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Grinding in Burbank, a similar kind of small grinding shop. A complete line with a wide range of widths, tooth pitches and shapes. Jul 22, 7. They have mainly metal shop goods, but starrett bandsaw blades for wood field have some things of interest to woodworkers. They blaves commonly available, reasonably priced, and very good quality. Its triple tempered and M cobalt ground HSS teeth have variable height and set that allows the blade to cut with a fast, pulsating action. Personally, I like Lennox blades, and have been using them on all of my bandsaws for many years.

These can be used to make faster, more coarse cuts primarily in plastic, metal, thicker wood pieces, or hardwoods. Hook-tooth bandsaw blades are also used when making Bandsaw Blades For Wood Cutting Table longer Best Site For Woodworkers Ukulele cuts as the deep gullet and rake angle help move cut material out of the way. Skip-tooth bandsaw blades Woodriver Woodworking Vise Formula have a shallow gullet and widely spaced teeth. The sharp angle at the tooth gullet allows the chips to come out cleanly.

Skip-bandsaw blades are used for a variety of woodworking applications, especially when you need to reduce clogging or when using a material like softwoods, plastics or nonferrous metals that could gum up the blade. Quick View. Laguna - ResawKing Bandsaw Blade " x. Add to Cart. View All Bandsaw Blades.

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The blades are pre-welded, ready-to-use and available in lengths that fit all the popular portable band saw machines. The Woodpecker PRO is specifically designed for all types of hard wood. The Primalloy Saw is designed for heavy-duty cutting applications. The cutting performance of the high-speed steel is greatly increased through alloying with cobalt and vanadium.

These alloying elements substantially increase the heat resistance as well as the wear resistance. View Cart Checkout. Paste a list of item s and quantities. Add to Cart. Bi-Metal Band Saw Blades. The best solution for cutting a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

These saws suit all cutting, economic or high production needs for any model of machine. Launch PowerCalc. Versatix MP Versatix MP is a bi-metal blade of triple-tempered, high-speed M cobalt steel teeth with alloy steel backing strip. Intenss Powerband M42 Biā€”metal blade with M42 high speed steel cutting edge welded to a fatigue resistant alloy steel backing. Primalloy The Primalloy Saw is designed for heavy-duty cutting applications.

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