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Editors Rating 4. It is easy to remove a file cabinet once you identify the kind of slide used to install it. If there are any drawers under the roll top, remove them to find the screws. Read our guide Side Mount Drawer Slides With Face Frame Pad on how to install drawer slides to learn more. If your dresser drawer is getting stuck, chances are there is something wrong with the extension slide. For side slides, you can easily locate the latch by looking at the slides. It is either in the form of a semi-circular piece or a plastic flap attached at the back of the drawer.

Jun 07,  · Retrofit: Choose a side mount push to open with soft close built in. New Drawers: Frequency of use and budget are the Side Mount Drawer Slides Removal System key decisions here. For budget applications use the Side Mount Soft Close Drawer Slides Reviews 10 side mount hardware; But for top quality go with the undermount push to open drawer slides . Remove Drawers 1. Pull drawer all the way out 2. Empty contents of drawer 3. Remove the screw on the left slide Remove Screw 4. Push in the black tab on each side, lift the drawer up, and pull towards you so that it clears the hooks. Push in Tab Pull out from hooks 5. You can now remove the drawer. Product family link: Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa the product for installation (soon to be provided):Technique 1:Technique 2: Applications.

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