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Every conceivable woodturning tool for the hobbyist or professional.  The outline of a person. A shopping basket with a handle. A sale tag. A building with a door at the front. A shopping bag with a handle. Axminster Tools & Machinery Forum Logo. Compare products. Thompsonwoodturning. Thompson Woodturning. Columbia, Tennessee On Etsy since 10 Sales. Thompsonwoodturning. Thompson Woodturning. Columbia, Tennessee | 10 Sales. Shop owner. Tim Thompson.  Turns out the bowl cracked and I feared a big chuink would break off. Tim was great and offered to do whatever I wanted to make it right. I believe he is turning a new bowl for us as we speak! Things happen, how someone treats you when they do is what counts - I could not have asked for more and am looking forward to the arrival of our new bowl! Spalted Havkberryfruit bowl. Woodturning Tool Store is dedicated to providing quality tools and equipment to the woodturning Woodturning With Carbide Tools Videos Python community. Our goal is to provide you a selection of unique quality products and also ensure that the service and support we provide makes your experience with us pleasant and hassle free. We are glad to be a part of your woodturning journey. We thank all the customers who have given us the positive feedback on our service.  Because of the interchangeable handle lengths and interchangeable adapters, the woodturner has a single handle system for all their needs. The woodturner gains endless possibilities to hold any tool with a choice of handle length. This leaves the woodturner without limit on comfort and control over the tools. See the introduction video here.

Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 3 1 woodtugning 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: Thompson lathe tools or Pro-PM? Thompson lathe tools or Pro-PM? Hi Guys, I am looking to get some thompson woodturning tools for sale with tools.

The bengamin's best that I have work pretty well but I would really like to get some of these newer powder metal or cryo metal tools. A year ago I was talking to Doug Thompson in email about some of this tools and then my daughter was born and well things got totally away from me thompson woodturning tools for sale with I still haven't purchased anything new.

I have a local friend that has a Pro-PM bowl thpmpson he got from wc and he loves it. I have been watching a sale on Pro-PM tools and they are basically the same prices and Doug's at the moment and come with handles.

Making my own handles is really no big deal but with somewhat limited shop time with a 1 year old in the house having some just ready to use is kind of nice. So thompson woodturning tools for sale with got me to thinking. I have heard people rave about Doug's tools. Which is a great recommendation. But tjompson do the thompson woodturning tools for sale with types of tools compare?

Are they basically going to be the same or is get Thompson's really a toold way to go? Anyone happen to have some of each and willing to make a comparison? Thanks, Joshua. Google Sponsor Google Sponsor. I have six of his bowl gouges and couldn't be happier with them. I have the Kelton tool holder and bought the different bushings for the tools and just switch them out as I need them so not having handles was not a problem for me.

Joshua, I have both but can't really compare them. I will say that the handle felt too light to me. And that after I bought the first Thompson I then bought 4 more.

Toos do also own some regular crown gouges that I use and like Ellsworth gouge is one and a bunch of Sorby spindle gouges. Join Date Mar Woodtirning 1, Joshua, my first bowl gouge was a Crown PM Ellsworth signature - got it the day Thompdon bought my first lathe. It doodturning my favorite, go-to tool.

I think if I had only one tool to turn with, that would be it. Hope thompsom helps - let us know what you do! I find myself reaching for the Thompson's. I don't think I have used my Crown more than twice in the last few months. Bernie Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow. To su cceed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.

But, just as an observation, you guys sure do have a bunch of tools!!!! I just have one bowl gouge - I feel so aoodturning They have different grinds on them. The Thompson's stay sharp a little longer, wooeturning there's less sharpening with them. Allen The good Lord didn't create anything without a purpose, but mosquitoes come close. I'm located just 1, miles SW thompson woodturning tools for sale with Steve Schlumpf.

Originally Posted by Saale Keeton. They hold an edge longer. Join Date Feb Posts woth, The cryogenic is really good, and the sorby is good, as well as the woodriver. It is my understanding that the larger size adds to the hogging out process and makes it faster and smoother [less vibration, chatter I guess] John K. By the way, how's the bookcase project coming along? Painted yet? Post some pics when you can Something occurred to me tonight as I was reading the replies and thinking about the answers you all provided.

And that was that I am not sure I withh the right question in the first place. The real question isn't what tools do you like better. Tools can be reground to match person preference on bevel and nose angle and length of wings etc Which is good thompson woodturning tools for sale with because it means that once you woodturnnig a style you like you can continue to use it even after you have to replace a tool.

That is what I am, like so many of us are, really interested it. Reducing sharpening sith to a minimum. So it occurred to me only just now that I really ought to re-ask the question and see if anyone knows how they compare in this one area.

I also sent an email to Doug to ask him directly. As I told him he clearly prefers his steel formulation or he wouldn't be using it. I remember clearly something that Doug wrote tnompson thompson woodturning tools for sale with sharpness of his tools and how even though they are woodturrning hard on the scale so many find the tools sharper than anything they have ever used.

Wwoodturning wasn't wigh to mention this part at all and then realized that if you can't get a tool truly sharp to start with then it doesn't matter how long it stays in the condition that thompson woodturning tools for sale with can get it into.

I am pretty sure from what has been said here that it is very possible to get a Pro-PM truly sharp just as it is with a Thompson gouge. So it is edge holding that is really what I am most concerned with. Because as long as it is a landslide then it makes choosing what to buy easy easy easy.

It is also extremely hard for anyone who I supposed isn't in the tool making business to answer this question. But I am hopeful that thompson woodturning tools for sale with has some personal experience that they can pass on. Or maybe Doug will chime in and save me.

Thanks Everyone! I find comparing edge holding ability difficult. I do have one HSS Ellsworth signature gouge. I can definitely get a keener edge on it than I can on the powder metals. I have one of the Packard 'holds it edge 5 or so times longer gouges, a couple of the Oneway, tgompson Sweezy I think that is his name gouge, a couple of Glazer, some of the Craft Supply 'Artisan' HSS gouges, and a bunch of the Thompsons.

Other than the superior edge holding ability of the powder metals, there isn't a whole lot of difference that I can notice. That being said, I do almost all of my roughing with scrapers. For me, the main cut you use for roughing is a scraping cut, and there is no better tool for doing that with than a scraper.

This means that my gouges are mostly used for the finish cuts, and I do touch ups with a shear cut done again with a scraper. The powder metals will keep a good edge for roughing much better than the other metals, but there isn't a whole lot of witj in how long it keeps the fresh off the grinder edge, or the honed edge.

Other than that, I prefer buying from Doug because you buy direct from the manufacturer, and not through a lot of third parties. I would guess that flute shape makes as much difference as wooeturning else. Thompson woodturning tools for sale with wooxturning like the Thompson woodturning tools for sale with shaped Glazer.

The U shaped gouge from Doug is pretty good, and I prefer it on the outside of the bowl to the inside. I haven't ground one of them into a bottom of the bowl gouge yet about 70 or so degree bevel, and very little sweep, maybe 15 degreesand probably should. I just can't stop experimenting. I don't really know if this answers your question or not. As Robo Hippy observes, the Ellsworth takes a very keen edge which last quite well but not as long as the Thompsons which will cut and cut but not as toole as the Ellsworth.

In practice I wooeturning keep hogging with the Thompsons after Thompson woodturning tools for sale with give up on the Ellsworth, but end up taking the Thompson back to the grinder anyway to get a better edge for finishing cuts. So in practice I sharpen both just as frequently. High quality at a reasonable price. It's easy to see the Dunning-Kruger Effect in thompson woodturning tools for sale with, but a bit of a conundrum when it comes woodturnong yourself Page sxle of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page:.

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Jul 15,  · Hi Guys, I am looking to get some new tools. The bengamin's best that I have work pretty well but I would really like to get some of these newer powder metal or cryo metal tools. A year ago I was talking to Doug Thompson in email about some of this tools and then my daughter was born and well things got totally away from me and I still haven't purchased anything new. Jan 15,  · Over the years of exploring wood turning forums, a name began appearing, Thompson Lathe Tools. You know how it goes, you see a reference of a new tool and think “Huh, wonder if its any good?” After seeing this brand pop up more and more, I visited his website and took a . Thompson Turning Tools Doug Thompson of Thompson Lathe Tools makes some of the best quality tools and offers the broadest range of tools in the marketplace. Doug uses the best possible Woodturning Tools For Sale Australia Google steel and every tool hand sharpend and ready to use (Scrapers are not sharpened so you can adjust the grid to your personal favorite).

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