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Styron, Alexandra The impact of individual tree harvesting on thermal environments of lizards in Amazonian rain forest. Archived from the original PDF on November 3, Microclimate in three distinct microhabitats of a wetland in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Charles' supporters were called Cavaliersand "The Cavalier State" nickname was popularized after the American Civil War to romanticize the antebellum period. Virginia's economy has diverse sources of income, including local and federal government, military, farming and high-tech. Special hardwood products oxford ga uk Studies Quarterly.

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Relative data are provided to minimize the confounding effects of changing macroclimate between years. Data were collected between 3 and 5 August and between 27 and 29 June for the pre- and post-harvest environment, respectively. Data are for one stream; however, results were qualitatively similar for four other streams examined before and after harvest see Brosofske et al.

The changing microclimate associated with the opening of canopies in riparian zones may result in modification of climate and landscape processes at the coarser scale of the drainage basin. For example, the increased air temperatures in the riparian zone may alter the channeling of air masses through river corridors. Furthermore, the regional diversity of vascular plants, which is related to the natural gradient in climate from the headwaters to lower reaches of streams Naiman et al.

Moreover, modification of stream and air temperatures affects the productivity of stream invertebrate e. The widespread implications of changes in microclimate Hardwood Specialty Products Perris Ca Data from manipulation of forest and landscape structure require serious attention.

Field studies suggest that increases in both air and soil temperatures created by forest clearing i. At the land scape scale, these changes in temperature are occurring within a much shorter time span i. Thus, climate changes e. The microclimatic environment and its relative importance for driving biological processes vary with temporal and spatial scales because ecosystem structure and function are scale dependent Meentemeyer and Box Thus, relationships between microclimate and structural landscape features or ecosystem processes developed at any single scale of study may not be applicable at other scales Levin Across space, microclimate responds at the stand level to canopy structure Reifsnyder et al.

Although microclimatic responses to ecosystem structure differ significantly across these spatial scales, these responses are seldom examined as a hierarchical continuum across continuous scales, largely because of difficulties associated with simultaneous sampling of large areas and lack of appropriate quantitative methods for data analysis.

Fortunately, rapid technological development over the last three decades has greatly expanded the potential for field studies on microclimate. For example, it is now possible to use multiple data loggers and custom-made thermocouples to simultaneously record information on multiple microclimatic variables every 5 m across long transects e. By moving measuring devices along transects during the growing season, it is possible to measure temperature gradients over approximately 3—4 km of fragmented forest landscapes.

Such data make it possible to determine the importance of spatial scale in structure-climate relationships Saunders et al. Multiple microclimatic variables are measured concurrently every 5 m along a m transect in the Chequamegon National Forest, northern Wisconsin. Wavelet analysis has recently been used in ecological research to examine dynamics over continuous spatial scales or to detect patchiness at multiple scales Bradshaw and Spies , Gao and Li , Saunders et al. We used this technique to detect multiscale patterns in and associations between canopy structure and microclimate along a m transect through mixed-pine stands in the Chequamegon National Forest Figures 9a and 9b.

Wavelet analysis allows for the examination of patterns at multiple resolutions while retaining information on the location along study transects i. However, the wavelet transforms of canopy structure Figure 9a and temperature Figure 9b indicated that temperature-overstory relationships might be stronger at broader scales.

A patch of relatively high temperature darker area from approximately m to m along the transect in Figure 9a corresponded to a region of relatively open canopy associated with old harvest landings at this same scale and location lighter region of transform in Figure 9b. Patterns of overstory cover and air temperature at ground surface along a m transect in a jack and red pine forest landscape in the Chequamegon National Forest, northern Wisconsin.

Data were collected from 30 June through 3 July Scientists traditionally use microclimatic information to explain the behavior, distribution, development, and movement of organisms in natural systems. Major ecological processes, such as production, mineralization, and the spread of diseases, insects, and natural disturbances e.

Microclimate influences the distribution of taxa as varied as butterflies Weiss et al. Manipulating microclimate by altering the structural environment can thus be a useful tool in both wildlife and ecosystem conservation. In addition, the dynamics, across scales, of the relationships among microclimatic and structural landscape features should be considered in management and conservation planning.

For example, when designating the size of harvest units or reserve areas , managers wanting to retain a specific amount of interior forest on the landscape should be aware that interior conditions delineated by microclimate often differ in extent from interior zones delineated by vegetative cover e. However, at the local i. However, characteristics of adjacent stands will influence climatic conditions at the landscape scale. Roads and other landscape features can also influence microclimate at broad scales i.

As ecologists become more aware of the importance of scaling in studying biological responses, there is a need to examine microclimatic characteristics concurrently at multiple scales and to consider cumulative effects, rather than to simply assess the importance of microclimate independently at each scale.

Traditional climatic summaries can frequently be misleading, depending on research objectives and the microclimatic variables of interest. When undertaking any study of climate or climate-structure relationships, it is essential to recognize that microclimate is temporally and spatially variable; that microclimate has distinct spatial characteristics at multiple scales, corresponding to unique structural components of the landscape—within patch, between patches, through ecotones, and across the landscape; and that microclimatic environments and patterns across landscape elements are highly specific to an ecosystem due to differences in landform, species composition, and structure among ecosystems.

Empirical studies within patches and across patch boundaries suggest that landscape structure can also be defined and delineated using microclimate information. Indeed, patch patterns delineated on the basis of microclimate may provide ecologists with improved insights into biological responses to management and landscape design.

Gradients of microclimatic conditions across edges and around residual habitat patches are associated with changes in vegetation composition and growth, in rates of ecosystem processes e.

Microclimatic information provides significant insights when in terpreting other ecological processes and vital information when developing management options for a landscape. Finally, three additional critical issues should be emphasized in any microclimate-related study to encourage sound examination and complete understanding of these multiscale relationships: the frequency of nonlinear combinations of microclimatic variables, the intensity of direct microclimatic monitoring required to adequately describe a study site, and the importance of quality-control procedures for climatic measurements.

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Levin SA. Problem of pattern and scale in ecology. Ecology 73 : — Lowman MD. Light interception and its relation to structural differences in three Australian rainforest canopies.

Australian Journal of Ecology 11 : — Matlack GR. As of [update] , Virginia has the sixth highest percent of residents with bachelor's degrees or higher, with Virginia Tech and Virginia State University are the state's land-grant universities. The Virginia Military Institute is the oldest state military college.

Virginia has a mixed health record, and was ranked as the 15th overall healthiest state according to the United Health Foundation's Health Rankings. Virginia was 19th lowest among U. There are however racial and social health disparities. With high rates of heart disease and diabetes, African Americans in Virginia had an average life expectancy 4 years lower than whites and 12 years lower than Asian Americans and Latinos in , [] and were disproportionately affected by COVID during the coronavirus pandemic.

Weight is an issue for many Virginians, and Virginia does have among the highest rates of immunization nationwide, ranking 6th for childhood immunization and 14th for both TDaP and HPV vaccines per capita.

There are 90 hospitals in Virginia with a combined 17, hospital beds as of [update]. The rate of uninsured Virginians dropped to 8. Because of the Byrd Road Act , the state government controls most of Virginia's roads, instead of a local county authority as is usual in other states.

VRE is one of the nation's fastest growing commuter rail services, handling nearly 20, passengers a day. Several other airports offer limited commercial passenger service, and sixty-six public airports serve the state's aviation needs. In , the first Virginia General Assembly met at Jamestown Church , and included 22 locally elected representatives, making Virginia's legislature the oldest in the North America. The current General Assembly is the st since that year.

The government today functions under the seventh Constitution of Virginia , which was approved by voters in and is similar to the federal structure in that it provides for three branches : a strong legislature, an executive, and a unified judicial system.

Virginia's legislature is bicameral with a member House of Delegates and member Senate , who together write the laws for the Commonwealth. Delegates serve two-year terms, while senators serve four-year terms, with the most recent elections for both taking place in November The executive department includes the governor , lieutenant governor , and attorney general , who are elected every four years in separate elections, with the next taking place in November The governor must be at least 30 years old and incumbent governors cannot run for re-election, however the lieutenant governor and attorney general can, and governors can and have served non-consecutive terms.

The House elects a Speaker of the House and the Senate elects a President pro tempore , who presides when the lieutenant governor isn't present, and both houses elect a clerk and majority and minority leaders. State budgets are proposed in even years by the governor. News and World Report ranked the state eighth in fiscal stability. The judges and justices who make up Virginia's judicial system , also the oldest in America, are elected by a majority vote in both the House and Senate without input from the governor, one way Virginia's legislature is stronger than its executive.

The Supreme Court selects its own Chief Justice from among their seven members, who is informally limited to two four-year terms. The Code of Virginia is the statutory law, and consists of the codified legislation of the General Assembly. The Virginia State Police is the largest law enforcement agency in Virginia with 3, sworn and civilian members as of [update]. Since the resumption of capital punishment in Virginia in , people have been executed , the second highest number in the nation, and though no death sentences have been issued since , two inmates remain on the state's death row as of [update].

Over the 20th century, Virginia shifted from a largely rural, politically Southern and conservative state to a more urbanized, pluralistic, and politically moderate environment.

Up until the s, Virginia was a racially divided one-party state dominated by the Byrd Organization , [] which sought to stymie the political power of Northern Virginia, perpetuate segregation , and restrict voter registration.

Congress until ordered to end the practice by the U. Supreme Court decision in Davis v. Mann and the the Virginia Supreme Court decision in Wilkins v. Davis respectively. Passage of Federal civil rights legislation in the mids, including the Voting Rights Act of , helped end the state's Jim Crow laws which effectively disfranchised African Americans.

In , 56 percent of eligible voters were born in the state; in that number was 45 percent, a result of strong international immigration and domestic migration into the state. Regional differences also play a large part in Virginia politics. While urban and growing suburban areas, including much of Northern Virginia , form the Democratic Party base , rural southern and western areas moved to support the Republican Party in response to its " southern strategy ". State elections in Virginia occur in odd-numbered years, with executive department elections occurring in years following U.

House of Delegates elections take place concurrent with each of those elections as members have two-year terms. National politics often play a role in state election outcomes, and Virginia has elected governors of the party opposite the U.

McAuliffe, a Democrat, was elected Governor in the elections by two percentage points during Barack Obama 's second presidential term. Census , were later judged unconstitutional for discriminating against African Americans.

The statewide elections resulted in Democrats holding the three highest offices, with outgoing lieutenant governor Ralph Northam winning the governorship , Justin Fairfax elected lieutenant governor , and Mark Herring continuing as attorney general.

In concurrent House of Delegates elections , Democrats flipped fifteen of the Republicans' previous sixteen-seat majority. Though Virginia was considered a " swing state " in the presidential election , [7] Democratic candidates carried Virginia's 13 electoral votes in that election and the three since; Joe Biden carried Virginia by over 10 points in , suggesting the state has shifted to being reliably Democratic.

Virginia had previously voted for Republican presidential candidates in 13 out of 14 presidential elections from to , including 10 in a row from to , but hasn't voted for a Republican candidate statewide since Of the state's eleven seats in the House of Representatives, Democrats currently hold seven and Republicans hold four.

Virginia is the most populous U. Open Cup in the same year. Virginia natives currently competing in the series include Denny Hamlin and Elliott Sadler. Virginia does not allow state appropriated funds to be used for either operational or capital expenses for intercollegiate athletics.

Their rivalry is followed statewide. The state nickname is its oldest symbol, though it has never been made official by law. Virginia was given the title " Dominion " by King Charles II of England at the time of The Restoration , because it had remained loyal to the crown during the English Civil War , and the present moniker, "Old Dominion" is a reference to that title.

Charles' supporters were called Cavaliers , and "The Cavalier State" nickname was popularized after the American Civil War to romanticize the antebellum period. Sports teams from the University of Virginia are called the Cavaliers. The state's motto, Sic Semper Tyrannis , translates from Latin as "Thus Always to Tyrants", and is used on the state seal, which is then used on the flag.

While the seal was designed in , and the flag was first used in the s, both were made official in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the U. For other uses, see Virginia disambiguation. For other uses, see Old Dominion.

State of the United States of America. State in the United States. Sic semper tyrannis English: Thus Always to Tyrants [1]. Mount Rogers [2]. Atlantic Ocean. Flag of Virginia. Main article: Environment of Virginia.

Main article: Climate of Virginia. See also: Climate change in Virginia. See also: List of endangered species in Virginia. Main article: History of Virginia. Main article: Colony of Virginia. Main article: Virginia in the American Civil War. See also: Political subdivisions of Virginia and Virginia statistical areas. Main article: Demographics of Virginia. See also: Religion in early Virginia. Religious groups est. Main article: Economy of Virginia. See also: Virginia locations by per capita income.

Main article: Culture of Virginia. See also: Music of Virginia. Main articles: List of newspapers in Virginia , List of radio stations in Virginia , and List of television stations in Virginia. Main article: Education in Virginia. See also: List of colleges and universities in Virginia. Main article: Transportation in Virginia. Main article: Government of Virginia. Main article: Politics of Virginia.

See also: Elections in Virginia and Political party strength in Virginia. See also: United States presidential elections in Virginia. See also: Sports teams in Virginia.

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