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Featuring vintage looks this shoulder plane has the narrow body with slightly proud cutting blade that ensures a smooth finished edge without leaving ridges or lips on the worked surface. Like the 62these planes have a tendency for chipping at the leading edge of the bottom casting, directly below the cutter, due to the thinness of the casting there. The plane has stanley 93 shoulder plane blade zoo V-shaped sole that forms a right angle. Goto 90read that, and apply these dimensions to get a feel what this plane is. Clifton - plane. Then I sharpened up the A2 iron.

After about a minute of work I checked my result. The sole was improving. About three minutes later, the sole read dead flat to my square. Then I sharpened up the A2 iron.

The unbeveled face of the iron was dead flat, which is always a nice surprise to see. It polished up quickly. I quite like the tool, but I like rhino-horn-style shoulder planes the horn is the proboscis at its toe. Megan Fitzpatrick reported that the plane had too many sharp arrises. I agreed and knocked them down with some sandpaper. And actually, after looking at photos of the original No. The No. When you are really bored, check out all my articles on WKFineTools. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop.

We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. Chris, Did you check the blade protusion at the sides? Should be about 2 mils. By the way, I had to true up the sole of my stanley sweatheart Except for Veritas and LN, I expect this for every plane until the manufactures get the message. The blade is installed and retracted.

And the lever cap is under working pressure in that photo. In other words, I agree entirely with David. Charlesworth goes on at length about how you have to have the blade installed when flattening because the tension created by installing the blade deforms the sole and makes a hump at the mouth.

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Classically styled with its narrow body, flat bottom, sides square to the sole, and with a slightly proud blade. This is one tough piece of equipment, the body of the No. We mentioned before that this small shoulder plane has classic looks combined with modern-day features, an adjustable toe has been added to the design that is used to control the opening of the throat.

This is a welcome addition as it really does help with reducing the risk of tear-out when working on end grain. Bench Dog Tools 3-in-1 Shoulder Plane.

You get a removable long and short nose piece which is used to convert the shoulder plane into a chisel plane. In this case, it saves time hunting around for the chisel plane when you have finished with the shoulder plane as you already have it there with you.

Attention to detail is most important when you want professional-looking results in your woodworking jobs. The Bench Dog 3 in 1 shoulder planes sides are precision machined, ensuring squareness with the sole,.

As with all Bench Dog planes, the fine iron castings and also the blade are precision ground for flatness to maintain that high standard that is required and expected. More attention to detail is shown in the way that the 1 inch blade is just a fraction wider than the width of the planes body, the reason for this is to ensure that no sharp corners or ridges are left on the workpiece when the plane is used.

Every Bench Dog 3 in 1 plane purchased is accompanied by a certificate of inspection, stating that specific planes measurements, relating to the flatness of the sole and the hardness of the blade. You also get a storage case included with your purchase to keep your new 3 in 1 shoulder plane nice and safe when not in use.

WoodRiver 92 Medium Shoulder Plane. This really is a perfect blend of when old meets new, the WoodRiver No. Based on the classic Edward Preston and Sons plane designs, this shoulder plane really does look the part. Featuring the classic shoulder plane narrow body with a slightly proud blade that ensures that no ridges or sharp corners are left on the workpiece.

Cr40 rated stress-relieved ductile steel is used for the body of the plane which has been machined flat and of course, machined square. The planes cutting blade is Mn65 tool steel hardened to Rc, which basically means that the blade is super tough and ready for hard work. A new feature added to this classic design is the addition of an adjustable toe, this is used to control the throat opening and reduce the chances of tear out when working. With this being a medium sized shoulder plane you expect it to pack a bit of weight, coming in at 2.

Size-wise the No. This shoulder plane is at the lower end of the price range when it comes to good quality, good performing shoulder planes. Made from cast iron and featuring a 2 part sole, throat adjustment is possible via the internal set screw with Iron adjustment achieved via the knurled thumb screw.

Removing the toe section reveals an option of being able to use the plane as a chisel plane which is a nice handy feature to incorporate.

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