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Starrett Company to ensure the consistent quality of their manufacturing processes. Break-in and installation instructions. Material Testing Systems 12 Bladss. May 20, The thin kerf of the blade makes it ideal for resawing thick stock, although it performs well on any kind of Starrett Bandsaw Blades For Wood War material. I get my bandsaw blades from Carbide.

Personally, I like Lennox blades, and have been using them on all of my bandsaws for many years. They are commonly available, reasonably priced, and very good quality.

I get my bandsaw blades from Carbide. They are only 22 miles from me, but they have a nice web site and mail order business. They will make up any blade you need to any length, and mail it out the next day. All the info is on their web site. There may be a similar grind shop in your nearest industrial city. You can also get some standard size Lennox blades on Amazon.

McMasters has bandsaw blades, but they usually aren't Lennox, and they are a little more expensive. The blades in the woodworking places are marked way up.

Jul 22, 6. Jan 10, SW VT. Starrett is mostly known for measuring equipment; likely the bandsaw blades are simply "exploiting the brand name. Jul 22, 7. Jul 22, 8. Jul 22, 9. Jul 5, I love Starrett tools but would pass on their edge tools unless priced right. Jul 23, Aug 29, Mesa , AZ. The Alternate Set teeth aren't needed for wood; that's a special "waving" pattern of the teeth that helps make a smoother cut in large metal bar stock. I don't think it makes any difference in wood.

I've been there many times, because they aren't far from me. It's maybe a sf shop with two or three guys working. They don't keep a lot of pre-made bandsaw blades in stock. They have the big rolls of Lennox bandsaw blade stock, and they cut and weld them when the orders come in. They've been around a long time.

When my shop was in Burbank, I used to get my bandsaw blades at L. Grinding in Burbank, a similar kind of small grinding shop.

This long band saw blade can cut through a variety of different materials, including wood, metal, drywall, or other materials often used in construction, making it great for all-around use. The blade is made of high carbon steel, giving it great resiliency as well as providing great cutting action. This is aided by the shape of the teeth, with a hardness of Rc , which make it quite useful for longitudinal and transverse cuts.

A drawback of this particular blade makes it less suitable for use at high speeds, but this is generally true of most longer band saw blades. The overall quality and cutting power of this blade makes it the best band saw blade for use in larger bandsaws, with a guarantee of better performance than any OEM blade.

If this is what you are looking for, then be sure to give this band saw blade a try. Many of those who have done any kind of wood or metal working are familiar with a band saw. A band saw is a type of tool that uses a long toothed blade that is rapidly spun around wheels in order to provide a fast and accurate cutting action.

The main advantage of this tool is in its ability to provide an even cutting action as well as curved or irregular cuts, making it a very commonly used tool in construction, woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering.

Using a band saw has many advantages that makes it an ideal tool for many types of situations. One of the main components of a band saw is the blade that it uses, which is a long, thin metal blade with teeth on one edge. The size and shape of the teeth can make specific blades better suited to different tasks, so those who need a band saw blade for a specific task will want to pay attention to the attributes of the blade, such as its TPI Teeth Per Inch and its Kerf cutting width.

The length of the blade is also important, as not all blades will fit well in all band saws, so make sure you check the required length of your band saw before buying a new blade for it. If you need a good hacksaw to go along with your band saw, then take a look at our reviews of some of the best hacksaws available.

Leave a comment as or Logout. Does your bandsaw need new blades after the old ones got worn out? If so, then you will want to take a good look at the band saw blades listed here, as we have the top five models for you to choose from. Read more Read less. BEST Best Pick. Timber Starrett Bandsaw Blades Review Unit Wolf Bandsaw Blade. Check Price on Amazon. TPI Teeth per inch. Cutting Width Kerf. Only suitable for Portable Band Saws because of its short length. Reasonable Price. Gets very hot during intensive work.

Some teeth have a different angle of inclination. It is not recommended to work with it at high speeds. Timber Wolf Great At All Speeds A problem that many bandsaw users experience with various blades is that not all of them are good for cutting at various speeds.

Highly Durable Blade Anyone who has used a bandsaw extensively knows how often it is necessary to replace the blades. SKIL High Performance Blades Bandsaws often require more than one type of blade, depending on the type of work that they are used for. F-Tooth Pitch Distance from the tip of one tooth to the next tip. H-Gullet The curved area between two teeth, where the chips accumulate until being removed.

Choosing the Correct Blade Constant Pitch All teeth on the blade have uniform spacing, gullet depth and rake angle throughout the full length. Typically for general purpose cutting. Identified by one pitch number. Variable Pitch Size of tooth and depth of gullet varies to substantially reduce noise levels and vibrations. Cuts all structurals, tubing and solids smoothly and quickly.

Identified by two pitch numbers. Raker A recurring sequence of teeth set left and right, followed by one tooth unset.

Frequency of unset teeth on variable pitch blades varies depends on the tooth configurations The charts are good guidelines. Because the cross section limits in the chart are broad and overlap, choose a coarser pitch if the speed of cut is most important Please find the correct blade length in your band saw machine user manual.

PowerCalc selects the best band saw blade for the specified cutting application. Catalog excerpts. Open the catalog to page 2. Open the catalog to page 3. Open the catalog to page 4.

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