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They can be the length or width of the box. This may make it a little harder to build. The bottom drawer of the jewelry box has larger compartments to hold larger pieces of jewelry. Any stain or finish will give off some residue at first. Some clients like it, others prefer that planw engraved brass plate remain the focal point of the inside lid of the box. Fancy Jewelry Box.

Wood has timeless aesthetic value. You can decorate it, but a simple wood finish is usually the best answer. One layer is enough. The more coats you add the darker the wood will become. Add thin coats with a brush so they can dry easily. Tip: If this box is meant as a present you need to plan ahead. Any stain or finish will give off some residue at first. Allow for enough time that the box can stand and dry completely before gifting it.

Cut dividers to size out of plywood and cover them with felt. They can be the length or width Woodworking Plans Table Lamps 75 of the box. Show the owner of the jewellery box that you thought of everything.

Glue small felt squares to the bottom. Jewelry box plans. Small chest project. Apothecary Chest. Jewelry box plan. Make a jewelry box. Laser cut box with endless knot inlay. Coeur d'Amour Box Free Project. Wooden book keepsake box.

Heart box to build. Make a heart-shaped box. Keepsake Box. Jewelry Box with Marquetry Lid. Wooden jewelry with living hinges. Sophie's Box. Laser Cut Jewelry Boxes. Jewelry box with a screw on lid. Laser Cut Jewelry Box. Hanging Jewelry Box. Snazzy Wooden Jewelry Box. Atari Joystick Jewelry Box. Firewood jewelry Woodworking Plans For A Desk Video box. Combination Lock Jewelry Box. Jewelry Box plan. Everything you need is included in this free plan to build this unique jewelry box wall unit that includes a wall shelf.

Ana White. Ana White has lots of great free woodworking plans, one of which is this jewelry box. A shopping list is provided that includes the tools and other things you need for building it, with a list of materials you need to cut for the project, and an illustration showing the jewelry box's dimensions. A PDF file can be downloaded that includes further instructions that are more detailed than what you see through the link above.

Easy Jewelry Box from Ana White. This is another jewelry box plan from Ana White, but it includes additional drawers Table Saw Woodworking Table Plans Jumper and is, therefore, more complex to build. As with her other plan, this one includes all the tools, instructions, and materials that are required for constructing the jewelry box. A PDF file is also available at the bottom of the plan, which shows specific illustrations for how the box should be put together.

Fancy Jewelry Box from Ana White. A Beautiful Mess. If building a jewelry box sounds like too big of a project, consider turning an existing box into one. This free tutorial will show you how to turn any box you'd like into a jewelry box with a simple sewing project. Her Tool Belt.

If you have too much jewelry for just one small jewelry box, consider using this free jewelry cabinet plan from Her Tool Belt. There are 6 drawers, fold-out sides, and a case on the top complete with a lid that flips up to show a mirror. If you have a big enough closet, this would work well in it along with a DIY shoe rack. There's a materials list, cut list, step-by-step directions, and lots of diagrams included.

Jewelry Cabinet from Her Tool Belt. Houseful of Handmade. This DIY earring stand isn't quite a jewelry box, but it certainly could replace one.

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