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The hexagon shelves, these are easy to build and looks so astonishing in your room. Out of Stock in Store. Staining and sanding the pieces before starting the project can help you to make clear cuts and something very clean. Kind of easy. Dimensions for hexagon wall shelf. How to Build Hexagon Wall Timber hexagon shelves.

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Pay your balance by the due date the end of next month and we'll waive the fee. Buy Now, Pay Later. Interest Free. An Australian credit or debit card To be over 18 years of age An Australian residential address Note: Afterpay is not available in-store. Set a guard on your saw to the length you want. Then trim the uncut end of each board, butting the cut end up to the guard.

This keeps all pieces consistent. The angles should be running opposite directions on the ends, so that the long face tapers in. Before you assemble the first hexagon, check that all edges and angles line up.

If a piece doesn't fit, you may need to trim it with your miter saw. You will build off of the center hexagon, so it's important to double check your measurements.

Make sure your work surface is level and has enough room for the entire build. After you're sure the first hexagon lines up, you can begin adding onto it. Moving forward, you will need to adjust how the boards lay; sometimes the short face will point inward, other times it will face outward. Play around with your configuration until you find one that suits your taste, adding as many hexagons as desired.

Our shelf features four hexagons. Once you have the configuration you want, begin securing the pieces together. To do this, start with two sides of the first hexagon.

Run a bead of wood glue where the two cut angles meet. Fold the angles together and press firmly, allowing the glue to seep out and wiping up as needed. Place a piece of painters tape along the corner to act as a clamp as the glue dries. You can alternate the sides of the joint you nail, if desired.

Repeat this process with the remaining pieces to complete your first hexagon. Repeat this process to connect your remaining hexagons. As you secure pieces to already formed joints, you may need to do one nail in the center instead of two nails on either side. After all the hexagons are formed and the glue is dry, sand the outside edges and corners smooth, if needed. Personally, I recommend using trim screws as shown below. The smaller screw head is less obvious and helps prevent the wood from splitting.

If you pre-drill the holes, these screws will countersink themselves nicely because the head is not much larger than the pilot hole. If cut at the same angle, these pieces should fit together perfectly. The trick to achieving perfect joints is to assembly the wall shelf in two halves as shown above. Once you have assembled the two halves, test if they fit together perfectly. If not, then lightly sand these joints until you have a perfect fit.

Using this approach, you will only have to worry about two joints fitting perfectly. On the other hand, if you wished to assemble all 6 pieces at once, then all 6 joints would have to match perfectly to ensure a tight fit.

Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Miter saw or table saw. Wood glue and screws. Make sure you angle the cuts inward on both sides. Three methods of doing this include: A. Miter saw set to degrees.

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