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Check out our salad bowl finish selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our bowls shops.  Last chance: up to 60% off with the January Sales Event! Buy Salad Bowls and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items. Ever wondered if "salad bowl finish" is food safe? Seems straight-forward, right? Surprise! Not so fast. Investigating Salad Bowl Finish reveals   “I just turned a beautiful salad bowl, what is the best finish to apply?” That’s a great question, and it should be easy, but there are several factors to understand first. What is a salad bowl finish? Salad bowl finish is a food-safe finish that can be applied to salad bowls and other wood products that come in contact with food. Well, that is the ideal, common-sense definition of salad bowl finish. What I’ve discovered when doing research for this article is that there is some muddying of the waters around the idea of a food-safe wood finishing product. What is food safe?.

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You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Anyone try this for a food safe finish on salad bowls? Thread starter odie Start date Mar 2, This bowl would be suitable salad bowl finish uk 60 use as a salad bowl Bwl thinking of offering it as a salad bowl, and not do the Finksh buff until after the customer decides what they would use it for.

It has Danish Oil natural on it now, and we know this is acceptable as a food safe finish after curing. If someone wants finihs use the bowl for vowl decorating, and not for food This is not food safe This may be a good salad bowl finish uk 60 to go 6 would also give me some options on a strategy for selling it.

How would one go about suggesting the end-user preserve the bowl after it leaves my hands Do I suggest using the standard for salad bowls: wipe with damp rag and salad bowl finish uk 60 with mineral oil? How would this, as well as salads, and salad dressings go together? Any problems there with using the Bow, and following it up with the salad dressings and mineral oil Last edited: Mar 2, Joined Jan 20, Messages 1, Likes Location virginia.

Try to contact Mike Mahoney, associated with Utah woodturning symposium, but has moved to Californiahe uses wooden plates and such, note with use the surface suffers. He does sell a walnut oil with his name Mahoney's Walnut Oil Which one might say he promotes, which is a very good product. He has a large barn on his acreage that finis impressive And one of his reportore of rotations is a calabash bowl My Salad bowl finish uk 60 Zia series resulted from seeing that rotation.

You could also contact Hawaiian turners who have historic examples of eating dinnerware, they also have a calabash form. Raul McCai. Joined Oct 29, Messages Likes 89 Location nj. Click to expand Raul McCai said:.

I have some straight carnabua xalad. It's hard gritty stuff that I never figured out how to work with. It fimish all just frustrating in the end. Steve Worcester Admin Emeritus. If it is a quicker finish, I use Salad bowl finish uk 60 oil. Otherwise I use General Finishes Salad bowl finish. Works real well, but does require a lot of applications.

You can use a few coats to seal the wood too. The endorsement, itself, seems to be a barrier to a lawsuit. John Torchick. One thing would be how the finish would react to being washed with dish soap and water.

I have a wood cutting board that has all the finish or whatever washed off. I have never thought of re-coating it. Wash it and let it dry in the dish drain. Interested to see what others say here. John Torchick said:. I would not think the beale system would make it unsafe. If you go all the way to the wax you are basically buffing off each step.

The white diamond buffs off the Tripoli and the Wax or just a polishing brush would buff off the white diamond. If not completely, then it would reduce the levels to extremely low. This is purely a guess but if the white diamond didn't buff off the tripoli fiinish you would have tripoli scratches. Same is true for the wax buff I would think. Back to litigation. One of my friends in the Rock Climbing community used boal teach climbing. Blwl asked him once if he had salad bowl finish uk 60. His answer was, what will they get, back back and salad bowl finish uk 60 car that hasmiles.

Tom Albrecht. Steve Worcester said:. Leo Van Der Loo. Danish Oil???? Oh and I never ask people what they are going to use the bowl for, none of my business, besides they probably will change the use ukk it, or the next owner will. My finish is good enough for a centerpiece or user bowl, salad etc for quite a while, as long as they do not stick it in the dishwasher or use it as a flower arrangement bowl with the water added, yup, salad bowl finish uk 60 do come back with those, can you please fix this????????

Leo Van Der Loo said:. Tom Albrecht said:. What do you mean fiinish "a lot of applications"? And, how do you apply it? Mike Johnson. Most cities have Fluoride in the slaad and your worried about a food safe finish on a wood bowl? Steve, got transferred to that dolfin town, we stopped at salac store before fishing, was not looking for nibs, but had to ask where the nabs were Last edited: Mar 3, Thanks Leo, You gotta charge more for your bowls when you use that!

Last edited: Mar 4, You know, Leo I'm beginning to think bosl the same terms, here. This subject is discussed from time to time, and I don't recall the results being any different. There is no general consensus among woodturners for what is, and what isn't a proper finish to use.

Now, I do have the General finishes, salad bowl finish I've got some lemon oil wax, that didn't seem very durable. I've tried a few things, here and there, sxlad the years, but never have been too happy with them.

I do have the advantage of finieh the Danish oil and Beale buffing system already, and am very fjnish with using them Never tried just using the third step carnauba in the Beale buff, salad bowl finish uk 60 I'm thinking I just might do that this time, with this bowl, and see how it goes. I do recall seeing some warnings about the EEE tripoli causing skin irritations, or something like that.

Behlen Salad Bowl Finish is a superb finish for wooden bowls, cups, spoons, countertops or butcher blocks. It is also a great varnish for turnings. The dried film is completely non-toxic. The salad bowl finish is supplied at rubbing consistency and works best when applied by hand with a rag/5(33). Salad Bowl Finish - Clear. Salad Bowl Finish is specially formulated to allow for the following statement. "This product contains FDA regulated ingredients complying with 21 CFR " and therefore achieves a non-toxic, safe for food contact finish in its cured state. Procedure To Apply Salad Bowl Finish: Sand Wood to grit smooth. Remove all dust with tack cloth or vacuum hose. Apply Salad Bowl Finish to wood with lint free white cloth. Apply one thin, uniform coat. Allow 6 hours dry time before recoating, lightly scuff sand with grit sandpaper. To recoat, repeat steps 2 through 5.

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