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I think that sharing knowledge and experiences is one of the best things anyone can do so spend a lot of time doing just that. Try it out and get your customized tooling faster and easier than ever before! With a keen understanding of your business realities, we provide you with metal cutting tools and solutions that match the ambitions of your company. There are three types of grooves: square, round, and u-shaped. BSW

Metal cutting tools Turning tools. For any application our turning tools control chips, tool life and vibration. This makes sure you stay in control, maximize your machining time, and stay ahead of the competition. Go to the turning tools page. Wear resistance and tool life. 2. Attach a roughing or finishing tool. Use a right-handed turning tool if feeding the saddle in the direction of the headstock. 3. Move the tool post to the left hand side of the compound rest and set the tool bit to right height center. 4. Set the lathe to the correct speed and feed for the diameter and type of material being cut. 5. JET has made quite a name in metal turning equipment over the years. With industrial lathes starting at 9x20'' and ranging all the way up to 26x'', JET has a piece of turning .

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