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Log in. Highlights: Description from the publisher: This is the universally popular Abdullah Yusuf Ali translation, unique in this edition by having its Arabic script be the script commonly familiar with by those of Indian or Pakistani upbringing, i. You have entered an incorrect email address! This work is possible when we translate every word of the Quran separately and look at the overall idiomatic translation. Existing User? What was the author's purpose behind writing this book? However, to comprehend more of the meaning of the Quran, reading the commentary of the Quran from trusted scholars would be necessary.

Translation by: Dr. Muhammad Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan. To understand the Quran it is necessary that one should know the translation of every word of the verse. Therefore, to convey to the people, the more accurate meaning of the Qur'anic verses, the word-for-word translation of the meanings of the Noble Qur'an is produced/10(10). The Noble Quran Word By Word Translation and Color Coded Tajweed (Al Quran Al Karim) Small Size A5 (English-Arabic (MAQDIS) Quran Al Kareem Word for Word Translation Colour Coded Tajweed Ara-Eng Note:This Quran comes in different Cover Color,you will get any color which is available.5/5(7). Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa is a Sadaqah Jariyah. We hope to make it easy for everyone to read, study, and learn The Noble Quran. The Noble Quran has many names including Al-Quran Al-Kareem, Al-Ketab, Al-Furqan, Al-Maw'itha, Al-Thikr, and Al-Noor.

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