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Jan 05,  · Unofficial Iruna & Toram Online Forum. General Discussion. Production Fail Set. Iruna Online Related. General Discussion. Tips 'n' Tricks. Guides. Production. Island, Pets & Events. Full and Special Classes. Ninja. oh well I'll just share my fail set for alchemy falx (scythe up) grim reaper. Carpentry Lv2 1: Yumi x1 Slingshot x1 [Bows] Carpentry Lv3 1: Slingshot x1 Wooden Bow x1 [Bows] Carpentry Lv3 1: Kijimu Splinter x4 2: Spider Silk x3 Wooden Cane x1 [Canes] Carpentry Lv3 1: Wooden Cane x1 a bow of dance x1 [Bows] Carpentry Lv4 1: a bow of dance x1 cherry blossom prayer sake x1 [Canes] Carpentry Lv4 1: cherry blossom prayer sake x1. Nov 08,  · Equips that reduce success rate are called Fail set. And so here is the list the equips: Fire: Flaring Sun. Earth: Forest Spirit. Water: Unmelting Ice, Mercurius, Magia Knife. Wind: Immovable Stone, Sinbad. Dark: Witch knife, Falx, Grim Reaper. Light: Stavros. P.S. Elements refer to prod element. Check previous post! Happy leveling! xDAuthor: Ryugami.

Aug 14,  · Carpentry Charm Al Crystas: Theru (5%), Theru II (10%), Spikeleon (10%), Sauro II (3%), Sauro III (3%) Relic Crystas: Carpentry Success +1%, Melee to Earth +1%. Here is a set to decrease the success rate in order to save mats (I only recommend this if you are making equips/consumables!) Any Earth Element Weapon Forest Spirit. Carpentry Lv 1: Critical Bow x1 Granchio x1 [Claws] Carpentry Lv 1: Carnyx x1 2: Strong Carapace x10 3: Pretty Shell x2 4: Crimson Eye x2 Quick Fire x1 [Bows] Carpentry Lv 1: Quick Fire x1 Angel Feather x1 [Bows] Carpentry Lv 1: Angel Feather x1 Battle Mace x1 [Canes] Carpentry Lv 1: Battle Mace x1 Granchio x1 [Claws] Carpentry Lv 1 Warrior 2 Knight 3 Paladin 4 Gladiator 5 Beast Knight 6 Hunter 7 Sniper 8 Assassin 9 Summoner 10 Mage 11 Wizard 12 High Wizard 13 Enchanter 14 Necromancer 15 Cleric.

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