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smoothing plane. Some planes (shoulder planes, jointer planes, others as desired) require a straight edge. Set blade in honing guide at 30°.. On the grit stone, take six strokes pulling blade towards you while applying fi. nger pressure to one outside edge of blade - File Size: 95KB. No. 4 Smooth Plane This is the standard-size smoothing plane. After other planes have done the prep work, it will take the finest shavings from the most difficult woods to leave you with a finished surface. /2" Smoothing Plane Blade Angle 500 long. Blade is 2" wide x" thick. Bronze /2 lbs, Iron 4 lbs. Fine. Replacement lapped 25° bevel blade, 2" × 1/8" thick, in your choice of A2, O1 or PM-V11 tool steel, for our Veritas low-angle smooth plane. For working difficult grain, lapped 38° and 50° blades .

Honing a curved scrub plane blade can be challenging, but you'll find the hollow-ground blade surface left by the bench grinder gives you two positive points of contact to bear against a stone. Take it slow and try to keep both the cutting edge and the heel of the bevel riding on the stone as you swing the blade . Jul 18,  · With the degree blade installed I plane the same figured board with glass-smooth results. I then use the toothed blade to flatten the face of a rough mahogany board. Later, by request, I show how the #7 jointer plane, with its standard 45 degree angle, also produces a fairly rough result on the figured maple board. For the Jack Plane the angle is 45°, whereas the blade angle of the Smoothing Plane is seated at a steeper 49°. This helps prevent tearout on woods with difficult grain patterns. The Smoothing Plane is equipped with a steel alloy 48mm-wide (") blade with a chipbreaker.

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