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The course, delivered weekly via the website, consists of six projects, each designed to be built in a weekend. Each project consists of two videos one for the Saturday, one for the Sunday , plans in PDF format for both metric and imperial measurements, along with SketchUp files for each, and a full list of tools, equipment, and materials required.

The videos follow Steve as he builds each project, showing in great detail exactly what you need to do to follow along. Each new project builds upon what you The Weekend Woodworkers Project Collection Australia learn in the previous one, slowly but deliberately introducing new techniques, showing how to get the most out of the tools, and letting you gain skills and knowledge gradually. The first two projects, a patio table and a garden bench, introduce the mitre saw, drill, The Weekend Woodworker Reviews 01 impact driver, and random orbit sander.

The final two, a bookshelf and wall cabinet, then hone your previously learned skills, and enhance them further. Each project concludes with applying a suitable finish. The only outlier to this gradual build-up is the bonus project, the Basic Mobile Workbench. But, this is honestly one of our favourite parts of any of his videos, because he always addresses the mistakes and uses them as an opportunity to teach. This is all part of his presentation style, which is heavily influenced by his personality, his sense of humour, and his ten years of making videos for YouTube — which clearly shows in his amazing production value.

His approach to woodworking is pragmatic, and designed to solve a problem. In addition to the main projects, there are a number of auxiliary resources also supplied via the website. One thing to be aware of is the costs — not to buy the course itself, which we think is great value, but the cost of the equipment and materials required to complete it. An elegant twist on the 7-segment display.

Get data into your eyeballs without any of that aggressive glowing. Give your Raspberry Pi a performance boost for machine learning. Most people start their woodworking journey only thinking about the function of their projects. We think that form and style are some higher level concepts unlocked only by woodworking gurus with years of experience.

With the Harmony Garden Bench, I will show you how to develop a sense for style and form quickly and easily. Sidenote: Once your co-workers see this on your desk, you may want to start taking orders.

Sell these for 50 bucks a pop and everyone will start to feel like an executive in that fancy pants corner office! I designed the Sonoma Vineyard Coffee Table to reflect the rural yet contemporary nature of the Sonoma Valley and its hundreds of vineyards and wineries. On one hand, this table has a quaint feel with its two earth-toned shades of wood. With this project we enter the world of cabinet-making and learn some traditional and timeless skills that will come in handy for all kinds of future projects.

The Parlor Bookcase is a great height for any room and all three shelves are adjustable. Your friends will be amazed! Even if you already have a workbench, take a look at the BMW. Consider making this style if you need a second bench or tool stand. Offset the cost of your materials, try cool projects that you might not have use for, or just make some extra cash with your woodworking. Additional information Authors Steve Ramsey. How To Buy. Contact Skype: live:wsocourse Email: [email protected].

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