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However, unlike the varipuncta species, the sonoria prefer dry wood, not decaying or rotting wood. Susan Higgins. This article is a guide to the most popular species of bees you will find in your garden. Find Your Local Branch Enter a zip code below to view local branches. Facebook Pinterest YouTube.

Females can sting, but will only do so if bothered. Males appear aggressive as they fly around people and pets, but they are not harmful since males do not have a stinger. While these pests may cause damage to wood, there are some simple things homeowners can do to keep them away, like painting wood and keeping outside doors closed to prevent carpenter bee access to wood that could be used to construct galleries. Carpenter bee prevention and treatment begins with a thorough inspection performed by your pest management professional PMP.

During the inspection, your technician will inspect to accurately identify the offending pest and locate any damage. Once the inspection is complete, the pest control plan is prepared.

The most effective control method is to apply an insecticide dust to the bee's drill holes and leave the holes open for a few days so returning bees will contact the insecticide. Once the bees die, the drill holes can be sealed and repainted. Sometimes it may also be useful to apply an aerosol spray to control free flying carpenter bees.

While only a temporarily effective method, applying a liquid insecticide to the wood surface is a less time consuming process than applying dust to drill holes. A control technique that does not use insecticides is to paint any bare, exposed wood surfaces that are being attacked with exterior paint or a polyurethane finish.

Your PMP will also inspect for weathering that will make it likely that the bees will attack. Also, your PMP may recommend sealing existing bore holes to discourage bees that are searching for possible nesting sites. The female is capable of stinging but seldom does so unless she is provoked or handled. The males do not sting, but they usually make property owners mistakenly interpret protecting their territory for aggression and the possibility of stinging.

Males do look to be very menacing — as they hover and dart after any other flying insects that trespass into their territory and fly near people or pets as they move nearby. However, they will back off and hover a short distance away. One of their favorite items to excavate is the rails and posts of oak split rail fences. They prefer pine, fir, cyprus, oak and redwood, especially Carpenter Wood Board Zone if the wood is not covered with bark, is unpainted or unfinished.

The bees sometimes bore into painted wood, especially if the paint covering is old and weathered. Gallery construction is a labor-intensive process that takes a lot of time and energy. As a result, females often prefer to inhabit existing nests instead of excavating new ones.

Refurbished tunnels may increase several feet over several years. Instead of the metallic black of other carpenter bee species, males in this species tend to be more gold brown and fuzzy and have green eyes. The females, on the other hand, fit the more standard description of other carpenter bees. In the winter, young adult male and female bees hibernate in nests and emerge in the spring to clean the tunnels that traverse the nests.

In addition to structural timbers, this species also looks for rotting or decaying wood in which to nest. This species, mainly found in the Hawaiian Islands, is said have arrived there through commerce between the islands and mainland United States going back as far as For many years, the sonoria were misidentified as varipuncta.

However, unlike the varipuncta species, the sonoria prefer dry wood, not decaying or rotting wood. This is what makes them a threat to homeowners in the region.

Due to the tropical climate, the species can lay eggs year-round. After the eggs are laid, the larva will hatch in two to three days and be mature over the course of six weeks. By now, hopefully you can spot a Carpenter Bee no what what region of the United States you reside in.

Then, you protect your home or any wooden structure with a Best Bee Trap. To learn when to start preparing for carpenter bee season in your region, check out our Carpenter Bees by State page. Facebook Pinterest YouTube. And while they are not typically aggressive, they can be a bit bossy, particularly when it comes to staking out their favorite blossoms.

Both the males and females will dive bomb or bump into an intruder, including you, to encourage you to go elsewhere. This could be the highlight of the garden, particularly with a bench nearby, to sit and watch them work on their tunnels, as well as see them busily tending to the flowers in the garden.

To encourage all pollinators, plant a wide variety of flowers that bloom from early spring when the carpenter and many other native bees emerge up until a killing frost. Some sort of water source, such as a shallow dish with pebbles that are frequently filled, is also very important to these hard-working creatures. Having carpenter bees is a very good thing, as long as they 2nd Year Woodwork Projects Guide are not burrowing deep tunnels into parts of your house or other structures causing damage.

Amy Grisak is a freelance writer, blogger, and photographer specializing in gardening, local food, and stories about her home state of Montana. She enjoys sharing her experiences with self-reliant living and outdoor recreation. Her article on the "hugelkultur" gardening technique appears in the Farmers' Almanac. You can follow her Wood Treatment For Carpenter Bees Youtube topics on her site, AmyGrisak. Thank you for the sacrificial wood suggestion. They would have been quite happy doing their thing and then someone comes along, bulldozes all the trees, clears the wood and puts up houses.

Lacking options, the Carpenter bees drill into homes. I thank you for understanding that the bees have no ulterior motive to damage homes. They just are making homes themselves. Menu Menu. Moon Phase Calendar. Email Facebook 15 Pinterest Twitter. Bumblebees or Carpenter Bees?

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