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Power Tool Accessory Material Type. The amount of flutter will vary depending on the size of the saw and blade you are using, i. The teeth are milled at a variety of angles, sets, and hook designs. Customer reviews. Previous page. Timber Wolf blades' milled teeth make these blades ideal for sawing thick stock, and the blades are guaranteed not to wander.

NOTE: All band saw blades will grow by a few thousandths of an inch in length within the first few minutes of sawing due to heat/thermal Timberwolf Bandsaw Blades Coupon Zoom expansion. If you notice degradation in cut quality increase the tension on your blade by 5%. Before moving to the next page please see the last paragraph below. TIMBER WOLF® BAND SAW BLADES. TIMBER WOLF ® band saw blades are AVAILABLE IN ANY LENGTH. All our TIMBER WOLF ® blades are made as ordered and are cut, welded and packaged in our facility in Bethel Park, PA. Our lead time is 3 business days. Through the use of premium Swedish steels, proprietary induction hardening methods and exclusive tooth milling processes came some of . Timber Wolf™ Bandsaw Blades from PS Wood are the most reliable high-performance bandsaw blades you'll ever use! Made from high silicon, low carbon steel, Timber Wolf™ bandsaw blades run cooler and last longer. Milled teeth make them ideal for re-sawing thick stock because these blades are true tracking and DO NOT WANDER.5/5(5).

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