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In Projects. Recommended Posts. A single-cartridge filter offers much more filter area than a single-bag filter Photo 2. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Photo 1: Pleated filter material offers increased airflow and better filtration than typical bag filters.
Jul 25,  · In the next week or so I'll begin the upgrade on our HF unit to convert it to a two-stage dust collector. I replaced the 5 micron bag 'filter' with a Wynn micron a couple of years ago because of the aforementioned fine dust . Jan 19,  · Cartridge filters offer better filtration, better airflow and easier cleaning than bag filters (Photo 1). They are available on Converting Single Stage Dust Collector To Cyclone V new dust collectors or as a replacement for the old filter bag on your existing single-stage Author: American Woodworker Editors. Feb 01,  · What the article did show that was interesting, was how a standard single stage DC with 4" flex performs with a clean (seasoned) and dirty filter - or for many, typical use. Only the Shop fox produced over CFM with a clean filter, and only the JET/PM canister .

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