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Earlex Steam Generator - Portable Steamer for Steam Bending Wood sold at Highland Woodworking.  A few examples include arms and backs for Windsor chairs, as well as many bent components for wooden boats. Plans for low-cost homemade steam generators are available, but often involve combustible fuels and an open flame. This compact electric steamer, developed from one designed for stripping wallpaper, remedies these safety concerns since the heating element runs on standard v current, far safer than an open burner. The unit has a small 8" x 12" footprint so you can set-up just about anywhere in your home or shop. Save steam generator wood to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.+ Shipping to: Finland. Update your shipping location.  Steam Generator Wood Bending Steamer Project Gallon Tank Capacity Watt. Brand New. C $ DIY Steam Generator - Bending Wood Tips and Techniques - Woodwork, Woodworking, Woodworking Tips, Woodworking Techniques.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Steam generators for wood bending games have a project coming up that has a bent panel and bent edge. First, let me say that I owod bending wood. Its one of my favorite aspects of woodworking because it allows you to create even more interesting shapes sood designs.

Bending wood used to seem so scary and difficult, almost like magic. Well, after learning how it's done, I can safely say that the ganes part is merely getting your head around the idea that you can do tons of different wood bending at home.

The first type of wood bending I want to go over is steam bending. There are many ways to steam wood, but I'm going to talk about what is the safest and easiest way I have steam generators for wood bending games to do it.

This simple device is basically a wallpaper steamer with a very steam generators for wood bending games brass steam box adapter. Looks fairly simple, right? It really is. This little device merely needs to be screwed together and filled with water and inserted into your steam fenerators.

That's it. This is so much simpler than any other way I've ever seen it done you might need to hook up two to do large quantities or if you have a very large steam box. I decided to make my steam box ffor of Schedule 40 PVC pipe as it wodo a very simple solution for relatively little cost. I also grabbed a meat thermometer to keep track of the temperature inside the steam chamber. Drill a small hole on the bottom rear of the box to allow for drainage and then a hole steam generators for wood bending games your thermometer up near the front on top of the box.

Fill the Earlex with water up to the fill line. Slip the caps onto the PVC pipe without glue. Make sure the plug and drain are set up on a downward slope. Since you don't glue the caps, if too much pressure builds up, the caps will easily pop off, preventing an explosion. Plug the Earlex in and wait for steam and heat to come. When steaming lumber, you typically want to use air-dried or green lumber as they bend way better and with a lot less splintering and breakage than kiln-dried lumber.

I used some kiln-dried walnut on this test geneartors I had it lying around and knew it would bend ok, just not as good as air-dried.

A general rule of thumb is to steam the steamm for one hour per inch of thickness. Kiln-dried lumber may take longer. Always use thick, heat-resistant gloves around the steam chamber. This is very hot steam making the wood very hot. When you pull the cap off the PVC or open the door of your wooden steambox, hot steam comes out. You then reach your hand in and grab very hot lumber.

Wear protection. If you're using a form to bend the wood, you'll need metal band straps over the wood gaems it will break and splinter as you bend it. Oh look, its time to pull steam generators for wood bending games my wood. I decided to bend it over the closest round form I had egnerators my drill press. I'll go over steam bending with forms in a later Getting Bendy post. Photo courtesy steam generators for wood bending games Louis Cahill Photography. Share this: Tweet.

Categories: Shop Helpers. Posted By: David Venditto. June 2, at am. Those wall paper steamers are only marginally effective. For the same money, you can get camp stove or a turkey fryer that will provide adequate heat, and adequate amounts of water, no matter what the yenerators weather. June 3, at am. I actually have a turkey fryer set-up for steaming and that is what I have used in the past gwmes all of my bending. I have ssteam say though, that after using the Earlex steamer, that I will grab the Earlex for all of my quick bending projects.

It works great and kept me at temp the entire fkr. William Blackstone. June 2, at pm. This was a interesting instructional post, I bought a Earlex Generator a few months ago but haven't had a chance to try it out yet, now I really want to bend after reading this post. Please do give it a try. This is a super easy and safe way to generatorrs steam bending.

June 7, at pm. June 12, fro am. Oh trust me I did when we first pulled it out and bent the wood. We unfortunately had to re-photo that for the blog since the other picture did not come out and missed wearing the gloves.

Fir you for pointing it out. The gloves are very important to avoid burning yourself and we will definitely show me wearing them when we do the second part of this steam generators for wood bending games and accompanying video. June 13, at pm. A question about bending Steam Generators For Wood Bending Update panelshow do you go about building the tall form and how do you clamp genratorsI guess a handful of SERIOUS deep reach clamps and cauls?

June 15, at pm. I actually use my vacuum press and bag for most of the panel work I do. I make an mdf form very similar to steeam torsion box in the shape that I want to build, then lay a piece of steam Steam Generators For Wood Bending Factor generators for wood bending games on top and glue and vacuum clamp it in the bag. I then lay my panels on top of that steam generators for wood bending games in the steam generators for wood bending games bag and I am good to go.

I will be doing the bent panel part of the getting bendy blog ebnding soon so stay tuned and you will be able to see those progressions. I steamed the laminations for these rocking horses with an Earlex steam box, but they are all thin strips.

Those are great rocking horses. We love the Earlex Steam generator for jobs just like that. Leave a comment. Recent Posts. Login Register Registered Customers. If you have an Steam Generators For Wood Bending Formula account, sign in with your email address. Sign In. Forgot Your Password?

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1 product rating - Earlex Steam Generator For Bending Wood. $ Buy It Now. Free shipping. 11 watchers. Watch; Steam Generator Wood Bending Steamer Project Gallon Tank Capacity Watt. Brand New. $ Buy It Now. Free shipping. 6 watchers. Watch; GREAT PRICE Great price compared to similar brand new items S p Y 0 X 7 0 R F H o I A. The Earlex Steam Generator features a watt element and gallon tank that takes only 23 minutes to steam up. And once steaming, the large tank provides over two hours of wood-bending steam per fill. The Earlex Steam Generator for Bending Wood is made with quality materials to give you a reliable performance. Earlex Steam Generator for Bending Wood: Ideal for using to create wood-bending projects Compact electric steamer runs on a standard current with built-in thermal protection and also includes instructions on how to build your steam box.

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