12.01.2020  Author: admin   Small Diy Wood Projects
We are one of the largest producers of live-edge slabs. I love the look of reclaimed wood. Syracuse, NY Timberkrete. August 8, Monkey Pod. There are a variety of ways to use it.

To make the process even simpler, we can sand the slab for you! Email Us Shopping Cart 0. Shop By Width 3" and Under 3" to 6" 7" to 10" 11" to 15" 16" to 20" 21" to 25" 26" to 30" 31" and Over. Shop By Thickness 1" and Under 1 and Under 1. Hardwood Slabs We are one of the largest producers of live-edge slabs.

Eucalyptus Slabs Shop Eucalyptus Slabs. Camphor Slabs Shop Camphor Slabs. Podocarpus Shop Podocarpus Slabs. Persimmon Slabs Shop Persimmon Slabs. Monkey Pod. Shop Monkey Pod Slabs. Purpleheart Slabs Shop Purpleheart Slabs. Cherry Slabs Shop Cherry Slabs. Tigerwood Slabs Shop Tigerwood Slabs. Walnut Slabs Shop Walnut Slabs. Carrotwood Slabs Shop Carrotwood Slabs. Sycamore Slabs Shop Sycamore Slabs.

Chinaberry Slabs Shop Chinaberry Slabs. Ipe Slabs Shop Ipe Slabs. Cocobolo Slabs Shop Cocobolo Slabs. Browse All Wood Slabs. We harvest trees that would otherwise just rot or be turned into mulch throughout New York—from Rochester, to Buffalo, to Syracuse. Our customers seem to like the richness, depth and solidity of the wood slabs we have in our inventory.

Some even get pretty creative when it comes to their wood slab projects. Of course many utilize the slabs for tables—everything Cool Things To Make Out Of Wood For Your Room Music from kitchen, to coffee table, to solid slab dining table.

A number of people What To Make Out Of Wood Slabs 70 went the bench route. We even had a few Syracuse based customers have us take a tree that was special to them and create slabs which they then turned into legacy benches. One client used slabs as wall shelves. Especially if using a live edge slab, you can get a really cool effect. Just keep in mind the wood slabs are quite heavy and thus need to be anchored in studs. We had a couple of Syracuse area customers even utilize slabs as cutting boards—you do want to make sure that those are treated properly before use.

Finally, another creative wood slab use: a canvas for a painting. This was truly original. The slab itself became the actual canvas and then they painted beautiful images on it.

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