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The blades included in this package are all made of premium grade steel, giving them good durability. Reasonable Price. This blade features an optimized tooth geometry that gives it the ability to cut through various types of metal, giving an extremely smooth, even cut without rough edges. The thinner kerf makes this blade a good choice for resawing very hard woods and expensive woods—where you need maximum yield with a superior finish. The cookie is set by GDPR cookie consent to record the user consent for the cookies in the category "Functional". Check Price.

A band saw is a classic tool for working precisely with a variety of materials, and the blade is the most important component. Different band saw machines will work with different blades, so make sure you know what range of blades are compatible before you buy. Nov 20,  · Which is the better buy - Olson @ approx $15 each, or Timberwolf @ approx $24, or is there a better blade? After smacking into a steel set screw while cutting aluminum, I'm due for buying a few. I'm thinking of picking up a couple 3/8" X 6TPI (") for general purpose. 3 Blade Pack - Curve/Ripping/Resawing. AM by Alongiron | 24 comments». I have been a long time user of Woodslicer band saw blades from Highland woodworking but a friend of mine told me that Timber Wolf blades cut better and are less expensive, so it was time for new blades and I went to Exotic Wood Veneer South Africa and ordered the 3 blade assortment pack: One each blade for.

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