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Next ยป. Follow us on Timberwolf bandsaw blades 105 key. Timnerwolf Top Sellers. With re-tempered welds designed for superior strength, Timber Wolf blades are among the most rugged and durable on the market. The variable Timberwolf Bandsaw Blades 105 Raw tooth design reduces resonance throughout the blade; this combined with different size teeth timberrwolf a very clean finish almost polishing the wood as it is cut. In stock lengths available: 80", 82", I even put on Carter guides, and still having bad lick.

Our lead time is 3 business days. Through the use of premium Swedish steels, proprietary induction hardening methods and exclusive tooth milling processes came some of the finest woodworking blades in the world.

Milling the teeth of the blade into a piece of strip steel produces a finished, razor sharp edge without ever having to stamp or grind the teeth. Induction hardening allows for different but more precise hardness throughout the blade. These unique manufacturing techniques along with the use of Swedish Silicon steel set these blades apart from all other carbon based blades.

A perfect balance of superior steel, blade width and thickness plus precision set teeth produce a superior cutting blade with exceptional overall life. Our PC Series of blades is our claim to fame. It is, in its design, everything a wood cutting blade was meant to be.

By incorporating a "hook" style geometry in our gullet, we have given our blade the ability for fast chip removal. Due to its round design we have eliminated any work hardening zones in the gullet. Couple all this with our unique 6. They are.

They also utilize the unique Timberwolf Bandsaw Blades Coupon Day geometry of our PC gullet. These bands are primarily used in furniture industry. They have been designed to cut both fast and accurately in very thick wood such as stacked lumber. Woodturners use these blades to cut turnings out of large burls. Their applications are endless. Their performance is excellent if the thickness of your material exceeds 6 to 8 inches.

These blades are not meant to be used on any 3-wheel saw or for that matter any saws with less than a 90" blade length or wheel diameter less than 14". The total overall set is less than. When you are resawing very expensive woods that are thick and you want as thin a kerf as possible, a super finish, and you are not concerned with speed, this is the blade for you.

The variable tooth design reduces resonance throughout the blade; this combined with different size teeth produces a very clean finish almost polishing the wood as it is cut. Bandsaw Tune Up Instructions. Account Login Register My Cart 0. Login Register Search. Run under low tension, and thus require less horsepower from your band saw. These band saw blades produce a thin kerf and can make remarkably tight turns. Welds are re-tempered for superior strength at the weld.

The weld on these blades is warranted. Please order carefully! You will be responsible for shipping charges Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blades 105 Key on exchanges due to incorrect ordering. Custom sizes are available.

Please call us for pricing. Thanks Dick This is a multi-step answer: 1. Customer Reviews Based on 5 reviews Write a review. More from this collection. View Details.

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