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Have a nice day. Jonesy, Re: cove and bead. Did you need more photos? That would make the bar sit higher. Choice of roof cover could well be decided by the type of conditions that the carport is likely to confront. Really easy to follow design.

Regarding your carport design…. The only negative comment I have is the use of PVC roofing material. There are three drawbacks; 1. The sun will turn the timbers underneath charcoal black in the places the wood comes in close proximity with the PVC.

In the colder climates the PVC roofing is very brittle in the wintertime. If you are shovelling snow be very careful not to crack the roofing or damage it with your shovel. PVC roofing will sweat in the days when there is a heavy frost on the roof.

An alternative suggestion is a tin roof. Sheath the roof and cover with heavy roofing felt. Much more durable and does not sweat, burn, or crack. Other than that, great site and good basic ideas…. Just one more point to add. The PVC has a tendency to bow downward and collect water between the rafters if there is not enough pitch to the roof.

Take care, Langley, B. Thanks for the carport plans. I used it as a basis for constructing loose boxes-cum-stables for my horses. I built this carport after my first one collapsed because of snow.

This was a very simple plan and I thank buildeasy for it. The only thing I did different was replaced the 4X4 with 4X6 for added support and I have to say it is perfect for an additional space. I built it with a friend in 2 days because I needed the cement to dry I use it to house my boat.

Hi, I used your plans for a cheap car port and it turned out well so far. I chose the dimensions of 12ft x 16ft because it was more suitable for me. I also reduced the dimensions of the lumber. So the box on top was lighter in weight and because of this I was able to build it without any assistance.

I figured the roof would be holding at most a pounds of snow. I also bought shorter posts than I should have. I miscalculated the head room forgetting the 2x6s would bring the ceiling Wood Magazine Jig Plans Pdf down 6 inches. See pics. Initially I am just using a tarp as a roof. I looked into all sorts of roofing material and it seems that is this real cost factor in this project. Treated plywood is not much cheaper than polycarbonate panels.

The structure seems very solid. I have yet to test the pitch. Since my length is 4ft shorter, I went with the 4in pitch assuming it would be a steeper incline.

But the incline is barely noticeable. I just finished so I have yet to see it in action. It will be interesting to see if 6mil tarp will last the winter. A bit more than I had anticipated. I had considered cedar at one point but was unsure how I would get it to work. Thanks Ryan, coming from you ,it means a lot. Her name is Splinter I should be done in about a week or so. Just need to finish the details,wiring hookup,homemade cooler,lots of little things.

I have taken quite a few photos during the process. Are there certain stages you would like to see? The hatch by far was the most challenging. As you can see in the photos, the hatch has less ribs, also the rib thickness is about an inch.

I thought i would take your advice, and make it lighter good advice. I also decided not to install the gas springs. I came up with my own design for supporting the hatch. We are way out in Northern NY State. I am hoping to take her to the Adirondacks in a couple weeks. That bed looks awesome!

Where did you get the foam and sleeve? Thanks Ryan, The bed is from Amazon….. It fits perfectly, with an added bonus of folding it to make a bench style seat. I did think about making a matching cedar strip tongue box, maybe one day.

No problem adding me to your site. Did you need more photos? If it was not for you i would not have built it. Maybe we will meet sometime, and compare notes. We are planning a big road trip next year and Wyoming is on the radar. Thanks again Ryan!!!! How many hours do you figure it took you? As far as hrs spent…i Free Woodworking Plans Bench 900 never really kept track. If i had to guess it would be around the hr mark.

The most time consuming part was the cedar stripping. Your exterior looks fab. I have built a canoe using the same size strips. Good luck on your build!!

It was a lot of fun for me. But what did you do to address the gaps created when covering the top curvature of the TD? So when glued together there are no gaps, even when making a curve. The left over pcs where cut and used for the sides. Jonesy, Re: cove and bead. Did you apply a glue or other sealant to each cove?

It looks like the Northern Tool aluminum 5X8 trailer kit. I live on the coast of California where corrosion is a problem so I decided on the aluminum frame. I also used bonded washers, that is a steel washer with a layer of neoprene bonded to one side. The Wyoming Woody seems to have quite a following.

Thank you for the excellent plans, pictures and discussions. I am planning to start a build in October and have a question about the plywood thicknesses.

Is this difference significant? Nothing to worry about, I think most all plywood is undersized like this. Have been thinking about building a teardrop camper for almost a year. After looking at multiple sets of plans settled on yours due to the high amount of detail. Plus I just liked the look! I have been a cabinet maker for almost 20 years so wood was my choice. It is going very smooth thank you for sharing. Will post some pictures soon.

I have started my build and have aluminum Northern Tool trailer assembled, floor finished and sides cut out. I am now starting to cut the rabbits for the floor and the roof joists. When making the inner template for the roof joists, is it necessary to create the template for the entire length or can the template stop at the rear of the rabbit where the Wood Carving Plans Pdf 01 hatch notch is? I am trying to save on materials. I hope this question is clear but, if not, let me know and I will try to clarify it.

Thanks again. As far as the templates you can easily make due with whatever you have. In fact you could skip the outer template altogether and simply use one wall as the template for the other. You would have some cleaning up to do as a jigsaw does not make as nice a cut as a router, but it is easily done.

I was a cabinet maker for 7 years. The plans can be followed as closely as you would like, or you could use them to just steal some ideas, no need to ask. Have fun! Wow Ryan!!! Amazing job and extremely generous to share so freely your time consuming and physical efforts!!

I have no idea if I could ever do this but sure would like to try. Some budgeting and setting time aside and finding the room to do it will be the determination.

The size of the floor is Will a queen size mattress fit Woodworking Plans For Beginners Pdf Upload or should i adjust the size a little larger to accommodate? Already dreaming of next spring, and my mind wanders again to building a small camper. Stumbled on your plans and was pleasantly surprised to see them offered free and in Sketchup format! Downloaded but not yet opened, should be a pleasant way to pass some cold dark nights in the coming winter.

Where did you get the skylight window? Its bigger and nicer than most i have seen and Ive searched everywhere I can think of. Wyoming Woody Teardrop Trailer Plans v1. John Plum. Your more than welcome! Good luck on your build! Cindy Weglarz. Thank you, and good luck! How much does the finished trailer weigh? Almost exactly 1, pounds unloaded. Hi Paul, I might be able to help.

I am putting the finishing touches on mine.

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