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Google is fewer at Here's the thing While some of us use random cups to makr our pencils, there are people looking for better pencil cups. If you want this deal, you'll have to order it right now. The projects that sell fast and can make you money over and over are simple to build

Glass magnets are not expensive to create. They are used as pins for boards and wall decor. While this is not so much, if you are interested in making a very easy craft, you can look into this:. Paper notebook is a product that most people will use at some point. A desk pad is used to protect your desk. Some people also use them to beautify their desk.

There is a good enough search volume of 13, on Amazon and 6, on Google. You can choose the materials you would use; leather is more expensive and colored wallpaper is a cheaper choice.

This is a good market to sell in; the Google search volume is 8, and Amazon is 1, There are so many types of cards and for different audiences too, so you need to narrow your niche down.

This is another market that has a high search volume. The amount of searches in the past month on Amazon is 56, and Google comes in at 5, It is worth looking into:. You can make hand stickers, laptop stickers, door stickers, etc. Search volume comes in at 94, on Google and , on Amazon. One of the most searched products in this niche is the laptop stickers that Simple Wood Projects To Make And Sell Out have a volume of 31, One basic need of humans is clothing, and people obsess over clothes a lot.

Handling the sales of apparel is not so hard too because they are easy to store and small to ship, but there are a lot of people selling them. The industry is so competitive. To succeed, you have to hone in your niche, be very creative, and informed. The good thing is that you can cross sell — bow ties and suspenders for example — or start with a pouch and sell higher with a tote bag.

There are many types of pouches to make. From makeup bags to fashion pouches. There were 11, searches for this product in the past month on Amazon and 16, on Google. Tote bags are a type of handbags that are very large. Women are the primary users of this bag and from my search, the monthly search volume on Amazon is 67, and Google comes in at 22, There are places in the world that need it all year round. The monthly search volume comes in at 2, on Google and 20, on Amazon.

Boxy bags are used for many things from carrying toiletries and lunch and traveling necessities. You can decide to make boxy bags that are specific to one use. Scarves sell at any time of the year; more so during Winter or Autumn. The monthly search volume on Google is 27, and Amazon is 5, Beanie — like scarves — sell more during the cold seasons but there are still people that buy them at any time, and since you are selling online, you are not restricted to your geographical season only.

I think this is a good market. Mittens is another product you should look into creating. Google search volume is at 23, and Amazon is at 1, There are so many types of socks to make. You can choose the thin slip-on socks for shoes, winter woolen socks, football socks, socks for babies, and more.

Socks sell at any season. Belts are a necessity for most outfits. I narrowed it down to leather belts because they are the most popular. The monthly search volume is 9, on Google and 9, on Amazon. If you chose to make bow ties, your market is large. There was 15, monthly searches on Amazon and 17, on Google. You can also cross sell with Suspenders. Suspenders are another easy to make craft, with a monthly search volume of 60, on Google and 14, on Amazon.

The custom t-shirt printing industry is worth billions of dollars. An interesting idea is Christian t-shirts, which currently have a volume of Simple Wood Projects To Make And Sell For The monthly search volume of T-shirts is 38, on Amazon and 23, on Google. I like them because they are one of the easiest crafts to make; their recipes are usually easy to follow.

There are also different types and they all sell well both online and offline. Another good thing about selling this craft is that you can cross sell with candle jars or incense holders.

Incense sticks are very easy to make. Within 24 hours, you can get a large batch out. People are also searching for it a lot. If you chose to make incense holders, incense sticks are a nice cross sell to consider. The monthly search volume for the holders on Google is and Amazon is 20, This billion dollar market is easy to rank in.

With 20, searches on Amazon and 7,, this is a profitable market. Votive candle is another good product with 15, monthly search volume on Google and 11, on Amazon.

Novelty candles have the highest Amazon monthly search volume in this category. These are candles that are made and sold in jars. The monthly search volume is 1, on Google and on Amazon.

There are different herbal materials you can use to make incense. You can look into that if you are interested. The monthly search volume on Google is 4, and Amazon is I have seen so many shapes and size of candle holders.

Selling homemade beauty products is another perfect way to turn your hobby into a full-time income stream. You could choose to sell hair products, skin care products, or makeup. Any of them make great gifts. Whatever one you choose, ensure that you stick with the rules for homemade cosmetics that are present at wherever you live and the market you sell. This market has some of the most expensive products to create, but it also has some of the fastest selling products. With just about any price point available and many opportunities to cross sell, products you should look into include:.

Lip balm is used by anybody and at any season. For the monthly search volume, it is 21, on Google and 39, on Amazon. With the increase in the popularity of face scrub, interest in lip scrub and other lip treatment items is growing as well. Monthly search volume on Google is 12, and Amazon has 16, With the popularity of liquid perfumes, solid ones fall a little behind.

In the past month, solid cologne was searched 1, times and solid perfume was searched 2, times. People are going crazy over bath bombs. They turn your water into a color and sort of explode while at it. There are many fans, hence the monthly search volume of 95, on Google and 86, on Amazon. Milk baths have its benefits. Some experts say that it relieves stress.

People are buying into it. The monthly search volume on Simple Wood Projects To Make And Sell 50 Amazon is 1, Google is fewer at Everyone uses face powder. If you are going to specialise in making Simple Woodworking Projects To Sell Key setting powder, then your audience is mainly women. They have a growing interest in homemade face powder. It has a monthly search volume of 2, on Google and 5, on Amazon. Shampoo will always sell. Dry shampoo is a good niche to stay in. The search volume for dry shampoo is 80, You can also choose the liquid shampoo if that interests you.

Soap bar was searched for on Amazon 20, times last month. Google had searches. You can specialize and make natural soap. Most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. Add accessories add anything that makes your product more special. Button button the spruce crafts. To see more inspirational woodworking projects we recommend getting a copy of ted s woodworking plans package.

These woodworking projects can sell for more than just a regular plastic jewelry box if you put the effort into it. Some pallet wood found at your local hardware store some wood glue and different hand tools are required to start. Wooden cup holder sofa sleeve. Handmade wood project ideas that sell below are the best selling wood crafts that you can make and sell. We hope that this guide will be beneficial to you. You will find this collection one of the best. This simple cabinet keeps bandages, tweezers, and other first-aid supplies visible, dust free, and instantly accessible.

When I find a woodworking plan I like well enough to graduate it to the workshop, I laminate a Skip to main content. Free Plan: Supercharged End Table. Free Plan: Ready-to-serve Wine Cabinet. Keep your favorite wines, stemware, and serving accessories handy in this stylish unit.

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