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This guide is intended to be a standard application procedure. Waterlox original satin finish quart jacket, while all of our product options may be available in your area, for your own personal reasons, you may want to consider a lower VOC, lower odor option for your personal project. About Products Project Types. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Waterlox Tb6044 Original Satin Finish Quart Tor Increase Quantity:. See our Flooring Solutions area for more information and product recommendations. Find Guide. Visit waterlox.

Buy Products. Buy Samples. Application Guide. Where to Use Great for wood floors, countertops, cabinets, tables and furniture. Design Features Will provide your wood with a warm, amber, finished look. Apply all intended coats to a small, inconspicuous area or scrap piece of substrate from the project and allow to dry properly prior to the actual application.

Final color effect is always influenced by the texture, porosity, and by the method of application and will be difficult to reverse once finished. For slate, brick, stone and concrete, you may need only one coat to penetrate and seal. Clean application tools immediately with mineral spirits or turpentine Waterlox Original Satin Finish contains flattening agent which can settle to the bottom of the can.

Stir contents thoroughly before and during use. Product Videos. Custom Field Brand Mfg Waterlox. Color Clear. Main Category Top Coats. Manufacturer Waterlox. Sub Category Oils. Waterlox Original Finish, Satin, Quart. You May Also Like Quick view. Add to Cart. Quick view.

If you have a can or are shopping, this will always and has always designated this one particular product. For more information on that product number and where to find that information please see this guide. This includes turned bowls and pens, jewelry boxes, workbenches, furniture and any other project worthy of finishing. It is very versatile in how it can be applied, so it is suitable for virtually any project.

See our Woodworking Solutions area for more information. It can be used by itself or with other Waterlox stains and finishes to achieve different colors and gloss levels.

See our Countertop Solutions area for more information and product recommendations. It creates a durable, elastic finish that penetrates into the wood while also building a durable, protective layer on the surface.

See our Flooring Solutions area for more information and product recommendations. See our Doors, Cabinets, and Carpentry Solutions area for more information. It cannot hold up to regular direct sun exposure, but will perform beautifully on non-sun exposed projects like porch ceilings, three season porches and other similar situations. It has been around since before HVAC in homes, so it does quite well in non-climate controlled environments, it just cannot hold up well to regular direct UV exposure.

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