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the honed blade is installed on the 12° bed of the low-angle smooth plane, this achieves an effective cutting angle of 50°. Honing Higher-Angle Micro-Bevels As you increase the cutting angle, you will quickly become aware that it is noticeably more diffi cult to push the plane. smoothing plane. Some planes (shoulder planes, jointer planes, others as desired) require a straight edge. Set blade in honing guide at 30°.. On the grit stone, take six strokes pulling blade towards you while applying fi. nger pressure to one outside edge of blade - repeat on the other edge. File Size: 95KB. adjuster, lateral blade support screws, 45º $ 5. Lee Valley # metal smoother, adjustable frog, A2 iron plus chip breaker, Norris style adjuster, lateral blade support screws, 45º plus 15º blade back bevel for 60º overall effective angle. $ 6. Lee Valley Low Angle Smooth plane, adjustable mouth, single A2 iron, Norris style.

How I Built a Wood-bodied Smoothing Plane by Lee Laird Austin, Texas Click on any picture to see a larger version. Contents The Plane Iron Choosing the Wood Squaring the Blank Marking up the Blank Cutting the Blank Determining the Bedding Angle Cutting the Bedding Angle Creating a Trough for the Screw Glueing Up Installing the Cross Rod Making the Wedge Cutting the Slot in the Sole Adjusting. Dec 31,  · Smoothing planes are typically used after the workpiece has been worked on by other planes such as a low angle block plane, jointer plane, fore plane, or a low angle Jack plane to name just a few. The most common smoothing plane in use today is the number 4 smoothing plane, and as the name indicates, its job is to smooth the wood by removing very fine shavings leaving a super smooth . Apr 06,  · The bevel must be about 2-degrees under the bedded angle of the iron for what’s called relief, that’s all. Otherwise, spring back in the wood’s surface causes the plane to ride the wood and rise up against the cut, resulting in a no-cut plane.

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