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You can also sell frames via drop shipping as a cross-sell. The monthly search volume on this exact phrase is 1, on Google and on Amazon. The materials are inexpensive, woods such as fir or pine, asphalt roofing shingles and chicken wire are the small wood craft ideas to sell volume materials needed. Canada was the last member of the Commonwealth to declare war on Germany on 10 September Just keep in mind, shipping these larger projects adds to costsso selling this locally may caft more practical than selling online for some people.

Before you get started selling on a marketplace like Etsy, realize the long-term opportunity is better on your own site. Sites like Etsy continually squeeze margins out of sellers.

I looked into the market for products that people are searching for and buying, and narrowed it down to 10 categories of crafts that you can make and cash in on.

Please do not blindly copy these ideas and try to sell them as your own. Use them to inspire your own ideas. People want to see unique pieces in their home and that interest keeps on growing; it could be because of the ideas on Pinterest or sellers just dishing out some really nice stuff.

Whatever reason it is, entering this market makes a lot of sense. You should look into selling any of these:. Pixels are popular. The monthly search volume for pixel art on Amazon is insane. That signifies really high buyer intent. Google keyword volume is not too shabby either at over 1K per month. Paint a few originals and use print on demand when you sell them. You can also sell frames via drop shipping as a cross-sell.

You can sell these on Merch by Amazon , too. Having clocks is about time management, but they are also being bought to match with the home decor. The monthly search volume on Google is 44, and Amazon is 26, To start, you need to learn how to make them:.

Fabric wall art falls under the broad category of wall decals that has a monthly search volume of 31, If you wish to specialize in Fabric wall art, the search volume is on Google and on Amazon. The doormat market is going well. On Amazon, the monthly search volume is 66, and Google comes in at 3, searches monthly. This is good news for you if you wish to sell handmade doormats.

Bathroom mirrors are functional items that people will always buy. The monthly search volume is 25, Bathroom mirrors are of different types and one that you can make to sell is the seashell mirror. The monthly search volume on Google is and Amazon clocks in at a mere Although people are searching for pillow covers on Amazon — 36, — and Google — 2, -, the trick to selling them is specializing to a specific audience.

Creating interesting pieces for a house is one way to go. Decorated mason jars are one of them, especially those that can be used as vases. You can also sell some old unique pieces for a lot. The monthly search volume of mason jar vase on google is just and Amazon is Hammock chairs are used in porches, backyards and even inside the house.

The search volume on Amazon is 41, and Google is 19, There are people looking to transfer their wedding photographs into wood or get a landscape paint on wood into their living room. With wood print, print-on-demand is most profitable because you are printing based on order.

Selling homemade jewelry is one of the most common ways to cash in. People are piling up to purchase homemade jewelry online because of the convenience.

To leverage on this, you do have to realize that — like every other creative business — making jewelry takes a lot of time, creativity, skill, and effort. Ideas may not come every time and if you are looking to sell different designs, this might pose as an issue to you. They tend to use general keywords and look for something they like within that category. Lockets have been around for a long time and people still buy them. The monthly search volume on Google is 7, and on Amazon, it is 3, Wearing cufflinks have always been a fashion thing for men because of the limited number of jewelry we can wear in a formal setting; women are also catching on this piece.

Ear cuffs have been around since before the Greek aristocrats of old were born. Enough people are still searching them on Amazon to mention here. We are in a Viking jewelry wave again, thanks to Game of Thrones and Vikings.

This could be an awesome niche for the right person. Learn how to make them:. Buddha bracelets are now used for more than what they were originally made for — prayer. They have become fashion jewelry for men and some women that sell. I love them — they are simple and look good. For every product idea, search volume is important before you go on to make it. For this product, it is 1, on Google. Friendship bracelets are easy to make and are great if you have failed to learn how to crochet or knit.

They are a cheaper option to gold chains, so people buy them. You can combine these with Buddha bracelet or sell it as a standalone. Currently, the monthly search volume is 23, This is one product that people buy these days, Amazon shows 25, in monthly search volume.

You can make them with pearls or any gem you can afford to start with. The search volume of Steampunk Earrings on Google is and Amazon is The good thing about learning this craft is that you can choose to start making necklaces and any other steampunk jewelry too. Secondly, people will always want to take care of their hair and a good number of them are looking to accessorize their hair for different functions, be it for weddings or casual outings. Wigs are not new but the rave for them increased recently.

Most sellers use their websites to sell them — which is the best option. The monthly search volume on Amazon is and Google is The number of searches on Google is 20, and Amazon is doing well with 5, searches. Find out how you can make them:. The number of searches occurring monthly for hair jewelry is 4, One good piece to start with is hair chains.

You can learn to make them and sell for a good amount:. You can look into selling them. The monthly search volume on this exact phrase is 1, on Google and on Amazon.

The search volume is 3, on Google and on Amazon. Be a part of this by learning how to:. Hair combs are another accessory that people search for, with 5, in Google monthly search volume and 8, on Amazon.

In the large market that is Hair accessories, Hair pins are one highly-searched item with 11, in Amazon monthly volume and 5, on Google. One product you can look into is lace headbands. Lace headbands could be a nice cross sell with hair pins. The ease of technology has made us prefer eCards, online notes, word documents, and emails over physical stationery.

This category also has some of the cheapest crafts to make. While some of us use random cups to place our pencils, there are people looking for better pencil cups.

On Amazon, the search volume is 5, and Google is 1, You should learn how to make this product:. Bookmarks are thin items that we use to mark the pages of our books in order to return to them with ease. Not all books come with them so people are searching for them, the Google search volume is , and Amazon is 20, This is a market you should look into. Like pencil cups, pencil pouches are used to store pencils, sharpeners, pens, glue sticks, erasers, and more.

There is a lot of interest in this product; Amazon shows 38, as the monthly search volume. Glass magnets are not expensive to create. They are used as pins for boards and wall decor. While this is not so much, if you are interested in making a very easy craft, you can look into this:. Paper notebook is a product that most people will use at some point. A desk pad is used to protect your desk.

Some people also use them to beautify their desk. There is a good enough search volume of 13, on Amazon and 6, on Google. You can choose the materials you would use; leather is more expensive and colored wallpaper is a cheaper choice. This is a good market to sell in; the Google search volume is 8, and Amazon is 1, There are so many types of cards and for different audiences too, so you need to narrow your niche down.

This is another market that has a high search volume. The amount of searches in the past month on Amazon is 56, and Google comes in at 5, It is worth looking into:. You can make hand stickers, laptop stickers, door stickers, etc. Search volume comes in at 94, on Google and , on Amazon. One of the most searched products in this niche is the laptop stickers that have a volume of 31, One basic need of humans is clothing, and people obsess over clothes a lot. Handling the sales of apparel is not so hard too because they are easy to store and small to ship, but there are a lot of people selling them.

The industry is so competitive. To succeed, you have to hone in your niche, be very creative, and informed. The good thing is that you can cross sell — bow ties and suspenders for example — or start with a pouch and sell higher with a tote bag.

There are many types of pouches to make. From makeup bags to fashion pouches. There were 11, searches for this product in the past month on Amazon and 16, on Google. Tote bags are a type of handbags that are very large. Women are the primary users of this bag and from my search, the monthly search volume on Amazon is 67, and Google comes in at 22, There are places in the world that need it all year round. The monthly search volume comes in at 2, on Google and 20, on Amazon.

Boxy bags are used for many things from carrying toiletries and lunch and traveling necessities. You can decide to make boxy bags that are specific to one use. Scarves sell at any time of the year; more so during Winter or Autumn. The monthly search volume on Google is 27, and Amazon is 5, Beanie — like scarves — sell more during the cold seasons but there are still people that buy them at any time, and since you are selling online, you are not restricted to your geographical season only.

I think this is a good market. Mittens is another product you should look into creating. Google search volume is at 23, and Amazon is at 1, There are so many types of socks to make.

You can choose the thin slip-on socks for shoes, winter woolen socks, football socks, socks for babies, and more. Socks sell at any season. Belts are a necessity for most outfits. I narrowed it down to leather belts because they are the most popular.

The monthly search volume is 9, on Google and 9, on Amazon. If you chose to make bow ties, your market is large. There was 15, monthly searches on Amazon and 17, on Google. You can also cross sell with Suspenders. Suspenders are another easy to make craft, with a monthly search volume of 60, on Google and 14, on Amazon. The custom t-shirt printing industry is worth billions of dollars.

An interesting idea is Christian t-shirts, which currently have a volume of The monthly search volume of T-shirts is 38, on Amazon and 23, on Google. I like them because they are one of the easiest crafts to make; their recipes are usually easy to follow.

There are also different types and they all sell well both online and offline. Another good thing about selling this craft is that you can cross sell with candle jars or incense holders. Incense sticks are very easy to make. Within 24 hours, you can get a large batch out. People are also searching for it a lot. If you chose to make incense holders, incense sticks are a nice cross sell to consider. The monthly search volume for the holders on Google is and Amazon is 20, This billion dollar market is easy to rank in.

No assembly! Succulents, grasses and low-water shrubs with vivid foliage give this coastal garden a rich, textured look with minimal maintenance. Exterior colors and furniture selection by Julie McMahon. The redesign of the front yard focused on creating a welcoming entry filled with colorful and textural plants that require little water.

The plants shown here include: Grevillea - lzfitz. Sign In. Join as a Pro. Send a Houzz Gift Card! Outdoor Rugs. Spring Front Door Decor. Outdoor Lounge Furniture. Alfresco Dining Sale.

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All Fence Materials Metal Stone 3. Wood Refine by: Budget. Sort by: All Time Popular. Size: Compact. Space Location: Front Yard. Save Photo.

By Cultivart Landscape Design. Del Mar Contemporary. Wellesley Cottage Garden. Walnut Creek Modern Front Entryway. By Leigh Designs. Front walkway redesign. New Perennial Style. By Hey Nice Garden. Felton pocket garden.

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