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This is a basic, strong filter, but you can customize your design. Title of Review. Some models will fit nicely under your desk or in the corner. Let's do this! Again, based on filfer needs, use a room air purifier anywhere your home needs fresher air. Best filter Shop air filter hepa youtube ever had. I would highly recommend this unit to anyone especially those with any type of pulmonary illness.

Without the knob, I turn my DIY air purifier on and off by plugging and unplugging it. Your very own DIY homemade air purifier. The metal bar in the middle will stick through the filter a little bit. Your next question is probably, does this DIY air filter work? See a live test here. Here are a few other important questions:. Join the thousands already protecting their health.

Enter your email and we'll send you a free guide to breathing safe today. Smart Innovation. Many people with allergies wake up in the morning feeling congested and fatigued. An air purifier with a HEPA filter may help to cut down the amount of dust and pollen in your room. This is also good for pet owners who may be sensitive to allergens, as well. For an extra sleek design check out a HEPA tower.

If you are looking for something more futuristic looking check out a more compact air purifier with a reusable filter. Best Seller. Top Rated. I believe it to be as good as it gets. Works well with all odor and allergens. My lungs are severally compromised due to Agent Orange.

This products provides much comfort and I give them as gifts too. Thank You F. This machine has done wonders for our air quality in the house. With a dog and a cat, it has become a welcome addition to our home. Durable and healthy. I bought this product from past experience with it. Believe it or not in the days when smoking indoors at fortune company these were used in mangers office. They are long lasting and effective.

I bought one of the used ones when it was declared you have to be outside to smoke. I have mine eventually to my brother when his daughter came to live with him and he smoked indoors. I've had full house honeywell air cleaner installed with my furnace years ago. After it stopped working after 15 years I decided I still need one to clean the air of dust pollen plus.

Also thought why try fighting this virus also in every form I can think of available. I love to be able to breath fresh air inside my house. Also reduces that sinus allergy thing I get this time of year. Good air filter. I definitely feel like our air is cleaner but the control switch is dodgy, and it's Loud! Even on the sleep setting it's deafening if your in the same room. Our pre-filter was extremely dirty and the filter lights never came on to indicate if it needed to be changed.

I'm not certain it works since the switch doesn't work properly either. Exactly what our Family needed! Excellent, except for the blue light, which is distracting when you are sleeping.

Initially got this machine a year or two ago from a dustmite house scare at an old residence and haven't looked back! I've even gifted one now for a friend with severe allergies and the results have been great and affordable with the replaceable filters, highly recommend this model. Especially if you need good white noise for sleep in thin walled apartments at night.

Awesome Purifier. Works Wonderfully!! We had an older version of this machine years ago for a child with asthma. It is wonderful for cleaning the air for that.

On the high setting this unit is louder than I remember the older one being but it is easy enough to turn it to a lower setting and reduce the noise level. Thinking of buying another unit for my office also. We have been using Honeywell air cleaners for years Never disappointed with the product. Excellent so far.

Have only had the unit for a couple of weeks but so far seems excellent. Seems to cycle the air very effectively. Overall seems like a solid air purifier at a decent price when comparing the size and performance of the unit. Reliable and effective but how can I turn off the blue light?? Replaced an older model that finally died after over 10 years of continuous use.

Like the new design with air coming through the top rather than the bottom. BUT that blue light is too bright for nighttime use. Is there any way to turn it off? I need this to run at night but the light interferes with sleep. I have used Honeywell Air Filters forever -- decades, perhaps purchasing by now 3 were in a flood and were quickly no longer with us, so I feel that I am an expert on their quality, price, and performance.

They are not a mistake to purchase. From a loyal customer of this product. Have been using this since it arrived. Very happy with it. Easy to assemble and use. Fantastic Item. Bought 2 of these air purifiers. All I can say is WOW! We have been dealing with mold in our house since Hurricane Irma hit. Still waiting on the insurance company to settle. I have actually seen mold disappear from air vents in our bathrooms.

Air is cleaner. Highly recommend this item! Proven Winner. I own 2 and purchased 2 more for a family member who says it has changed his life. Removing allergens makes a huge impact in the quality of your life. This unit does that very well. Not even to mention how better I can breathe but in a nosy apartment complex for all these years this is the only one keeping me sane. I like the three settings and the noise difference. I tried a few others products including yours and returned them because I need the noise of this high setting to sleep.

Thank you Honeywell another awesome product from your company. This is third Honeywell air unit we have. My daughter bought me the fist one. I love the units. One in living room, one in master bedroom and one in study. We have forced air and asthma. They really filter the air and it is noticeably clean afterwards. Change the pre-filter about every 3 months and HEPA filter about every 5 years.

Order replacement filters fm Honeywell store online to make sure they fit properly. Best investment we ever made. Keep them on low speed all the time. Would highly recommend. Love the size and functionality of this air purifier. It was recommended by a friend, and I feel that it has been a great investment. I was worried the noise of it might be problematic, but it is quieter than expected. I love this machine. This is the best all around air cleaner I have ever seen. It can clear a 20 x 20 room in 5 minutes, smaller rooms much quicker and if you need an air cleaner on at all times it is very quiet at low speed.

Very good product. Indicator light is too bright for bedtime use. Should have an option to turn off or should be removed completely. Honey Noticeable difference in air quality in the house. Coughing has stopped. Using nebulizer less. I quit coughing! My doctor recommended a HEPA air purifier and it has really helped my allergies and asthma. Poor Air due to CA fires. The Honeywell air purifier allowed us to sleep when we had poor air quality due to the recent Camp fire. It works well, it is just too noisy.

Our older one had a quieter setting. Always good. We run 3 Honeywell filters in our home - from small nightstand model to a large room model. We are very pleased with them all. Just a word regarding the filters - always buy them from Honeywell because the ones from the stores - sometimes even though they appear to be in Honeywell boxes, they are knockoffs and smell terrible.

Large Filter Size in this Air Purifier. The large filter size coupled with the large pre-filter should make this unit purify a lot of air for a long time. The unit does move a lot of air on all three speed settings but is too loud on even the lowest speed setting for use in a sleeping area.

Honeywell makes good products. This large purifier is no exception. It cleans and freshens very well and makes for easier breathing. We have 3 Honeywell purifiers all together from this larger one then a mid-size and a small table-top model.

All are great. Just a couple of words of advice: Never purchase any other brand of filters - they stink and make the whole house smell horrible - of course, the opposite effect as desired.

Also, they turn SO much volume of air that you have to clean the vents on the device AND the filters frequently. But their designs make that easily accomplished. We vacuum off the filters until it is time to replace. We are happy we can buy direct from Honeywell!! Good performance, although a little noisy on the highest setting. Just been using it for a few days so I cannot give a fair review, but so far it's going great! Found an improvement in the air quality as there was a musty smell in my bedroom.

Excellent Title that explains exactly what this filter does. Exactly what I needed for a very good price. My cats especially love it, since it removes all odors from the house. I even ordered one for a Cat Adoption Shelter in my Town. I can't wait to give it to them. Breathe Easy. One of the most reliable devices we use to control toxins in our environment.

At work and at home. Air Purifier Smoke from recent California wildfires made for really unhealthy air quality. What a relief! Much improved version of the old one we have.

I like the indicator on changing hepa filter. Love it. Easy to maintain the filter and pre filter. I bought it to replace my old one that was basically on for several years and finally died. Help my asthma. Very satisfied with our purchase. This filter has helped our allergies and asthma caused by indoor pollutants. I placed my order by phone.

The sales person was very knowledgeable, and helpful. I received the order in a timely manner. I will order from Honeywell again in the future. I am very happy with this product. It can be a bit loud but really no big deal. I wish I would have known about this product sooner. I have used this particular air purifier for 30 years. You do have to replace them as the motor does eventually go out, but we have cats and this product keeps the allergens way down. I also actually like the noise!! Great Aircleaner.

This purchase was to replace a similar unit that is over 10 years old. They are the very best in removing odors and doggie smells from the environment. The old unit runs constantly and has always done the job effectively, therefore the new unit was a very logical purchase.

Very Satisfied. I have used it 1 week, but even after 1 day of use my air is much cleaner, it is easy to use. It is a bit loud on high, so I use low and it is fine and cleans the air well. Great Review. I have been sick since I moved to this house 3 years ago, after one day of running the air purifier I felt tons better.

I no longer sneeze all the time, I love the filter! This product is wonderful. It's significantly reduced my allergies and asthma complications within my apartment. So far I like the cleaner very much. Just been using it for a couple of weeks. I bought this for my office. It is a little too big for my office. So I kept at the low setting all the time.

So far so good. I can feel the difference when it is on. This is what we needed! Our family suffers from allergies and asthma. My daughter no longer wakes up coughing. Very Happy with the So far it has cut way down on the dust and pet dander.

Spring and its pollen will be the real test, but so far, so good in February. Exceptional value, we have been buying this item for years but now stores have stopped carrying them.

Delivery was within the 24 hours of my order. This product is meeting my needs. It is louder than I expected. But it gives me a sense that it is really pulling tube air through. I have a parrot that creates lots of dandier. I can definitely tell a difference.

I must say the delivery of the was super fast and received it in excellent condition. After checking a lot of brand in the market,reading reviews. We are using it now for 2 days and we are pleased about its performance. Being diagnosed to suffer from a lot of allergens I can tell it does change the inside atmosphere of our house. I can freely breathe now and sleeping longer hours.

I think my English bulldog benefited from this purchase too because she's no longer sneezing as before. Lastly, the noise issue..

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