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I carefully cut it in half and made 2 bands. I need this part also - did you ever get a reply. Washer ID5. The belt part number is XL Part Number: Ships in 1 - replacemennt business days. Since this is discontinued, is there a suitable replacement from a later model?

Add to Cart. Washer ID8. Screw M6 14 mm, Hex Soc. Screw M5 x 12 mm, Pan Hd. Screw M5 x 8 mm, Pan Hd. Screw M5 x 10 mm, Pan Hd. Screw M5 x 7 mm, Pan Hd. Spring Washer M5. Switch Inc. Key No. Washer ID5. Screw M6 x 16 mm, Hex Hd. Washer ID6. Screw M5 x 10 mm, Hex Soc. Screw M6 x 16 mm, Hex Soc. Screw M4. Blade 62 in. Washer ID6 x OD12 x 0. Screw M6 x 23 mm, Hex Hd. Screw M5 x 16 mm, Hex Soc.

Popular Parts. Ball Bearing LU. Pin 5 x Screw M4 x 6 mm. Lower Blade Guide Assembly. Screw Special. Blade Safe Cover. Band Saw Parts. Accessories for the Ryobi BSG. No questions have been asked yet. Ask a question. Ask our experts a question about this part and we will respond as soon as we can. Join our VIP email list to receive money-saving-advice and special discounts. Hello ttyler, If you still have the old BS Bearing.

Take it to a local bearing supplier in your area. I know that when they were still providing that bearing, it was a common size bearing. Question: Tire Waddie. Will the tire from the BS fit? It is available The tire fits around the large wheels to guide the blade and act as a shock absorber. If yours is that diameter then it will fit. Do you know what glue to attach rubber tires?

They use Tire part number, This might fit. I called ryobi and they said the bs parts will fit the bs What can I do for a replacement? Hello rpaet, Here is a post from an earlier answer regarding the tire for a Ryobi BS Bandsaw that is no longer available. It is catalog PA It is for a 9 inch Skil bandsaw. But it is on a factory back order with no deliver date. Since this is discontinued, is there a suitable replacement from a later model?

You may want to contact link removed Carter Products. Tell them what you have and hopefully they will a tire for your saw. Question: Ryobi Bs Wheel Tire I have found a way to rebuild the wheel. I can fix it. Hello , That's' great news. I hope that all the bandsaw users will take advantage of your application. I found a tire at Robert Bosch Tool Corp. It is for a 9 inch SKIL bandsaw. I had to replace both tires.

I used the BS tires part no, They were hard to put on had to soak in hot water awhile but they seem to fit OK Ryobi Band Saw Blade Replacement Near and the test cuts were OK. Not cheep! They also have saw blades. Hello smittyrick, I have yet to see a rebuilt bandsaw tire. Unfortuately at this time they are on a factory back order with no delivery date.

Question: Motor oldstitz. Where can I find a replacement motor for a Ryobi bandsaw? Hello oldstitz, It seems that we are still able to get your motor, part number BS Even though it says Craftsman on the page , the motor was manufactured by another company and will fit right into your saw. Hope this helps, -WJA. Question: Bearing rkrugh.

Hello rkrugh, You should be able to take that bearing to any company in your local area that sells ball bearings. And they will be able to supply it to you. I guaranty it. If the can't, post it on this forum and I will find you one for you.

Good luck, -WJA. What parts are required for a complete miter gauge assembly? Hello , You will need items for a complete miter gauge assembly. Question: Tire Wheel pljones1k. The old part number for the BS tire is BS maybe someone out there has some or a suitable replacement. I too tried to find these parts, and had no luck. I came up with an idea to use rubber bands. I came across a rubber band that had the thickness I needed, and finally got it streched out to fit.

I carefully cut it in half and made 2 bands. So after reading that others were having the same problem, I googled rubber bands and I found one that might work for everyone else.

They go by Ohioblademan on ebay. I have not received it yet, but he seemed confident it was the right one since they manufacture them.

It is item number - And the contact information is ext 2. Hope this helps and that they are the correct ones. Question: Need A Belt Replacement loridargon. Hello loridargon, Unfortunately the manufacture has discontinued the belt you are looking for.

You might try the many Ryobi service centers around the country. Good luck. I have a new 4" belt sander with a 6" circular sander.

The drive belt has broken and neither Home Depot nor Ryobi have been the least bit responsive. If there is another source for parts, please share. Hello Jeremiah, If you have the old belt and can read any numbers on it let me know. I may have a source for a new one. The belt part number is XL Any leads on where I might find it?

It's weird because they're still making the 9" saw and other than some slght changes in the color scheme it seems to be identical to mine yet they're not making drive belts for them??? The instructions advise that the wheel tire band must be heated in order to place it on the wheel.

How do you heat it so it will stretch to fit on the wheel? Hi, Just boil a pan of water. Turn the heat off and remove the pan.

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