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Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Equipped with main jaws, pipe jaws and a machined anvil work surface. March 12, They come with a very impressive year warranty. You get the standard parallel serrated jaws for flat material, pipe jaws that can accommodate a diameter of the best bench vise korea. The base is incredibly strong, and utilises a degree swivel.

This holds the vise ridged and prevents any movement of the clamping jaw. Without it, old vises could not hold the workpiece in a permanently vertical position. As basic as the mechanical technology used in a vise is, they are not all the same.

After all, they all do basically the same job. Or do they? You get really cheap vises and some that seem to be unbelievably expensive. When it comes down to it, not all vises are equal. Some are heavy-duty and others are only designed for light or medium-duty work.

There are other subtle differences, like the manner in which a vise grips the material. One of these adaptations may be a vise that is able to grip pipes or other rounded objects.

So choosing the best vise for your needs is not as simple as it may first appear. Though, more importantly, a heavy-duty vise which is much stronger, is obviously going to cost more. This should help you spend your money wisely.

B est bench vise that is both affordable and well made, Best Bench Vise Under 100 King with psi of clamping force. Yost has been building tools for over years. Though with its ductile iron construction rated at 60, — 65, PSI , many would consider it to be a heavy-duty vise. To Best Bench Vise Canada News my mind, only forged steel vises make the grade as being truly heavy-duty. It can handle quite a lot and will make a perfect fit for most professional or home shops.

What I like most about the Yost DI vise, is its versatility, you get several jaw sets with the vise and there are even more available as accessories. So you can adapt this vise to just about any type of material or shape. I doubt whether most home users would need anything bigger. Once locked in position, the base will not be going anywhere. This is thanks to the V-grooves in the base that lock like teeth.

It has two lockdowns that ensure there can be no lift in either direction. It is supplied with 3 sets of hardened steel jaws.

You get the standard parallel serrated jaws for flat material, pipe jaws that can accommodate a diameter of 0. These all come in sets of two and are quite expensive relative to actual cost of the vise. Like most vises, it has an anvil positioned directly behind the fixed jaw. The main screw handle has rubber buffers on either end that prevent you from pinching your hand as you adjust your jaw width.

As the basic vise excluding the aluminum accessories , the Yost DI comes at a very reasonable price for an item of this quality standard and versatility. Not to mention that this is a highly respected brand. Yost manufacture a wide range of vises ranging from heavy-duty options with a lifetime warranty down to light-duty vises with a 1-year warranty.

The DI has a 3-year warranty, which indicates its medium-duty expectations. Both these vises compare very well to the Yost DI and are manufactured from ductile iron, with a 60, PSI rating providing pounds of clamping force. These vises come with regular flat parallel jaws at the top and V-shaped shaped jaws at the bottom for rounded objects.

The base has V-slots with 12 locking positions. There is the obvious inclusion of a built-in anvil. For both models, the anvil measures 3. Throat depth is 3. The larger model has a throat depth of 4. This is both in their rugged construction and usability. So the Capri vises are probably better value for money.

They come with a very impressive year warranty. This is an obvious indication that they have complete confidence in their product. Application : For repairing vehicles, metalworking, or assembling parts, this Tekton vise allows you to work better, faster, and safer knowing your workpiece is fully secured.

Just lock it in and thread, fasten, build, bend, shape, or sharpen with confidence. Tekton offer two sizes for this vise. Both are light-duty, cast iron vises. This gives them a tensile strength of 20, to 30, PSI. They are fairly basic in their features. The Tekton series are fitted with very conventional serrated steel jaws.

Like any vise, these are held in place with two screws and can be replaced if needed. The vise fastens to your bench by means of 3 bolt holes. If your vise is substandard in any way, you can go to their website and upload picture of it. Best bench vise for professionals. Most vises have a fixed center nut BUT the Wilton Tradesman round channel vise nut is anchored at the rear which, providing straight line pull and even pressure resulting in far greater durability.

The Wilton , 6. Not only is this a highly respected brand, but this vise is obviously made to endure through the toughest situations. Like the other medium to heavy-duty vises in this review, the Wilton is constructed from ductile iron with a rated pressure of 60, PSI. While a round channel is common on most of the best modern vises, this one is anchored at the rear instead of in the center. This allows for a straight line pull and an even pressure distribution, improving its durability.

The enclosed spindle and nut assembly is another great design feature and prevents dust from coming into contact with these important moving parts, further enhancing the overall durability of the vise. It locks securely on both sides, using super-strong double lockdowns.

Thick rubber dampers on the spindle handle prevent pinching and this too, is stronger than most. You can also get prism jaw caps and a pedestal base. This is, without a doubt, one of the best bench vises that you can get. It is Painted using high-visibility yellow for workshop safety and is a well-made bench vise. Unlike the round channel, like that used for most of the others, this one uses a flat channel.

Though this appears to be very strong and probably just as ridged as any of the other bench vises in this review. The pipe jaws can accommodate rounded surfaces from 0.

The vise has a rotational base with dual lockdowns and reasonably large anvil. The main screw handle is designed for no-pinch operation. These are a standard flat jaw cap, a magnetic option, a rubberized jaw cap, and a prism. For a vise this large, the Yost HV is cheap enough not scare anyone away.

This can be considered a medium-duty vise. It comes from a company with a great reputation for manufacturing the best quality vises and this model has a 5-year warranty. The Yost Tools 4. That being said, the Yost Tools bench vise is still a great, heavy-duty vise for most people for most projects. It claims a clamp force of 3, pounds, 30, pounds of tensile strength and a torque rating of pound-feet. And it makes sure you can put those qualities to good use with a 4.

In one definite win over the Tekton vise, the Yost Tools bench vise sits on a degree swivel base with two lock-down nuts so you can easily adjust Best Choice Bench Vise Office the direction of the jaws to wherever you need them at Best Forged Steel Bench Vise 30 that moment.

And similar to the Tekton vise, you can replace the serrated metal jaws if they wear out, bolt the vise down through holes in its base and upgrade to larger sizes for more money. Buy: Yost Tools 4. The cast iron vise is designed to mount to the face of wood workbenches. The jaws also feature holes so you can attach wooden or nonmetal cheeks to protect your work. The only semi-downside to note is the provenance.

The jaws have a width of 2. For its strength and portability, we think the WXTools vise is one of the best bench vises.

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