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A long full detail-oriented planter box plan. If you want to see more garden plans, we recommend you to check out the rest of our step by step projects. They have legs that elevate them, keeping the style easy and light. I love how these upcycled tires were turned inside out, allowing the plants to blossom from the pot. You can modify the plan to your desired size and height. So here you areā€¦ free plans from the queen of woodworking projects to make a tiered simple wooden flower box plans model planter.

This plan involves building a DIY planter box using wood boards and pavers. The wooden frame is used to hold the pavers, each part of the box is built individually and then assembled.

The structure has legs that raise the base. These planter box plans contains step by step instruction on how to start and build this planter box within a few hours. A long full detail-oriented planter box plan. No room for extra thought, slip ups and errors. The tutorial is on Instructables and we all know how many creative people on that website are.

The creators are a husband-wife duo that Simple Box Woodworking Plans Free also have a big YouTube channel. The design is simple and fun to build yet is also stylish and modern looking. You can build this DIY planter in single afternoon.

Definitely check this one out if you always thought that tutorials are quick which leaves room for error. Again, a YouTube video is also there for your convenience. This planter box plan is designed as a four square box, so you will need to cut all parts equally. You will need to pore holes on sides of the plywood to leak out the liquid. After building, you can then paint the planter as you desire. This is another awesome YouTube video tutorial.

The creator has so many tools, a nice tidy place and works efficiently that hurrah for OCD! The planter box plan also uses cedar wood.

If you are wondering why is everyone using cedar wood, it is pretty hardy and resilient to weather anomalies. Also, the drainage feature on this planter, makes it unique and one of a kind and is totally hidden.

The drainage feature diverts the water and keep the lower cedar shelf clean and dry. This wooden raised planter box is great for flowers or use it as a raised garden box to grow herbs or veggies. A circular saw, a tape measure and an electric drill are the tools required. In order to put the pieces together you may need some bolts. When finished, it will become one of the best wooden planter boxes. It is left on a pine frame and the box is made out of cedar wood. When you have a couple of these garden planter boxes your requirement of vegetables could be grown at home.

If you have no skills on carpentry and if you want to learn how to build a planter box , this is the plan for you. The only requirements are the four uprights of mmX45mmX45mm and the four horizontal rails of mmX45mmX45mm in size. You also need some tongue and glue boarding.

This planter box is good to be given as a gift as well. For building a simple planter box at front porch of your home, you Simple Wooden Flower Box Plans 00 only need a few pieces of board and a few pieces of lumber. As for the tools, you will need a drill and a circular saw. When completed, leaving two of them at the entrance will add good looks to your home. Single planter boxes are great; however, if you intend to make a garden planter , then its best to build a bigger one that would contain more plants or flowers.

This planter has a three steps design, which makes it perfect for even the edge of your house. You will have to build each tier, before assembling them. This plan involves using old pallets to build a triangular shaped diy planter box. There is also a fitting triangular edge on its top. The bottom of the planter is covered with board to hold the soil and enable easy movement.

You can build this planter in a day, and it looks great on the patio. Except for the drill and the circular saw you also need only the basic carpentry tools. Fit for outdoor use. This project involves building a tiered hanging planter. The planter has three tiers all held together with a chain. You will have to make each of the planter boxes, before arranging them in three tiers and hung to the ceiling.

You have to consider the measurement available before starting to build; you also need to measure the length where the planter will be hung, to determine the required chain length. This diy planter box is beautiful but you only need very simple materials to put it together. If you have basic skills on carpentry you could make it.

The plan will show you how to build a planter box from scratch. This planter box is constructed wholly with wood and requires no particular skill to make. It has small stands to lift the base from the ground. The plan is designed to build three DIY planter boxes made to complement each other.

The plan is designed to help you quickly build these boxes, no matter the dimensions you choose. You can also modify the plan as you desire.

You can change the size and length of the boxes as you want. Whether you build one or all three of them, the planter boxes are small and easy to move around. This project involves building a planter box using pallets. After building the box, you can then place a weed barrier fabric inside, before planting the flower. The plan is simple and less time consuming, and it costs very little, especially as you can get the pallets for free or at a dismissible cost.

If you wish to grow fantastic cascade flowers, then this DIY flower box will enable you to achieve that in some style. This planter box plan is designed like a rectangular box, with long legs that hold it above the ground.

You may have to pore holes around the box before planting your flowers. Need a classy diy flower box for your home? Then you should check out this unique hose holder DIY planter made from pallets woods.

This DIY planter box offers so much functionality to your home. If you want to build a simple, low cost and attractive diy planter box , then this DIY project made with the plastic barrel would be ideal. The barrel can be cut to the desired size and then beautified by covering it all around with pallet woods attached with nails. You can also use steel drum instead of a plastic barrel, and you should pore tiny holes at the bottom of the barrel bring out the liquid. The address plaque is a fantastic feature in your home that gives your home an extra appeal.

These planter box plans involves making DIY address planter Plagues that shows your address while beautifying your home. The edge of the box is attached to the wood where the number will be written. You can modify the plan according to your desired size and the specifications. If you have a verandah, you could create a beautiful diy planter box with planks of wood. When we talk about planting boxes, the general notion is that it has to be four-sided, but this comes with limitations.

If you need a bigger and more flexible DIY wooden planter box, then you should go with this plan. The plan is designed to cover a broader range like the whole front of your home.

You can modify the design and size as you desire. The top of the box is left open, while an already made edge is attached to the top. Beautifying your garden demands just as much effort as when decorating your home, and with some scrap wood and a few other materials, you can quickly build this diy garden planter following this step by step plan. Everyone loves and deserves privacy, and this planter is the perfect cover to keep your neighbors prying eyes.

The planters frame is made with pressure treated and rot resistant plumber. It also has casters to enables you easily roll the screen around the house. The diy planter box can be easily built; it can be completed in a weekend and requires minimal materials and tools. The more beautiful your home looks, the more comfortable you are to invite people over.

This DIY planter plan is designed to be flexible, enabling you to move them from place to place. It involves using wooden pickets to make a crate planter. We love the idea of building your own so you can customize the height. A ladder with five steps will look great leaning against your fence, whereas a three-step ladder will fit on your deck and is super convenient for keeping fresh herbs close at hand. Wooden planter boxes in a square shape will forever be a go-to for many people.

The classic cube is the common version there is, but that doesn't mean it has to be plain or boring. Check out these planter cubes we've included for some neat ideas of how to add some intrigue to your DIY project.

Building a rectangular wooden planter box is a simple way to DIY without complicating your project too much. Consider what you'll be growing when choosing the dimensions of your rectangle. A tall, vertical planter plan looks ultra sophisticated when filled with long grass or ferns. Short and wide rectangles serve as the perfect canvas for bedding flowers like marigolds and impatiens. Some of the ideas we've featured below include wheels, which can prove to be a useful detail, Wheels make moving an oversized, sometimes heavy planter much easier if your flowers need more sunlight.

Check out these tall planter box plans. You'll find a detailed DIY tutorial for the one shown above. A DIY planter box that features a trellis detail is a smart way to create even more space in your garden. You'll enjoy the look of vines. Plus, a planter with a trellis allows you to grow climbing plants and flowers together for a stunning focal point that looks great in the front or backyard. Now here's a clever way to get even more use out of your wooden planter box.

The smart DIYers who built these boxes made them extra functional by including space for storage. Whether you choose to use a door or removable lid, keep the top shallow for optimal storage space beneath for hoses, hand trowels or even plant food!

We love the ingenuity of these multipurpose planter boxes. Fill your initials with flowers for a blossoming welcome or build in a bench for extra seating. The ideas are endless when it comes to combining shapes, designs and details so get creative and let your imagination soar! Ladders or Steps. About Joe Hats Articles. Joe Hats is the founder of FreshPatio. Simply Easy DIY. This raised garden bed plan uses inexpensive furring strips to create a It's an inexpensive DIY project that will only take you an hour or so to complete.

This raised planter box adds yet another advantage to having a raised bed garden, it's on wheels. This makes it easy to move for watering and gives you a way to protect the plants in it when the weather gets cold. Jennifer Meyering. Here's another DIY raised planter box plan that adds some added height, putting it at about desk level. A stain is applied at the end, which really elevates this project, making it look good enough to sit right by your front door if you'd like.

When you don't have anything planted in it, you could even use it as a potting bench since it's raised so high. MK Library. Instead of using all wood, this free raised planter box uses corrugated metal for the sides. It's also raised slightly higher than your average raised bed, making it easy to bend over and plant seeds as well as harvest. There are also a lot of tips included on how to set up an irrigation system. Jon Peters. This plan builds a fairly large planter box, coming in at 60" x 36".

It's also raised 32", to make bending over your garden easier. Along with the free plan is a video that shows you all the Simple Wooden Jewelry Box Plans Uk details on how to build one for yourself.

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