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For example, there are several different kinds styles that you can go with:. Jump to Comment I would like to have a one man crosscut saw as a stealth option — even though there will be a lot more sweat involved with each cut. Even usfd product is a simplistic design. Their saw filing tools are inferior to what you can get on eBay for half the price. Come what may….

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Save on your first month only. No code needed. No amazon coupon code needed. One per customer. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Connelly I am getting started in hand scraping and want step out on the right foot. Im hoping for a cheaper priced one original print possibly. Unfortunately I think Covid has made an already absurdly expensive book even more so. Steven-Canada liked this post.

Richard King I thought had some copies a Woodworking Tools For Sale Calgary Vpn while back and that would be one place to try. No idea on pricing. He's a contributor here as Richard King and you can find his posts often in the Machine Reconditioning discussion. It is available through Google Books: Google Books. Originally Posted by gresh SteveM liked this post. Originally Posted by rimcanyon. I have a new copy around here somewhere, let me dig around to find it.

Honestly, before you drop some pretty serious money on a copy, even at a reduced price, you should find a copy you can borrow, to see if it offers you any information you can actually use, in a manner that makes any sense to you. I'd suggest the Public Library, check to see if they have an Inter-Library Loans program that they participate in. I have a copy here, but it really never seemed that much of a beginners book to me, rather, a bunch of notes for someone with the prior experience to make them seem to make sense.

Dan has Woodworking Bench Tools For Sale 10 been suing people who have been selling or showing unauthorized copies of the book online. Scribe and Hobby machinist used to have it on there sites and has since removed it.

I do sell the book on eBay and others who want to buy it. I mark it up compared to what Dan sells them for. I sell several copies a year and ship it out priority med. It is old , but it has a lot of value to rookies needing info. The OP sounds as if he is looking for a bargain. New copies are the 14th addition and vacuum sealed in plastic. And I thought textbooks were expensive. Connolly makes the unabridged US tax code look like a fast-moving thriller. It is duller than sun-dried dogshit.

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