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The controller and computer should come as a module. Maybe uses of cnc router machine vision motor controllers? K Reset Password Please enter your email and we will send an email to reset your password. In this price range all features and accessories should be available. They are designed for light duty work. Origin's camera picks up the pencil marks and converts them into a digital shape.

Chain is usually passed up for options such as timing belts or ballscrews in the CNC community, as it tends to stretch over time and offers poor accuracy. However, [Steve] took stock of the drawbacks of the method, and made efforts to overcome these weak points in the design.

The Y and X axes were specially designed to keep the chain supported along its length. This helped avoid the problem of long drooping chains and poor tension. Video after the break. Is it industrial? Thanks for sharing [Steve Tying], I wonder how your accuracy has faired over time. About 0. Which is very much fine for cutting wooden panels of this size indeed.

Wood is quite forgiving, and a bit of sanding is needed anyway or you end up with really sharp edges. And finding time to play with it…. If I do it right, I should still be able to use it for that, too. Yours looks pretty awesome! An advantage of your steel desk, using rare earth magnets to contain the workspace and hold down your materials.

Chains dont stretch. They wear on the contact surfaces which produces the slack. But so do timing Cnc Router Machine 3018 Mx3 Man belts at a faster rate. Because to have precision with chains you need to have closed loop position feedback.

If you drive sprocket linearly, you will have small displacement errors repeated at every chain link. Intuitively I would guess that if you wrap the chain around half of the circumference of the drive sprocket it should help.

To reduce that, I went with a larger 12 tooth sprocket on the drive chains instead of the 9 tooth you typically see in a hobby chain equipped router. Engine manufacturers go back and forth between chains and belts for timing all the time. There are many different cost-benefit tradeoffs to both in different engines. Very nice implementation on the rails and chain drive. It would be interesting to see a repeatability test on the same paper.

Hey look at that, I made it on Hackaday! Thanks for all the good comments Dudes. I built this router to make it easier to build other projects. I might do a parts kit but definitely a plans set will be available. Take a look at Maslow CNC. What type of projects are best for Origin or best for a traditional CNC?

Check out the video to weigh in on whether a Shaper is a fit in your shop—and if it's calling your name, thankfully you no longer have to wait to pre-order. Editor's note: Shaper did provide Core77 with this tool for review, however, we asked Randall to review it with an honest, critical eye toward the Origin's ultimate pros and cons especially comparing it against a larger gantry.

Oof - those 3D tool paths looked like they had a ton of stutter. One thing I don't see mentioned is dust collection. If you don't have a hard plumbed large dust collector, a gantry CNC can run with effectively 0 dust. The origin won't do that because you don't have a way to run a 6" dust port to it.

Since routers, especially hand routers create a huge amount of fine dust, you either need to wear a mask, or work outside. I'd also say that a frequent problem that people have with gantry machines is that they set them up too low. Mine is built to have a surface of about 42".

This means that I can hang pieces off the end of the gantry machine to carve the ends, and alignment is less of an issue. OTOH, being able to work on pieces that are already built or that cannot fit on the bed seem like killer features that even a production shop could use. If you are relying on small dust extractors, it'll always be pretty bad.

It lives up to its hype. It does not disappoint. It is one of the best designed and most satisfying devices I've ever owned. Here are some answers to your questions. Far better than the. I mean perfect. Like, not being able to feel even the slightest difference in the wall, not even the tiniest sub-fingernail bump, which to me signifies better-than-.

On a big milling machine, my fingers can feel a. To be able to do that using a handheld router "freehand" is just mind-blowing. The tape is nice. It's precisely printed, easily tearable, has just enough stickum to stay put on raw wood but is easily removed. It's highly custom, well thought through. In my opinion, worth it. For narrow stock — I use a lot of under-1x1" stock — you need to put tape well outside the stock.

Solution: Some larger MDF or plywood boards jigs with the special tape on them, with slots cut in them to hold my narrow workpieces. I use the bigger jig boards over and over without replacing the tape, or just replacing the worn bits of tape and "rescanning" the board. Which of course means that the top face of your workpiece should be coplanar with or lower than the top surface of the jig board. This is one of the tradeoffs from not using a gantry CNC machine.

I improved the already excellent dust extraction a wee bit by taping over one air intake slot in the see-through guard where tiny chips seemed to leak out.

I've been super interested in this for a long time. I love the idea, I'd have a ton of uses for it, and I absolutely don't have the space for any other large-scale CNC machine for recreational use. But I still have doubts and questions.

I'm a little skeptical about the precision; I don't love that you're dependent on the special fiducial tape; it seems like it might be a PITA to set up and use with small or narrow stock I use a lot of 2x2s ; and although it's cheap for a CNC router, it's not cheap enough to take a "try it and see" approach. I plan to try to persuade someone else to get one first.

You won't have to worry about the stock coming loose, or the spindle trying to force its way through a screw or clamp, or realising that the machine lost its zero 30 minutes ago and has now ruined a whole 4'x8' workpiece.

And the dust extraction on this thing might actually work.

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