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Many hardwoods are appropriate for spoon making, but the finer the grain and the fewer open pores, the better. Finishing knife: Dave Cockcroft. Around my studio the most solid surface is my porch railing. A general, all-purpose cutting blade works well for most spoon projects. Woody girl Full Member.

A sharp gouge will cut well both with the grain and across it. Make your roughing cuts across the grain and your finishing cuts with the grain. To rough out the bowl, place the gouge on one end of the bowl near the centerline. As you push the edge into the wood, move the handle laterally, making a slicing cut. Repeat, using overlapping strokes, until you get to the other end of the bowl. Turn the stock around in the vise and work the other side.

Gradually work back to your layout lines. Now take light cuts with the grain, beginning at the front of the bowl. The bowl should slope gradually from front to back. Get the surface as smooth as you can with the gouge. The most comfortable handle shape is either flat and wide or half-round in cross-section, with the flat on the top of the handle.

Use your preferred method for cutting curves to rough out the handle and the outside profile of the bowl. I use a drawknife, but a band saw will work, too. If you choose to use a drawknife, remember: when creating a flat or concave surface, use it with the bevel down. When shaping a convex surface, use it with the bevel up. With the bulk of the waste removed, use a spokeshave to shape the handle. Depending on grain direction, you may need to either push or pull the spokeshave.

Begin with the sides of the handle, working down to the layout lines. On the shoulders, use a scooping motion when working concave surfaces with a spokeshave, rolling the spokeshave backward slightly on each stroke. Next, chamfer the underside edges of the handle. Then relieve each of the six corners, rounding the underside of the handle as evenly as possible.

At this point, it is possible to make the handle too thin and delicate, but beginning spoon carvers are more likely to err on the fat side. As the handle thins down, you will feel it flexing beneath your tools, and you may feel you are going to break it.

If the spoon survives the process of its own making, it will survive for many years in the kitchen. If you must, you can drill a hole in the end for hanging, but most people keep their spoons in drawers or canisters.

Now turn the spoon around in the vise and work on the outside of the bowl. If you've just changed your mind and want to return your order, you have 14 days from the date of purchase to do so at your expense and we will issue a refund via PayPal. Spoon Carving Blanks. There are three different boxes available: Box A - 6 spoon carving blanks. There are also pictures of some examples of beautiful hand carved spoons.

Not included. The blanks are all air dried and ready to carve. Species list:. May 8, 21 3 hertfordshire. Oct 6, 6, 1, Bedfordshire.

Transition of the bowl to the stem, where you get a change of grain direction. For correcting spoon-club syndrome, take a metal spoon of similar size and use it side by side as you work to remind you of the depth and size you are aiming for. Reactions: Riven and zornt. Tiley Full Member. Oct 19, 2, 57 Gloucestershire. I still have the first spoon that I made. In truth, that first one is a pretty hideous club.

Although I wish someone had told me earlier that the bowl needed to be thinner, I was lucky enough to work that out myself - eventually! I'll try and post a photo comparing that first one with a more recent creation, though embarrassment may cause some 'difficulties' with the technology Another thing that I still struggle with is spoon symmetry.

When in the woods, or even at home, I don't take a blank with me as I prefer to draw out the shape freehand. Practice, however, does not make perfect and most of my efforts still have a slightly wonky appearance.

It is a combination of both the drawing and the carving, I think, as one side is always easier to shape than the other. Any help to get a better symmetry would be really useful.

Finally, finishing the spoon. By that, I mean whether they should be sanded arguably better 'mouth feel' or left with cut marks. If left with cut marks, how to get these consistent; if sanded, what oils or means of preservation are best? Broch Full Member.

Jan 18, 4, 3, Mid Wales. Woody girl Full Member. Mar 31, 3, 2, 62 Exmoor. How to make your own sharpening kit. Saw some for sale at wilderness and figured I could make my own with a dowel and sandpaper etc. Stupidly did not photograph the kit or take details on sandpaper grades etc and by the time I got home all details had fled my mind. Jul 2, 1, North West Somerset. Getting the floor of the bowl level, ending the battle between cuts from different directions.

Getting a good finish 'off the knife' Knowing the proper order of attack - bowl interior first? Cheers, Bob. How did you overcome the issues that you had? Fraxinus Settler. Oct 26, 30 Canterbury. I think the biggest problem facing spoon carvers is the same as anyone who works with wood, just in a smaller work sample. Learning to read the wood. You can garner as many skills with tool handling as you like but if you can't preempt what the grain of the wood or the stresses inherent due to growth conditions is likely to do then life can get difficult.

It is something that can not be learnt by reading or watching vid's of people doing it but by having a go and learning along the way, when something goes other than hoped take a close look to see why. Tiley said:. Zingmo Eardstapa. Jan 4, 1, 90 S. Firstly, thinking that a wooden spoon was a two dimensional shape like the ones I had used in the kitchen with a flat rim surrounding the bowl: Handling spoons made by people who knew what they were Spoon Carving Chisel You doing was a revelation.

Having the three dimensional thing in your hand to study and, if possible, copy, is better than dozens of YT videos. I bought one off Addo Paul Adamson and it really made a difference.

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