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For a better experience, please enable Salad bowl finish australia zip in your browser before proceeding. Nice thin finish. It may not display this or other websites aushralia. Joined Feb 7, Messages It is their list of Edible Finishes. You want to be aware of health concerns working with and storing products as well as safety to others you give or sell your work too.

I use Salad Bowl finish on kids tables and cutting boards. Easy to apply and dries smooth, very little sanding is needed. Brings out the grian and deepens the color of the wood.

After two coats you don't need to add anything. The one area I don't like is the price, it could be a little cheaper, other than the price, it's a great product. This is a great product for applying to bowls of any size. It provides a nice looking food safe finish. I have made several bowls and canister sets and love this product. I like doing art work on wood and the Salad Bowl Finish is food safe and opens a new way for me to make the art work "useful".

I can use it on serving pieces as well as the bowls. I like bowls most as you can use your own thoughts in the design of bowls, and this finish give nice completion to bowls. I like this product for my bowls and the application while they are on the lathe.

It evenly distributes and is food safe My husband and I use this finish on our bread boards and it is a wonderful product.

Goes on smoothly and dries to a great shine. Only problem with this is, after a certain amount of time, it darkens and starts to harden up. We only make bread boards for friends and family and only a few at a time and something needs to be done to improve the quality so this would not happen. This is a great product for wood projects that will come in contact with food. I find it very similar to tongue oil in consistency and use.

Been using this product for cutting boards for a few years, much better than mineral oil. I checked with many paint stores, and nobody could tell me a food safe finish.

When calling your information line I was immediately directed to this product. It works great. Find a Store. My Account. My Cart.

Harvested in India. Sold in woodworking catalogs and hardware and art supply stores. When I do my salad bowls with the same finish I use a non selulose sanding sealer 1st and then 3 coats if this to a high gloss shine. This one is a semi gloss. The only people have sold bowls to wanting them for food prep or use knew all about mineral oil. They grew up in families using wood bowls.

I use laxative type of mineral oil only. Do not use industrial mineral oil or baby oil. I like walnut oil but shy away from it because of quality issues and cost. Almost all walnut oil from vendors catering to woodworkers get their walnut oil from salad industry. You can also buy walnut oil from health food or art supply stores. Suppliers often less than honest about quality of their oil. Will find not always getting cold pressed oil, additives to keep oil clear and from stinking often added.

Not until bowls elevated to an art form did we see oil varnish blends and film finishes used on bowls. I know several turners that use oil varnish blends and eat out of those bowls and simply wipe clean. You have not lived until see a film finished bowl come out of a dishwasher and someone ask if you can make it shinny again!

Plain old hot soapy water destroys a lot of wood bowl finishes too! If get around green community will find they do not like Shellac because of DNA used in that finish. If going to turn bowls and used them in your home that is one thing but if going to sell them be careful about marketing them.

I sell more bowls as works of art than for food use. I just do not get fine art prices for those bowls. General or Behlens Salad bowl finish will give you a gloss finish but it isn't as easy as it seems. I would flood the first coat to seal, wait a few days and then sand with about a grit depending on how deep you needed to fill. Then wipe on a few coats and sand with grit.

Then wipe on a few more coats and sand with Then wipe on a few more coats. Then wet sand with and then wet sand with and grit.

OK, now buff with the Beal system, white diamond and then Carnuba wax. Providing you don't use a knife in the bowl. For a real food safe bowl with high gloss finish it is the only way I know of that works. This is outside of the world that says all finishes that have dried are food safe. These are actually tested. There is no magic to their formula to make them "safe" compared to many other products that are not FDA approved. Easy to use and exceptional finish.

It is all I use now for my bowls. Great product I use this on my salad bowl turnings, it dries fast and lasts. Salad bowl finish I have used this finish for at least 25 yrs. Have discovered that by using a piece of cloth to apply it, have had no problems with runs. Good stuff I having been using General Finishes Salad bowl finish for a couple years now. Most of my bowls are pine. I wet sand the first coat with grit to cover any lingering blemishes, then fine sand prior to another two or three coats.

At least 12 hours between coats, more when its cold in the shop. I get a beautiful smooth final finish with a lot of depth. I use a minimum of 3 coats, lightt sand in between on all my bowles, Salad Bowl Finish For Cutting Boards Zip platters and hollow forms. American Specialty Hardwoods rolling pin This is a great product.

I have been looking for a long time to replace polyurethane and finally found it. Great high gloss finish. I made some bowls out of… I made some bowls out of maple and walnut and was amazed at how this product brought out the beautiful grain of the wood once applied.

Question: How would this work on carved wooden spoons that are actually intended to be used regularly for serving food? I am concerned it will wear too quickly. Answer: I own 2 sawmills in Texas. Additional coats produces a slightly gloss finish. Stands up to daily rinses in hot soapy water. Hope that helps. I use it to restore restaurant cutting boards used daily and not well cared for by staff.

The finish is highly durable and an occasional re-coat maintains the luster. By Steven W. Rust on July 21, It wears well— FDA approved I believe— also I have used it on cutting boards but no as a cutting surface a serving surface and has outstanding gloss —spoons should wear well—several coats making sure dry times— saturating deep in the grain of the wood. By moemadebb on July 20, Never used on spoons but on cutting boards and after a year the finish is still good.

Safe to use and should be great on anything used around food.

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