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Here are a couple that I wbittling enjoyed using:. Limited time deal. Click the link for a full list of styles and prices. Knives that are designed specifically for whittling tend to be non-folding knives, so are a little less convenient for on the go wood carving. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.

If it doesn't match we will not dispatch! This item must be used responsibly Wood Whittling Knife Set 30 and appropriately. This set of three cutting tools is perfect for beginners, my sister assures me that they are very easy to use, the blades are sharp and are good quality. Presented in a pouch which is a nice touch, makes a great gift. Personally I see myself swapping not the chisel for a crook knife, which I feel would be more beneficial.

Overall quality seems pretty good, though I've yet to use them fully". In Stock. Email me when stock arrives. Earn Oaks Points when you buy this item! Woodcarving Set in Nylon Pouch Each of the three cutting tools is constructed from carbon tool steel with a black anti-rust coating. Whittling Knives for Beginners This wood work knife set is ideal for beginners, but also for the seasoned wood worker who needs high-quality cutting tools at a low cost.

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18 By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. Review By Jacqueline Mcsharry. Review By Adam. Please Log in or Register to write a review. As a general rule you will probably feel most comfortable with blades from. The thickness of the blade will provide strength but it will also affect how the blade slices and shaves away material.

Thinner blades are better for detail work as it allows for fine shaving of material whereas the thicker blades are great for quickly peeling away larger chunks of material.

Blades will range from. We have already gone over some of the most important aspects of whittling knives but there are a few more details that folks often overlook. The blade grind or edge angle will affect cutting performance. Another big consideration is the comfort of the knife and how the handle fits your hand.

A blades grind or the shape of the edge will give a knife a certain cutting characteristic. Different grinds will be better suited to certain jobs whether that is slicing, chiseling, cutting, etc.

That said, the best grind for wood carving is the Scandi also known as a Sabre grind. They excel at wood carving because they bring their mass so far down to the blade edge you can actually get a thinner blade profile and still have rigidity. This grind gives you a thin yet strong blade but also helps in detail carving. Getting wide fast also helps with splitting as it Whittling Knife Set Uk 90 performs like a thicker stocked knife and gives you a greater wedging action.

You will also notice how the Scandi Grind is basically like two chisels married together. Fun Fact: Scandi grind gets its name from Scandinavia as this grind was prevalent there due to the heavy influence of wooded terrain and the need for a grind that worked well working with wood.

Finally, the angle at which the grind is made will vastly change the characteristics of a carving knife. Generally, the best grind angle of carving knives is going to be between 10 degrees and 20 degrees. Handles come in many different shapes and sizes. When carving you may find yourself gripping a whittling knife for hours which can become quite uncomfortable if it does not fit and feel just right. Find a handle grip that feels most comfortable to ensure you minimize any fatigue. You can easily build up a certain part of the grip with tape as well as add a bit of cushion with a few layers of tape.

Improving the comfort and feel of your knife handle can certainly contribute to improved carving. Finally, unless you are buying a set of whittling knives for a young person to learn with, you should definitely avoid knives that have a hilt guard which is a protective guard between the knife and handle. Hilt guards can limit your ability to utilize the whittling knife in a full range of motion. Once you have your knife and begin to carve wood with it, it is important that you maintain your new whittling knife Morakniv Whittling Knife Set Mac to ensure you get a long life out of it with great performance.

Follow these 5 tips and your knife can last a lifetime. Now you have a better understanding of what makes a great whittling knife to carve wood and you can set out to find one or even a few that work best for your needs. We have also provided several choices below from the best makers of whittling knives jump into the list now. Lastly, check out our article on wood burning tools as they are an excellent addition to wood carving and enhancing designs. There are quite a few outstanding whittling knives, and quite a few are made by small knife makers like Pinewood Forge , Cape Forge , Helvie, and more.

While those knife makers forge truly great knives, they are mostly small operations and the lead time is usually several weeks to months. I usually recommend folks start with some of the knives below as they are very accessible and you can get a feel for the style of knife you like instead waiting weeks for a whittling knife you are displeased with. That said, once you develop your preference in knives gives one of those makers a look! Flexcut whittling knives are one of the first recommendations I make to people wanting to get started in wood carving.

The wide availability of whittling knives in many different styles is why some consider it the best whittling knife for beginners who are serious about diving right in. Their line of whittling knives ranges from roughing knives to fine detail knives and even many of the less common specialty options like the pelican knife. Flexcut knives are made with high carbon steel housed in a comfortable, ergonomic hardwood handle. In my experience, they arrive very sharp and need little to no edge improvement before whittling.

These knives are also very affordably priced, especially compared to the boutique knives. This is great for anyone looking to pick up a few different styles to try out. Finally, Flexcraft is made in America and are usually excellent to their customers. A great selection of whittling knives for both the beginner and experienced wood carver that should last a forever with proper care and maintenance.

Click the link for a full list of styles and prices. Morakniv knives are well known by wood carvers as this Swedish knife manufacturer has made quality knives for over a century. These wood carving knives have traditional tapered blade style made of laminated carbon steel and perform like a dream. The nearly 2. The Morakniv is large enough to act as a roughing knife but the blade is tapered enough to make easy work of detailing with its thin tip.

If you prefer something even larger, the Morakniv has 3. One of my favorite things about the Morakniv is the large incredibly comfortable handle. I have whittled for hours with a Morakniv with little to no hand fatigue. A worthy knife for any collection. This is for all of the knife enthusiasts or someone looking for a gift for a knife collector. Spyderco makes some of the best folding knives available and the Nilakka is no exception.

Spyderco collaborated with Finnish knifemaker Pokka Tuominen, a world-renowned expert on the traditional puck knife to design this knife. This design was MADE for slicing wood and it looks beautiful doing so. With such a great design you expect great performance and it absolutely does. The full-flat ground bevel and zero-ground edge work with wood effortlessly and the stout handle feels perfect in your hand. One of the most beautiful yet high performing everyday carvers to keep on your person for those spontaneous whittling sessions.

There are also larger sets available as well all for slight savings over buying individual knives. For folks looking for a pocket knife, Boker makes one of the best pocket knives for whittling.

Their pocket knives have the traditional styling and are such a great looking knife. This knife is made with four carbon steel blades, each blade offering you a different approach to carving. Another great thing I like about this pocket knife is how tight the blades are preventing any side-to-side wobble in them while open. Overall a knife with excellent quality for anyone looking for an everyday pocket whittler to carry around. This knife will allow you to slice, dig, and scoop wood all in one convenient package.

What an incredibly versatile little tool which has 6 different carving options to choose from. Flexcut has packed a detail Knife, straight gouge, chisel, v-scorp, gouge scorp and hook knife. If you find it a bit bulky for the pocket it includes a belt pouch as well and even includes a custom strop for edge maintenance.

For anyone looking for a pocket knife that can do it all, this knife is probably as close as you will get. This is really a complete toolset in one package. The Cold Steel Tough Lite is a knife often overlooked for whittling but it is one of the best bushcraft whittlers and roughing whittling projects.

It is also quite adept at achieving detailed carvings depending on the blade size you choose. What makes this knife so great is how incredibly affordable it is and how much abuse it can take. The quality is shocking for a knife of this price range and the AUS 8A stainless steel used in the blade holds an edge surprisingly well.

This incredibly simple knife offers some of the most affordable utility for those who may not need a versatile pocket carver. This is just about the best Best Whittling Knife Set Problem pocket knife you can get for anyone on a budget. Much like the Morokniv carving knife above, this is one of the best hook knives available to spoon and bowl carvers. The Swedish 12C27 stainless steel is hard and durable which maintains a sharp edge better than you might expect out of stainless. It has a single-edged blade suitable for pull cuts using one hand and push cuts using the other.

If you are looking to round out your collection of whittling knives and carving tools the Morakniv hook knife is a great addition for those needing to hollow and dig out their whittling projects. This is a favorite knife among many spoon carvers and it is sure to make the same impression on you. We understand there are a ton of whittling knives on the market and they can all be very similar or very different.

If you are still left with a question, please leave us a comment and we will put you on the right track. We love hearing from readers so comments are always welcome. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Sheepsfoot Knife A sheepsfoot knife is a blade design for what most people commonly refer to as a wood carving knife.

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