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If you haven't used Starrett blades we fully recommend giving them a try. The best solution for cutting a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Band Saw Blades. They are especially useful for cutting complex such as steel-belted tires, composite graphite, fiber-reinforced plastics and case-hardened steels. Advanz CG has a tungsten carbide grit bonded to an alloy back. Starret Band Saw Blade Types Starrett produces three options in their carbide bandsaw blades to create the right blade for your cutting needs.

Starrett Band Saw Blades Starrett is known for Precision Tools and not just for measuring tools, but also for their cutting tools. They are always striving for long band saw blade life and superior cutting. Starrett band saw blades provide the best solutions for cutting a variety of materials including hard, abrasive materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, and food. Starrett band saws fulfill all cutting needs, economic or high production, and fit all types of band saw machines. Starrett Bandsaw Blades Industry Since Starrett has not been in the bandsaw blades industry as quite as long as some of their competitors, they have made it a priority to continuously improve the strength, performance and life of their saw blades. Their research and development is completed at a full metallurgic laboratory with band saw blade.

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