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That is why engineered wood is a great choice for basements. Both methods have pros and cons, including cost and duration. Use the highest quality Baltic birch from Finland and Russia environments with optimum growing conditions for this species. The biggest difference is overall cost. When it comes to texture, you have some choice, thick veneer engineered hardwood flooring pack nothing like Shaw offers. This is best explained with the video below. The lumber is then graded and sorted for maximum yield and usage.

Let that soak in for a moment. When considering engineered flooring you want to work with a manufacturer that can provide more options like:. In addition to achieving wider widths in your floor, you also want longer lengths. This gives you peace of mind that you will receive the longer, most revered boards. The only way to do this is to use a veneer layer that is cut a very specific way…this is where we are going to get a little bit technical.

There are two ways to create the veneer layer of an engineered wood floor — use a dry sawn face that is cut with a saw blade or use a sliced and rotary peeled face that is cut with a knife blade. The first one is like slicing a piece of bread and the second one is like peeling a potato.

They both produce different characteristics in terms of aesthetics and quality. The dry sawn face method will create the same exact visual as a solid floor. This is achieved by giving you the same beautiful heartwood, grain and character while achieving wider widths and lengths.

This method also allows you to cut a thicker veneer layer which will become the wear layer of the floor. Now, your floor will last longer and it can be sanded multiple times if needed. On the contrary, engineered flooring made from sliced and rotary peeled material is only going to produce thinner veneer layers about 2 mm.

This method also boils the wood before peeling it which can cause moisture issues with the wood down the road. Lastly, this method creates floorboards that resemble plywood more than a real wood floor. But, we live in a global economy, and a majority of the flooring sold in North America today is made overseas where manufacturing practices and environmental standards may not mimic those of US manufacturers. The engineered floor covering you choose should be CARB2 compliant — one of the most stringent indoor air quality guidelines in the world.

If you really want to buy local, shop with a company that manufactures their flooring right here in the USA. Carlisle floors are proudly made in New Hampshire by American craftsmen , and our wood comes from sustainably harvested American forests.

Looking for a new wood floors? There are a few important factors to take into consideration when you are shopping for the best engineered wood flooring brands. The thicker, the better! Most of the best hardwood floor brands sell products with different veneer thicknesses, so be sure to weigh your options carefully. And of course, the type of wood you choose will make a difference. Our advice? Talk to a flooring retailer about your specific needs. Engineered wood is one of the most durable wood flooring options out there.

Have we mentioned the importance of thickness when considering durability? But the finish of your engineered wood can also play a role. If you have kids or pets, then you know the importance of scratch-resistant flooring.

Pre-finished boards hold up better than unfinished ones. Typically, you can expect your engineered wood floors to last you 20—50 years, depending on the quality of the product. But some of the best engineered wood floor brands offer lifetime warranties, too! Just remember: how well you care for your floor will also affect its lifespan. But keep in mind that this is for standard residential use. This is it: the main event. Keep in mind that these are 16 of our favorite options, but they are no means the only options.

Remember how we discussed the importance of the thickness of engineered wood flooring? Somerset carries some of the thickest engineered planks out there! However, they believe so strongly in their products that they back them up with a year warranty. Additionally, Somerset is noted for being environmentally-minded and sustainable. From the Forest is a small company based in Wisconsin specializing in engineered wood products. They accommodate all price points and tastes, and will even send you flooring samples.

From the Forest is an eco-conscious company, using only locally-sourced wood from companies that participate in reforestation programs. Their gorgeous products and sustainable focus earn them a spot on our list of best engineered wood flooring brands! Harris mainly offers traditional choices, with a focus on red oak and hickory.

However, you will also find a few contemporary options. They are also an affordable option that stands by their products. Harris Wood Floors offers a lifetime warranty on most products—and that alone would have earned them a spot on our best engineered wood flooring brands list!

Bruce offers expertise in both domestic and exotic wood species, making for one of the largest selections of engineered wood flooring anywhere. Bruce offers gorgeous, hand-scraped looks in their products, which have a lot of character.

Warranties vary by collection. Many of the best engineered wood floor brands offer large selections, but none have the selection size that Mohawk offers. And you can find Thick Veneer Oak Plywood Zip Code Mohawk products in just about any flooring store you step into. Mohawk also offers a range of finishes, including beveled edges.

This well-reviewed company offers a range of unique engineered wood with tons of character. Johnson Hardwood has unique-looking engineered wood that will stand out from other floors. The only thing better is their use of solvent-free surfaces! They just so happen to specialize in engineered wood flooring! Plus, LM Flooring stands behind their commitment to durable and lasting floors. Their lifetime residential warranty speaks volumes about their confidence in their products.

If you are looking for unfinished engineered wood flooring, Mullican is your brand. Buying unfinished planks allows you to completely customize your flooring finish. But if finishing your own floors feels like too much work, Mullican also has a gorgeous selection of pre-finished floors.

Their finished engineered wood flooring comes in 19 collections, all with a stunning array of gorgeous colors. Pergo already has an excellent reputation. The company literally invented laminate flooring back in the s, and its Pergo Extreme line is one of the most popular vinyl plank collections on the market. Pergo Max is the perfect marriage of gorgeous style and lasting durability.

Shaw is the second-largest flooring company in the world after Mohawk. Shaw offers 23 different engineered hardwood collections, often in at least 3 different colors. Lauzon only offers three engineered wood collections—so you know they do them perfectly.

This Canadian company is dedicated to reforestation and responsible environmental stewardship. If you are looking for either domestic or exotic wood species with character, this is a great place to start your search.

Tesoro Woods is one of the most eco-friendly flooring companies out there, offering zero-VOC products. They even make engineered wood flooring from recycled wood! Tesoro Woods offers a structural lifetime warranty on their floorboards. Their pricing is on the higher side, but given all of its perks, Tesoro definitely ranks as one of the best engineered wood flooring brands around. Regal Hardwoods offers hand-scraped engineered wood with a solid birch core.

The company is known for offering longer-than-average planks, which help make rooms look bigger. Hallmark Floors is on the pricier side, but their quality is head and shoulders above other flooring companies! Anderson Tuftex is the company you can thank for innovating cross-grained base layers.

Their main design focus is on traditional, or even rustic floors—but they offer contemporary styles, too. Since solid wood is one piece of wood throughout, it can be refinished over and over. On the other hand, even the best engineered wood floors can only be refinished a few times at most. This is one of the biggest engineered wood disadvantages there is. The cost to replace carpet with hardwood can be prohibitive for some buyers, but engineered wood makes it affordable.

Many of the best engineered wood floor brands sell click-together flooring which can be installed quickly and easily. Finally, as we mentioned before, the cost of engineered wood is often cheaper than the cost of solid wood for rare wood species.

Unlike engineered wood, laminate flooring is not actually wood. So what is laminate flooring , exactly? Laminate is one of the most durable and beautiful hardwood floor alternatives around.

If you compare vinyl plank vs. But while laminate is made from numerous different materials, vinyl plank is made almost entirely out of vinyl aka plastic.

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