passed my details then I kicked off at them about their snide tactics. Call — Mobiles — Mon — Sun: 24 hours. Email — admin accidentclaimsadvice. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. What Is A Litigation Friend? Time to call: optional Now Today - 8am - 9am Today - 9am - 10am Today - 10am - 11am Today - 11am - 12pm Today - 12pm - 1pm Today - 1pm - 2pm Today - 2pm - 3pm Today - 3pm - 4pm Today - 4pm - 5pm Today - 5pm - 6pm Today - 7pm - 8pm Tomorrow - 8am - 9am Tomorrow - 9am - 10am Tomorrow - 10am - 11am Tomorrow - 11am - 12pm Tomorrow - 12pm - 1pm Tomorrow - 1pm - 2pm Tomorrow - 2pm - 3pm Tomorrow - 3pm - 4pm Tomorrow - 4pm - 5pm Tomorrow - 5pm - 6pm Tomorrow - 7pm - 8pm.

Getting You To Answer The Cold Call In the marketing cold calling world once you have picked up the phone the hard part has been done and the next challenge is to keep you talking.

The Story Begins To Unravel If you start asking questions many of these companies will quote the data protection laws and perhaps suggest they are unable to confirm details at this moment. Telephone Preference Service TPS The TPS should be your first point of contact because by simply registering with this service you are confirming what you do not wish to receive live marketing calls.

Check The Small Print As we touched on above, many marketing companies have small print hidden away in their customer agreements which allow them to cold-call customers unless advised otherwise. Tell The Cold Callers To Take You Off Their List While there are services to sign-up to and small print to check, you always have the overriding option to tell any cold calling company to take you off their marketing list.

Closing Thoughts Even though many marketing cold calls are perfectly legitimate and above board, many of us have experienced nuisance phone calls on a regular basis. Good content. Has some great insights from commenters. If anybody knows please pray tell …. Well all of u guys here do not understand the nature of the call and what uninsured losses are.

Just had a car scam phone call from How can we easily register such numbers, and would anuyone pay these folks avisit to stop them? They sound very British to me!! Nothing but young,,British scammers. Same — Gumtree advert and I have had three calls. Nowadays I simply tell them to f off. I love that. Hahahahahahahah that was a good one, well done.

Nice one Leslie — ingenious. Sometimes by answering these calls you get a bill because they are calling from abroad. You should work for the scammers with a good story like that.

Very convincing. And many garages that repair cars that have been in an accident will also pass on details. Oh, THAT accident. Your car reg. Morphine making me v. No problem. We can come back that later. Can you describe your injuries?

From the accident. What accident? The accident we were just talking about. All they could do then, was carry on and amputate the other leg. What operation? A THR. A Total Hip Replacement? For head injuries!?!? Of course not!! What operation then? A Total Head Replacement, obviously!!

After that, the phone went dead. Some people have Nnooo sympathy,! To all of you wanting a way to deal with these cold callers here is an idea: Things you will need: 1 a premium rate phone number or a non geographic phone number such as an number. Just wind them up with false info. This seems to upset them. Three favourites are: 1. Just had a call on mobile and land line apparently from the accident advice centre.

Always answer to em and troll them….. I wish I had thought of that before. Thank you so much. You have really helped put my mind at ease. Wasting these nuisance callers time in an option of course, if you want to do that. Have a great day. Contact us — Call — Mobiles — Mon — Sun: 24 hours Email — admin accidentclaimsadvice. Search Accident Claims Advice. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

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