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Promotion He accepts cash, simple wood crafts jsc, and money order. India 43 views 29 days left. In the 's, in the US and Western Europe, the competition from plastic models gradually crowded out the paper ones. Each set includes about 30 buildings.

I have my signature digitised and this is added to the appropriate point in each letter. So what's new? Nothing, except that this is the method that works for me and has reduced my 'outward bound' costs to only the cost of the dial-up fax and I save however many days it would have taken for the letter to have reached the supplier.

International Reply Coupons were originally developed to cover the cost of a return letter. Thus I could send Bob Bell or Myles a letter with an IRC and they could each exchange the IRC at their post offices for the relevant stamps for a reply, even if the local air mail postage charges, comparing exchange rates, were different. Back in the dim dark days it used to be that one IRC equalled sea-mail return and four IRCs were needed for an airmail reply. You buy these as you would a bank draft.

There is a charge, usually a percentage of the value of the money order. Recipients of money orders can exchange them at most post offices or deposit them into a bank. Having said all that, I still will generally use my faxed credit card details, although I would be reluctant to send this information to certain countries.

I have no doubt at all that within a few weeks my bill would show all sorts of charges from all sorts of exotic locations. My fall back in this case would be to use bank drafts. Everyone agreed that using a credit card was the best and quickest method. But there are some vendors overseas out there who do not process credit card orders, and they will accept payment only by a check or bank draft drawn in their own foreign currency, or an international money order IMO from the United States Postal Service USPS.

Who was right? Who was wrong? If anyone has updated information, please comment. The former Trust Territories of the United States are the only countries accepting the domestic postal money order from the United States. Christopher St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. This form says it will take a maximum of 4 to 6 weeks for the IMO to arrive at its destination. Bartholomew, St. Martin French , St. Now for some examples. This form is orange-pink in color, and is just like a regular money order in format.

It has been about ten years since I have last used one, but I believe that the process goes like this. They calculate the exchange rate of the currency. You pay the employee, and fill out a form instructing where the IMO shall be sent. That information is sent to a processing center where the IMO is issued in the foreign denomination and then mailed to it's destination.

If the process still works like that, then I would assume that it is still slow, since the IMO-2 has to be processed at a central facility. At least the IMO-2 is issued in the foreign currency so that you don't have to worry about any currency fluctuations whilst in transit. Hope this clears things up! Please if you have any comments especially experiences pertaining to the 'Authorization to Issue an International Money Order form set' please post them.

Hopefully this information can be posted to the FAQ file. Finally here is the link for the Universal Currency Translator just in case you want to know how much that kit costs where ever you are. Adriaan Wijers' Paper Building page is intended for those people who like to build or design paper models of their own home or somebody else's. There are two models available to download. Beppi's Paper Model Page has two models available to download. Thomas Peters is not exclusively a card modeler, so you'll find models in other media here, too.

Anabelju's Card Paper Modelling. Saul has written short reviews of numerous aircraft kits. He also hosts reviews written by others, and is in a position to offer a limited amount of web space to designers and dealers for the purpose of publicizing new or special offers. See his page for details. You can view some pictures of his models at their site if you don't speak Svenska, follow the links to Bildrum , then klippark , or just click here.

Albert Locker builds airplane models in various media, including card. He has put together some tips for builders of Fiddler's Green airplane models. The site includes models of his own design. Jef Raskin has pictures of some Fiddler's Green planes he's built. Hank's World Paper Models has pictures.

Larry Stillman has pictures of some of his models. Wayne Cutrell Jeongbu Song. Waleed Hasan mostly builds free models.

Michael Cittadino Pierre Gauriat has pictures of models he's built, information on French publishers past and present, reviews and construction notes for models he's built, and tips on construction and design.

He also has available for download several models of his own design. Andrew McCauley has pictures of some of the models he's built, and model house to download.

Joe Cangero has a page describing his efforts to scratch-build a Meillerwagen transport vehicle for Ralph Currell 's V-2 Rocket. Don Kenske specializes in ship models but likes to build almost anything. Takashi Yamanoue builds kites and paper models. James Coffey. Phillippe Plouviez has vehicles of his own design. Matthew Sparks. Chris Casady has a Quicktime movie of a paper castle.

Wayne Ko builds 15 mm Napoleonic and 25 mm Samurai figures. County Studios does design work in pop-ups and Paper Engineering. Mark Johnson favours aircraft, particularly WWI era planes. His site includes pictures, construction tips, and reviews. Jean-Denis Rondinet has a tutorial en Francais on designing paper models for model railroad layouts. Melanie Withers. David Hathaway. Strange's Place has pictures of Maly Modelarz kits he's built.

Mike Stamper Pierre Fontaine has pictures of some models of his own design. In a significant oversight, the author of the article doesn't mention where he got scale card models of military vehicles.

The FAQ editor is aware of a wide range of such models in scale, but none in further information would be appreciated. The Old Times Newspaper published an article in August, , entitled Micromodels are a passion to some handy people. It is an interesting article, but incorrect on one point: Myles Mandel is still selling Micromodels. Goldman, which covers the JSC U kit. International Maritime Modeling is a site devoted to ship modeling in all media, and they have some content on paper models, including reviews of JSC and William Mahmoud models.

The on-line syllabus includes an introduction to three dimensional and orthographic drawing, and it includes a very sample simple model to illustrate the concepts. The Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry's Paper University has information and a bibliography of resources on paper and paper-making.

Martin R. Carbone, Inc. They sell tools and material for people who work with paper crafts, and have a lot of information available on paper crafts and boxmaking. Space Station 42's Paper Toys page is a collection of links to simple models. The Ship Modeler's Association has a paper models section on the orlop deck. Translation Experts, Inc. Rivendell has a page with with uses Translation Experts' Intertrans software, which can translate text and web pages.

Here is another word translator. Mailing Lists, Bulletin Boards, Newsgroups, et Cetera There are now three automated mailing lists for paper model enthusiasts. The genesis of the group was Jack Graham, who in June began collecting e-mail addresses of persons interested in corresponding about paper models. Within a few months, that group had grown so much that informal arrangements were no longer sufficient, and King Butler stepped in and set up the automated list. Much of the contents of this FAQ came from this source.

The list membership includes builders, collectors, designers, and retailers, spread over 15 countries, comprising a wide range of expertise, experience, and interests. Beginners to the paper modeling hobby and experienced modellers are both welcome. If you get a message to this effect when you try to join, please contact King Butler and ask him to put you on the waiting list. He tells me that it's usually a short wait.

This list differs from the Cardmodel-L list in that there is more commercial content. In particular, manufacturers, designers, and dealers are encouraged to post information about new items, special offers, et cetera.

There is no limit on the number of members to this list. To subscribe to the list, send an email message to majordomo teuton. You will shortly receive a message with instructions on how to confirm your subscription. Once you've done that, you'll be subscribed to the CardModelers list. The list is also available in digest form, see Saul Jacobs' page for more information. Papermodels mailing list The papermodels mailing list is hosted at eGroups.

Subscribe by visiting this page. Other Internet forums Other forums for paper modeling on the Internet are the Paper Model Message Board , which is a nice concept but not yet as widely known as it needs to be; and the rec. Also, you don't need to join a mailing list to participate in this FAQ; you're welcome to send comments, criticisms, corrections, and contributions directly to me.

For images of flags, see Flags of the World. Hyperscale have a free scale calculator program. Paul Dobbs has a free program that converts model railroad scale, for Windows and Mac. Books and booklets In addition to the books listed here, see the Bibliography appendix, which lists a variety of sources less general, or more obscure, than the ones described here.

The general idea is that good basic references be listed here, preferably ones in print or at least still circulating copies are in existence.

Less general or more obscure citations are in the appendix. However, as always, actual practice is a little arbitrary and subject to editorial whims. The Art of Paper Modeling with Wilhelmshaven Models is a four page booklet containing a summation of general tips on paper modeling. They ship a copy with each Wilhelmshaven model with English or diagram instructions.

They'll also send a copy to anyone who sends a stamped self-addressed legal size envelope. Wilhelmshaven also have a set of tips online in German and English. Simple cardboard models , Revised ed. ISBN Previous edition published as Cardboard engineering with scissors and paste. His interest stretches back to his boyhood, and over the ensuing years he had a great influence on card modeling both as a practitioner and a promoter.

Deason was a regular contributor to a wide range of British modeling magazines, principally those of the old Model and Allied Publications MAP stable, and especially "Scale Models".

At one time he was editor of the company's "Model Cars" magazine, and I certainly recall his articles in "Model Boats". His major work was a book published in called "Cardboard Engineering with Scissors and Paste", which was reprinted in under the title "Simple Cardboard Models". Ninety per cent of the book is devoted to scratch building and covers road and rail vehicles, ships, etc, and usually also dealt with motorising the models, where this was feasible.

Curiously, there is no mention of aircraft. Deason was a contemporary of Micromodels' Geoffrey Heighway -- indeed, in the book he has a photograph of a small car model which he made from three business cards and "which was the prototype for a Micromodels model".

His scratch modeling tips were brilliant. I have never found anything to match his method of producing wire-spoked wheels for sports and racing car models. Deason was also a great advocate of jigs - for all sorts of jobs. His construction guide for the wheels, great and small, of a traction engine is particularly impressive.

In other words, the end result should be satisfying for the constructor in terms of his or her ability at that time. He did not condemn the neophyte whose skills did not match a more advanced builder. But he always encouraged builders to learn more. And this is the great advantage of the book: no matter what your skill level, there is sure to be something in it that you will learn.

For example, the gum-strip technique for shaping the very complex hull shape of the Paddle Tug "Anglia" is not something a first-time builder would be wise to undertake, yet would be a very appealing new method for compound curve shapes for someone with reasonably advanced skills to try. Deason did not like the simple 'cut-out'. If the original of the component being modeled was three-dimensional, then insofar as it was possible for it to be so, the model must be, too. Yet sometimes his modeling instructions seem to say the opposite.

It was really a clever inspirational ploy. YOU were encouraged to try adding a bit more. In the instructions for his model River Clyde puffer, the deckhouse has only card cut-out windows. However, a builder, having reached that stage, and having developed a level of self confidence, would hardly resist adding clear plastic or cellophane "window panes" this modeler included. Deason seemed content to model almost anything but equally it is clear that ships were a great love.

In he released "Cardboard Ship Models" which details construction methods for three model boats that ranged from a very simple destroyer to a reasonably complex coastal ferry. Indeed, I recall an article in "Model Boats" July in which he outlined construction of a model boat SY Cardella which then was fitted with a live steam engine.

His goal was to sail the boat across the particular lake, and as I recall the venture succeeded. Model and Allied Publications either changed owners or names or both in the early 90s and now trades under the name of Nexus Publications. I do not know if any of Deason's books are still in print, but next to an original Pollock's theatre uncut or some of Herr Schreiber's models from before the turn of the century also uncut , Deason's books are absolutely the best thing for a card modeler to find.

I have a reasonably comprehensive library of card modeling books, but none approach the craft with the seriousness and intent of purpose of Geoffrey Deason's. I do not know if Geoffrey Deason is still alive.

Given that he was a contemporary of Heighway, he must be getting on in years. Certainly, in "Cardboard Ship Models" there is a photograph of him. It shows a slight, balding figure, whose age I'd put at about late 50s or early 60s.

If that was in, say, , just before the book was published, he would now be well into his 80s. Neither do I know if the books are still available. Perhaps someone in the book trade could do a search of books in print for us to see if these titles are still in print, or perhaps a list subscriber in Britain might be able to more easily check with Nexus for us. Card is clearly his preferred medium. The car models he describes are very good, and feature a lot of useful ideas, but his boat and locomotive models are poor by comparison.

Lozier is not a purist when it comes to card modeling - he happily includes the odd bit of wood or plastic if that helps make the model better, but nevertheless he IS on the right track. It was 'only' architectural models, and not what I was interested in at the time.

But since I bought it nearly 30 years ago, it has become a well-used reference. Essentially it is an introduction to architectural model making. In his preface, Bayley says: 'The purpose of this book is to make a clear and constructive approach to cardboard model making, which is a craft of considerable importance and is extensively used by professional model makers, architects and display artists'.

The introductory chapter outlines a range of easily made jigs that will help the model maker, and then, through a series of graded exercises, the model maker takes on increasingly difficult tasks. The first model is a simple four-sided, flat-roofed building; the last is a modern church. Along the way we build a Cotswold cottage, a medieval gatehouse, a Norman keep, and several other interesting constructionally models.

For those who aspire to build architecturally accurate models from original plans, either as a hobby or for a living, this book is an excellent introduction. Lots of diagrams, plans all dimensioned make it a treasure trove for Model T aficionados. Unfortunately, Ross never gets beyond a simple disc wheel for his cars. If only he had read Deason, he'd have known how to make spoked wheels. Cardboard Modelling : Vol. Making Models in Card , Micromodels Ltd.

Reprints available from Myles K. Knopf, New York, Not specific to card modeling, this is an encyclopedic reference on almost all aspects of scale modeling in almost all media. This in turn assumes a working knowledge of descriptive geometry, and two and three view drawing. And this presupposes that one already knows how to use a T-square, compass, dividers and triangles. I'm sorry to say that if one is interested in design, one is best advised to begin at the beginning.

It is a high school text, and it is exceedingly clear in all of its descriptions of processes and techniques. So, that's my advice. Start at the beginning. I know that all those illustrations of developments of scalene cones by triangulation look intoxicating, but you'll only end up frustrated if you try to begin your designing there.

Engineering Descriptive Geometry , 3rd. Van Nostrand Co. Another good source on graphical methods of developing surface patterns for 3D shapes. Despite its age, an excellent and concise little book illustrating by example how to translate from a perspective sketch to the layout of the sheet metal but could just as easily be paper. Foshan Nanhai Clover Industry Co.

Foshan Allwell Furniture Co. Guangzhou Greatway Hardware Co. Main Products: Office Desks. Foshan Aoda Furniture Co. Foshan Frank Tech Futniture Co.

Lombardo Arredi Italy. Main Products: Movable Housing Furniture. Main Products: Melamine Board Cabinet. Main Products: Kitchen. Shenzhen Prima Industry Co. Main Products: Paint-free Cabinets. Shenyang Shigal Decoration Engineering Co.

Main Products: Children Furniture. Foshan Axcellent Industry Co. Shandong Bepro Building Materials Co. Shandong Dongyu Carpet Co. Main Products: Carpets. Dongyang Zhongjie Plastic Co. Zhejiang Kaman Rubber Floor Co. Shanghai Samai Industrial Co. Product Promotion. Cost-effective two piece toilet with satisfactory performance.

Promotion Quality polished glazed tiles are on special offer now! High quality PVC wallpaper is at discount now! Latest News. How China and EU can help with Asia's post-pandemic recovery. Industry News China to hold next Canton Fair online in April. Tanzania's President John Magufuli dead at China unveils final version of 14th Five-Year Plan, long-range goals. Chinese shots turn tide in Middle East. China rolls out international travel health certificate.

Dow ends at record high after Congress approves U. China's Feb. PPI rises on global commodity prices, domestic demand.

Surging U. Bitcoin surges higher, narrows gap to record high. RCEP expected to bring 'explosive growth,' fierce competition among parties. China will stay committed to economic globalization: Foreign Minister. NDRC head voices confidence in China's economy backed by key indicators. Yekalon Inc. All rights reserved. Visit BuildMost Official Account. Metal, amber, and wood-working shops also became important to the city's development.

During the Polish-Swedish War and the Great Northern War , Ventspils was destroyed, and in a plague wiped out most of the remaining inhabitants. It was not until about that shipbuilding and trade became important again.

The port was modernized in the s and connected to Moscow by rail. It became one of Imperial Russia's most profitable ports, by turning a yearly profit of million rubles. The population soared as well, growing from 7, in , to 29, in During the German occupation from to , the population decreased almost by half, though some returned home during the First Republic of Latvia — In , [ citation needed ] the Red Army established a base in Ventspils.

The existence of the Centrs was unknown to most Latvians until After independence, the Latvian government began a city-beautification process to make the city more attractive to tourists. The US vessels were the first American warships to visit the port of Ventspils since Latvian independence was declared.

At the beginning of , Ventspils had an official population of 39, Population of Ventspils according to ethnic group :. Ventspils is situated at the mouth of the Venta River , where it empties into the Baltic Sea , and is an important ice-free port.

Large amounts of oil and other mineral resources from Russia are loaded aboard ships at Ventspils. Ventspils Airport , one of the three international airports in Latvia, is located in the city. Every winter Ventspils hosts the awarding ceremony of the Latvian Radio broadcast Musical Bank and the televised national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

On the second weekend of July the Sea Festival takes place, and on the first weekend of August there is an annual city festival. There are several institutions taking responsibility for the cultural life of Ventspils, including:. Ventspils has a well developed sports infrastructure.

One of the most popular sporting facility in Ventspils is the Olympic Centre 'Ventspils' offering a basketball hall, ice hall, track-and-field arena, and football stadiums.

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