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#71 1/2 Router plane, 7 1/2"L, various widths, 2 1/8lbs, Good old Stanley, coming up with a new model number to designate a plane that was born after the redesign of the # This plane is nothing but the first model version of the #71! It has a closed throat; i.e., there is no arching of the sole forward of the cutter. Stanley Plane Parts Including Bailey Bench, Stanley Plane Blades Australia Instagram Block, Router, Trim Planes and Cutters. Our Router Planes have square blades, held solidly in square broached holes. This prevents the blade from slipping or twisting when removing large shavings or during diagonal use. The blade can also be Stanley Router Plane Replacement Blades Youtube mounted to face the back of the plane to work closer into corners. /4" long x /2" wide x /4" tall. A2 blade with a 3/8" square www.Small Woodworking Shop Storage Ideas : $

Stanley Plane Parts Including Bailey Bench, Block, Router, Trim Planes and Cutters. Jan 25,  · Bed Stanley Smoothing Plane Blades Review Rock Notes: Please refer to the Stanley Bed Rock Plane Types page for individual differences and characteristic s of the 12 variations; some parts will not necessarily interchange from one type to another: frogs of Types will not physically fit beds of Types , and the other way around. NoC PLANE. c Type 4. Dec 04,  · The Veritas replacement cutter is £10 so my bargain was still a bargain. If you have a Stanley or Record 71 the Veritas router will upgrade you and the blade will last a lifetime. These routers are the Record versions of the Stanley 71 and 71 1/2.

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