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It can be harmful to an electric motor to repeatedly stall out under load. Beautiful photos, Carole. Wooden mallet recommended, not included. I always remember Shingle Splitters Point as it shinhle about half-way between Sydney and Wauchope and where my birth family had numerous family shingle splitters point 90. In Stock.

The chance of a thunderstorm. Central Coast Tomorrow Cloudy. Sunrise: Moonrise: Sunset: Moonset: See also: Day Rain Forecast. The GFS extended rain forecast is less accurate further into the future so exercise appropriate scepticism. Weather satellite cloud imagery is originally processed by the BOM from the geostationary satellite Himawari-8 operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency.

Swansea tide times are derived from astronomical tide predictions issued by the BOM. This information is automatically generated, is not quality controlled and may not update in a timely manner. You accept all risks and responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequences resulting directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it.

Tide data is not to be used for the purpose of port operation or general navigation. Norah Head. Newcastle Nobbys. Bangalow Creek Farm Ourimba. Cessnock Airport. As an example, I spoke with a customer that had split cords with his lb machine that year. His first machine had been stolen a few years prior; and when asked if he wanted to step up to the lb unit when re-purchasing, he said he had never come across something he couldn't split with his lb SuperSplit, and ordered another.

Since , the HD model has featured twin lb flywheels previously lb , a two-and-a-quarter-inch wide rack gear, and a pivoting pusher design with four bearings traveling under the top flange of the I-beam. The advantage to this design is the consistent space between the I-beam and the pusher plate, resulting in less chance of debris getting between the two and causing resistance on the return stroke. Again, keeping the surface of the I-beam relatively clean is still important with any SuperSplit model this will be demonstrated in the forthcoming video section.

The HD model has more impact force and is ideal for the tougher woods, or for those who consistently tend to split their wood closer to the inch maximum length the machine will accept. With the HD model, the flywheels will stall less often on difficult wood than with the J model. Note that stalling the flywheels is not a bad thing! The SE model was designed for arborists charged with felling many large elm trees due to the Dutch Elm Disease in the late 70s and early 80s.

It has twin lb flywheels with the same rack gear and pusher design as the HD model. The main difference between the HD and SE models, beyond the lbs of flywheel weight, is the engine. The SE model has a 9 HP Honda engine with a gear reduction, allowing the engine to power through a log that would normally stall the flywheels. Keep in mind that the HD had always had lb flywheels up to , so the SE was needed to handle large elms which are notorious for their twisted, intertwined grain.

The SE should only be considered for the commercial wood splitter who must consistently process large amounts of particularly difficult wood. It also has two telescoping support legs at each corner for additional stability. It is a three piece modular design which requires a little more assembly but saves on shipping costs. The main advantage to the gasoline engine is portability. It will also supply some extra torque to get through some tough logs that might otherwise have stalled the flywheels.

The disadvantages are the noise level and the potential additional maintenance required.

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