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Jointer Plane. Blacksmith Forge Blower. Amazon reserves the right to modify or cancel the discount at any time. Marble's Match Holder. Auger Bit Handles. Blacksmith Hammers. Disston Canada, 25" crosscut saw, 7 T.

The history of Delta in South Africa. Other Delta articles in the wiki. Paint colors, how to rebuild a scrollsaw air pump, a type study of Delta cast-iron stands, information specific to bandsaw, lathes, Unisaws, and more. Keith Bohn's Delta miter gauge type study. Delta History —History of the company from the Delta Machinery web site.

Some of these facts are in dispute. Plaza Machinery —Delta Accessories and Parts. Rebuilding A Rockwell Tablesaw —A nice article on just just what the title says. Delta-branded Products from Other Makers Delta mostly made their own products, but especially in the early years they sometimes OEM'd machines from other makers. Information Sources Thanks to Keith Bohn and many other members of the Old Woodworking Machines forum for contributing almost all of the information here.

Milwaukee, Wis. The following month, the ad read, simply, "Delta Manufacturing Co. Further information on the January sale came from an article on the Fine Woodworking website. The buyer is Chang Type Industrial Co. Joe Potter provided information from his notes, including the exact date for the sale of the woodworking machinery line to Pentair. A history page on the Delta website claims that Pentair bought Delta from Rockwell in This assertion is contradicted by the evidence above.

Please contact us if you can provide more solid Stanley 71 Router Plane Replacement Blades Guide evidence one way or the other. Our purpose is to provide information about vintage machinery that is generally difficult to locate. Catalogs, manuals and any other literature that is available on this site is made available for a historical record only.

Please remember that safety standards have changed over the years and information in old manuals as well as the old machines themselves may not meet modern standards. It is up to the individual user to use good judgment and to safely operate old machinery. The VintageMachinery. About Us.

Discussion Forum. Machine Info. Photo Index. Support Vintage Machinery. Submitting Content. Contact Us. Discussion FAQ. The Shop. Projects Forum. For Sale Forum. Manufacturer's Index. Machine Registry. Publication Reprints. Photo Index Home.

Index by Manufacturer. Index by Machine Type. Recent Submissions. Submit New Photo. Classified Ads. Vintage Machinery Store. Workshop Calculations. Patent Search. Galt 16" drawknife, Sold. No-name 10" drawknife, Sold. White 9" drawknife, Sold. White Shave Peeler. Antique L. White 15" wide heavy duty 5" curved blade shave hollowing draw knife, Sold. Bangor Maine, 12" blade log peeling mast drawknife, for making ships mast, Sold. Barton 17" wide heavy duty 8" curved blade shave peeler hollowing draw knife, Sold.

Cast Steel Scorps. Walter Bagshaw and Albert Field were toolmakers in Philadelphia from Shipley Scorp. Shipley, Sold. Two Cherries Scorp. Vintage Scorp. One Handed Scorp. Antique one handed scorp, 3" cutting edge, hand forged, Sold.

Farmer Needle Book. Leather Hole Cutters. Braunsdorf Mueller Co. Elizabeth, N. Wiss inlaid 4N Mule Shears. Lasting Pinchers. Two Union Whitcher shoe makers lasting pinchers pliers, Sold to www. Pinking Iron. Antique E. Union Warranted Cutter. United Shoe Machine Co. Sew Awls for All. Two vintage C. Myers Co. Leather Working Tools. Leather Heel shaves. Hyde leather heel shave Sold. Hackbarth Stamp. Vintage OTC hole punch set with metal box, Sold. Antique Fleshing Knife Tool. Flexco Belt Punches.

Large Hole Punches. Harrison N. Small Hole Punches. Draw Gauge Slitter. Osborne Newark NJ. Osborne Harrison NJ. Champion Knife Improved. Patented July Tobacco Cutter. Antique steel tabacco cutter chopper with wood handle, 5" x 5" x 16", it weighs 4 lbs. Ganonoque, Ont. Salem O. Pat'd Jan. Rockford Ill. Patent Dec. Sharpening Whetstones.

The one on the right is sold. Quick Cut Oil Stone. The label says "Quick Cut Oil Stones, unattainable in quality, warranted free from soft or hard spots" and has a Trade Mark crest. Vintage Eclipse No.

Antique Honing Guide. Antique Sharpening Stone. Stonehaven NB. Pocket Sharpening Stones. Right one Sold. Scythe Sharpening Stone. Carborundum Stones. Vintage wood handled 57 Carborundum brand stone mainly used for sharpening long blade items like a scythe, lawn mower blade, etc. New old stock 16" x 3" grinding wheel for a very large hand crank grinder, weighs 50 lbs. Small Antique Oiler Cans. Top can on left and flat one is sold. Antique CNR 24" Oiler. Dayton Ohio, with US Patents on can , , , , Beatty Oiler Can.

Antique Beatty oiler can, Sold. WW2 Machine Gun Oiler. Antique 's brass hose primer pump, S. Holden LTD. Ottawa, it measures 25" long, Sold. Cyclops Nail Puller. Torrington Conn. Rivet Setters. Tinner's rivet setting tools for copper and steel rivets, Sold. Ezy-Outs Screw Extractor Sets. Wood Thread Cutters. Antique Butt Mortiser.

Antique Waller Tool Co. Chicago IL. Proto auto body file holder with file, Sold. Two antique wood file holders with files, Sold. Miter Cutting Attachment. Antique cast iron bench mount miter saw cutting attachment for cutting up to 3" thick, Sold. Portable bench top model, Sold. Antique 1" Door Hole Guide. National Brass Co. Grand Rapids Mi.

Molding Miter Trimmer. Antique Pootatuck Corp. Lion Homecraft miter trimmer Stratford, Conn. It measures 17" x 6" x 6", weighs 13 lbs. Samson Pexto Tin Snips. Antique C. Blacksmith's Hammers. Blacksmith crosspeen 3 lb. Blacksmith crosspeen 2 lb. Blacksmith crosspeen 1 lb. Rectangular punch hammer, Sold.

V-point punch hammer, Sold. Round flatter tinsmith hammer, Sold. Farrier's Hammers. Champion, patent July 26, , Sold 2. Heller Bros. Antique Wood Mallet. Antique Timber framers brass ringed mallet, with 3" striking face, weighs 2 lbs.

Antique Gilles log marking hammer Sold 2. Antique Wood Mallets. Mount P6 bronze magnetic tack hammer, patent , Sold. Wood Carvers Mallets. Wood carving mallet made from ash wood, Sold. Navy Caulking Mallet.

Navy marines shipwrights caulking mallet. It is stamped on the head and the handle with U. It is in excellent condition, Sold. Antique shipwrights caulking mallet.

Caulking Mallet. Antique embossed Belden Machine Co. Vintage 2 lb. Vintage Caulking Mallet. Log Marking Hammer S. Vintage punch-loc mallet, 2 lbs. Vintage 3 lb. Setting Hammers. Stone Masons Hammers. Specialty Hammers. Three specialty hammers, All Sold. Specialty Mallets. Planishing Hammers.

Four planishing hammers, All Sold. Verona Spike Hammer. Small Hammers. Vintage Nox Tox crate hammer, made by Bridgeport Hdwe. Vintage B. Coghlin CPR railway spike mallet, it measures about 13" long and weighs about 10 lbs.

Antique Log Marking Hammer. Antique planishing hammer, Sold. Hub 5 Leather Mallet. Antique Champion DeArment claw hammer with extra long pole head, made between to in Meadville Pa. Framing Chisels. They are between 75 and years old. Some have handles, some don't and some have handles that need replaced.

Buffalo NY. Sheldan, Asfield Mass. Witherby Warranted, , Sold. Woodcock, Sheffield, Sold. Addis, England, cast steel, Sold Pearson, Sold. Addis London, Sold. Some have handles, some don't and some have handles that need to be replaced.

Barton , Sold 4. Sold 6. Massive Timber Frame Chisels. Witherby, Sold. White , Sold. Butcher, Sold. Sorby, Sold. Antique Socket Chisels. Crown, Sold. Long Narrow Chisels. Bailey Sag Harbor Tool Co. Antique Chisels. Sweden 4. Socket Gouge Chisels. White, Sold. Swan Co.

Antique Corner Chisels. Buck Brothers Lathe Chisels. Craftsman Lathe Chisels. Pochester Pa. Niagara No. Chicago, hand crank grinder, Sold. Hand crank 8" wet stone grinder with cast iron water trough, Sold. Large 14" wheel, hand crank wet grinder with water trough, in working condition, Sold.

Pittsburgh Pa. Vintage small hand crank grinder in good working condition, Sold. Antique blow torch with brass soldering iron, Smelting solder crucible burner fire pot stove, Lead melting cast iron pot and ladle, and a stilson pipe wrench, Nice Kit to add to your antique plumbing collection.

Antique Plumber's tools. Some are Sold. B61 petrol, brass blow torch, made in Birmingham England, Sold. Wall Mfg. Lenk Mfg. Top one is Sold. Antique Pipe Vices. Goodyear Tire Irons. Osborne Caulking irons. One C. Steel Felling Wedge. Gilpin Caulking iron.

Antique W. Stanley Iron. Antique Hand Saws, brass back dovetail saws, keyhole saws, hack saws, meat saws, compass saws, crosscut saws, ripping saws, logging saws, docking saws, etc. Disston Canada, 25" crosscut saw, 7 T. Sheffield, 14" brass back, split nut, 8 T. Vintage Warranted Superior, 10" brass back dovetail saw, 15 T. One is Sold. Antique buzzsaw saw blades, we have 3 available, 26", 28", and 29" diameter, they weigh about 25 lbs.

Top one is 72" with plain tooth pattern, Sold. Antique 1 man 4' crosscut saw with K-D blade, Sold. Vintage double edged 18" blade saw, Sold. Antique shipwrights 18" saw with split-nuts, Sold. Vintage 14" compass saw, Sold.

Simonds 15 adjustable handle 20" hand hack saw, with 14 TPI. Two nice etchings on blade, One says: This saw is made special high temper for cutting metal nails, etc, is ground for clearance, requires no set and is covered by broadest Simonds warraty. Antique Hobbies, Made in England, 20" deep throat coping saw with ornate handle, Sold. Antique Hobbies, Made in England, 14" deep throat coping saw with ornate handle, Sold.

Two vintage coping saws. Vintage jewelers coping saw Sold. Made in Germany,. Bartlett Manufacturing Co. Antique Robert Sorby with kangaroo Sheffield, with split nuts, 16" brass back 9 T.

Vintage 16" removeable blade handsaw, Sold. Antique 11" removeable blade key hole saw Sold 3. Supremacy Made in germany, 16" steel back dovetail saw, 9 T.

No-Name, 12" steel back dovetail saw, 12 T. Made in Sheffield, 12" steel back dovetail saw, 12 T. Sheffield cast steel warranted, with a picture of a train on the blade, 14" steel back, split nut, missing one split nut, 10 T. Antique Abbeydale Sheffield 10" steel back dovetail saw with split nuts, Sold. Taintor's positive 7, Taintor Mfg.

Stanley sawset, Sold. On Hold 3. Millers Falls Co. Shurly-Dietrich-Atkins Co. Crosscut saw jointer raker gauge "Arrow Head" with paper and box, Sold. Shurly Dietrich Co. Sandvik No. Spider gauge for sawset, Sold. One on left Sold.

Antique Folding Rules. They vary from 50 to years old, some are brass bond all around. Antique Lufkin Rule Co. Lufkin Logging Scalers Rules. Vintage Lufkin Rule Windsor Ont. Vintage Lufkin Rule Co. Hardware Store Yard Sticks. Calliper Rules. Windsor, Ontario, Sold. Hyde 11 Southbridge Mass.

Antique Marking Gauges. Greenfiell Mass. Wheelwright's traveler, Sold. Rosewood Sliding T-Bevels. Assorted Woods Sliding T-Bevels. Antique Oak Wood Bevel. Theile Y Quack Caliper. Antique Winged Deviders. Wing Divider Compass. Schollhorn Co. New Haven Conn. Wing Extension Dividers. Antique Weatherhead's Feb 18 , Patent layout extension dividers, Sold 2.

Vintage L. Antique Calipers. Antique 18th century caliper, Sold. Indianapolis, Indiana, Patented Nov. Vintage Tri-Squares. Combination Square Sets. Vintage Starrett 12" combination 4 piece square set, protractor head, center finder, Sold. Antique Scherr-Tumico depth gauge, center finder, square with a 6" rule, Sold.

All top ones have the patent date 4. Antique 1 lb. Antique 2 lb. Brass Rod Trammel Points. Edward Preston Trammel Points. Antique Trammel Points. Stanley 2 Trammel Points. Stanley 4 japanned trammel points, Sold. Antique Levels. Track Inclinometer Level. Menomonee Falls, Wis. Stanley 30 Adjustable Levels. Stanley 50 Adjustable Level. Stanley 3 Adjustable Levels.

Warranted Correct. Antique Cast Iron Level. Smallwood Level. Antique Stanley 34v groove 8" machinist eclipse level, Type 2, Pat. Starret Machinist Level.

Vintage LEA Mfg. Antique Square Levels. Stanley 41, Pat'd June 23, , Sold. Machinist Levels. String Line Levels. Peter Wright Anvil. Peter Wright lb. Mint resurfaced Lb. John Brooks lb. Round Steel Bender. Columbian Leg-Pole-Vice. Columbian Vice Co. Mouse Hole Anvil. Anvil, Brooklyn N. Blacksmith Forge Blower. Ketchener, Ont. Blacksmith Leg-Pole-Vices. Blacksmith leg-pole vice with 6" jaws, weighs about 90 lbs.

Blacksmith leg-pole vice with 4" jaws, weighs about 35 lbs. Brooks Leg-Pole-Vice. Blacksmith J. John Brooks leg-pole vice with removeable leg, 6" jaws, weighs 75 lbs. Hespeler Ont. Massive Blacksmith Vice. Parting out Champion Blower 1 The stand with clamp-on attachment Sold.

Blacksmith Hammers. Steel Plate. Kitchener Ont. Blacksmith post drill press, Sold. Stake Swage Block Hardie. Forging Compund Box. Small antique finger joint wood box, blacksmith cherry heat forge welding compound. Peter Wright 80 Anvil. Peter Wright 80 Lb. Peter Wright Lb. Brooks Anvil. John Brooks Lbs. Brooks 50 Anvil J. John Brooks 50 lb. Antique blow horn T-stake anvil for tinsmith armour forging. Fits in large anvil hardie hole. Vice Anvil. Antique 42 lbs. Three propane Tiger torches, great for forging steel to make a forge with.

Enderes Hoof Nippers. Enderes F12 hoof nippers, 14" long, Sold. Antique Power Hacksaw. Antique power hacksaw with cast iron legs, with vice, very heavy, uses 14" blades, Sold. Antique hand crank roller press for bending and forming steel radius, it weighs 80 lbs.

Small Blacksmith Vice. Farriers Tools. Antique Heller Bros. Planishing Bronze Dollies. Planishing Bronze Spoons. Coulter Junior Shoe Stretcher. Sold 4. Cast iron removeable ice pick, Sold.

Antique Ice Paraphernalia , etc.. Grandma's Antique ice shaver, ice tongs, ice pick, ice saw, ice sraper, ice cream mold. From days before refrigerators, the iceman delivered huge blocks of ice to your home for your ice box.

You would cut them into smaller blocks with your ice saw, move them with your ice tongs, shave the ice with your ice shaver for drinks or salads and serve fancy ice cream at the table, made with your icecream molds. Cast iron ketchen ice tongs, these Sold. Antique ice saw with a 66" blade and 82" long with the blacksmith forged handle, Sold. Antique Ice Saws. One is sold. Ice Tongs. Ice Carrier Tongs. Ice Harvesting Tongs.

Antique hand forged ice harvesting tongs, All Sold. The one on the far right Sold. Antique Gifford Wood Co. Hudson N. Gifford Wood Ice Axe. Two 20" wood clamps, wood threaded, Sold. June 22, , No. Antique wood clamp end, Sold. LIneman's Jack Strap Puller. Antique Hay Knife. The Wonder Rope Maker. The wonder rope maker, for making 5 strand rope. It measures 11" x 12", and weighs 13 lbs.

Sold to Toronto Musium. Antique Bucklin 3 strand rope making machine patented Nov. Chicago Ill. Two-sided walk along fence stretcher puller, Pat'd June 10, The grabbers walk on the 30 inch long bar, Sold. Chain walker fence tightener or stretcher, for chain or fence or barb wire. Pat'd , One of the grabbers walk along chain fastened to object being pulled.

One grabber holds load while other ratchets back to grab another link of chain and then they trade places. It has a 33 inch long steel handle, two 8 inch arms that pivot and one is spring loaded to move.

Three antique barb wire or cable pullers, Sold. Logging Tool Parts. Antique Fork Pryer. Log Building Log Dog. Spike Beavertail Log Dogs. Log Dogs. Alt log dog American logging Tool Co. Blacksmith forged tie-down log dogs, Sold. Antique Sawmill Grapple Part. Antique sawmill part for holding logs from 4" to 12" diameter, 44" long, Stanley Smoothing Plane Blades Review weighs about 10 lbs. Log Handler Tongs. Debarking Spud. Small Log Grapple Rotator. Two Man Log Carrier. Skidding Log Tongs.

Two blacksmith forged log skidding tongs, they weigh about 11 lbs. Antique heavy duty skidding tongs for 8" to 24" diameter logs with 11" swivel, it weighs about 30 lbs. Skidding Log tongs. Antique large log skidding tongs for 8" to 24" diameter logs, it weighs 18 lbs. River salvaged antique Stanley Plane Blades Australia Instagram log drive peavey, 69" long original handle, Sold.

Vintage peavey, 38" original handle, Sold. Sooline Pickaroons. Pulp or Hay Hook. Vintage Brush Axe Mattocks. Logging Cant Hooks.

New strong cant hook, 42" handle, Sold. WW2 Canadian Cap Badge. Arms Co. New Haven, Conn. Horsleys Patent No. Ideal Mfg. New Haven Ct. Manufactured by the Winchester Rep. USA patent Jan. USA patent Feb. Marble's Match Holder.

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