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Welcome to my channelIn this video I will be restoring a vintage Record 52 1/2 Woodworking Vice. For this restoration I copied the finish of my Record Vintage Tools. Woodworking Dust Mask. Teds Woodworking. Little Boy Photography. Machinist Tools.  A old # Wilton Baby Vise with 2" jaws. the square pad dates this vise in the mid 40's. Bench Vise Restoration. Chas Parker # , rare swivel vise. Vintage WILTON Baby BULLET 2" VISE w/ POWERARM, POWER ARM Junior Swivel Base. Vintage WILTON Baby BULLET 2" VISE w/ POWERARM, POWER ARM Junior Swivel Base #WILTON. Small Bench Vise Clamp Vise Vintage/Antique Small 1 3/8 | Etsy.  Vintage Wilton Vise 7" Jaws Swivels, Gunsmith Mechanic Machinist Vise Red USA Excellent working condition, original red paint. Jaw opens 7 inches wide. Model number , made in the U.S.A. 4 large fixation bolts included. This is our collection of used and restored vintage and modern hand tools based around carpentry, cabinet making and all things woodworking. From hand planes to gouges, chisels to rulers and everything inbetween we have it all, and if we don't, we'll have it soon.

One of the most popular questions I get asked is about the old Wilton Vise identification. Many people ask me about vintage vises and see if I know how old they are, and unfortunately, I can only guess. Click here to see pictures of common Wilton vises on Amazon. Some people can investigate the bithub of the vise to see what year it was designed in, though this is just a ballpark date.

Other clues include patent date markings, which you can estimate an issue date from. While there is a lot of misconception and inaccurate information online, I did the research to help vintage wilton woodworking vise github out. So read on as I talk about your Wilton vise models and how to find out the date it was manufactured.

These dates indicate gitnub the vise was ready to be released or for sale. You can find the slide key in the body of the vise, which keeps its front jaw from rotating. To find the slide key, you just need to unscrew it all the way and flip it over. So for example, if you see numbers likeit indicates that vintage wilton woodworking vise github vise was ready for sale in September Others look likewhich indicated in September Some also look likewhich indicates that it was made on May 20, Some slide keys come without any date stamps at all, while others have typos that show the wrong Vintage Wilton Woodworking Vise Mod dates.

If ever you received one without a stamp, this just goes to show that it was either released accidentally, or they were made early even before Wilton added the slide key. Vintage wilton woodworking vise github thing you should know is that date stamps may NOT be a manufacturing date. This is because castings would sit unused for years at a time, so vises could have date stamps that were made long after the vise was cast! This makes the process of learning about your scout vise manufacturing date vintage wilton woodworking vise github more difficult.

I last mentioned that some vises may have inaccurate dates because castings may have been made even before manufacturing vises. This indicates that the casting molds were used after moving, or they made vintage wilton woodworking vise github before moving. Then, these castings were made into complete vises to release.

Most of the vises have smaller models which were most likely not sold to many. People agree that Wilton began creating vises inwith sources showing these were for military or government contracts. This was done until World War II ended. This was Old Wilton Woodworking Vise Parts Price quick for a patent approval process, and it may be due to World War II. With all this being said, it seems to show that from the yearsWilton vises had no date stamp on its slide key. After a few years, wklton company changed the date stamp and product guarantees.

Data shows that Wilton began stamping the date of when the guarantee expires instead of the date of sale. It shows vintage wilton woodworking vise github month and year that shows when the guarantee loses vintage wilton woodworking vise github. This created a lot of confusion, so they stopped doing this in For unstamped vises, they are most likely made between I know how bithub it must be looking for more information regarding the old Wilton vise identification.

Like mentioned, a lot of people are still looking through it, too! Similar to this article, there are experts who have gityub to forums and blogs that show accurate findings and knowledge on Wilton vises. So do you want to read on further about these, including information on the Wilton Bullet Vise? Then you can find wiltton forums with users that post their findings online.

Or, you can begin the thread in this blog in the comment section right below. Fortunately, vihtage professionals have continued to contribute to these common queries to help us out even further! I hope this article on the old Wilton vise identification helped you learn when your vise was made. If you have any questions or want to share your knowledge on the Wilton 4 vise, then comment below.

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Wilton Woodworking Vises feature heavy-duty construction designed for the professional craftsman or a lighter weight design ideal for the home craftsmen. The line includes Heavy Duty Woodworking Vises and Light Duty Woodworking VisesMissing: github. Vintage Wilton woodworkers vise (W) Vise has 7" jaws& opens up to 9" 18" in total length& weighs 26lbs. Vise is in great working condition. Does have some surface rust but operates smoothly. Has some silver paint on bottom side, also initials in silver on front of www.Woodworking Air Cleaner g: github. Get the best deals on Wilton Collectible Vises & Clamps when you shop the largest online selection at www.Woodworking Air Cleaner Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands Vintage woodworking bench vise. $ $ shipping. 2 bids · Ending Monday at PM PDT 20h www.Woodworking Air Cleaner g: github.

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