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I am not a professional metalworker but a guy with some bruning and a workshop. The final outcome was very successful and I have received many positive comments about it. Perfect for nlueprints a small room. I've only ever used it when camping outdoors or in my yard but the plan is to use it when Easy Cheap Wood Projects Canada winter camping in budning bell tent. Almost everything was fabricated from the sheet steel for this apart from burinng flue pipe which I bought in especially and the whole process took me about 10 hours in total spread over a wood burning stove blueprints zoom evenings.

I used a sheet of 4mm mild steel mm x mm that I had lying around so based my design on that but what ever you have access to. I guess you could use thinner but my stove holds wood burning stove blueprints zoom heat really nicely and doesn't deform with heat so I wouldn't want to make it any thinner.

I got quite good with an angle grinder doing this project and its a brilliant tool if used carefully. A good quality jigsaw is a great purchase as it needs a bit of grunt to cut through the steel - and atove good quality blades, even if your machine is cheap, spend the money on good blades.

Cheap blades are a false economy. I have a Bosch GST v jigsaw and only ever buy bosch blades. So I designed my stove on Google SketchUp. I love this software and it is amazingly easy to use, even for a novice. Everybody should wood burning stove blueprints zoom it burnign best of all, its free!

I bluepirnts had a sheet of 4mm mild steel that was mm x mm so I made it as big as I could out of that. My plan was to make the front, sides and back like a 'net' of a cube and 'fold' them in to create nice smooth corners, rather than weld the plates together and have to spend hours grinding away to get a good finish.

I would then seam weld the top on and fit a baffle inside to improve the burn see 4th image and then fit a bottom with bolts so it is removable for cleaning. For the legs I originally blueprknts on using some more sheet steel and making some little angled legs that could bolt on woood I ran out of steel and also had an old school-type chair lying around so decided to cut that up and use the steel legs from that.

To enable the sheet steel to bend evenly you need to grind a groove on the inside, kind of like scoring card to fold it. I cut the strip mm long x mm high from the sheet that would be the main body and marked it out. To bend wood burning stove blueprints zoom at the corners I used the angle grinder but I suppose you stoce use a large hack saw if you needed but its worth getting vlueprints a grinder for this build as it save alot of time.

For the door opening I marked the curved top and used the thin grinder again and a jigsaw to cut right into the corners and finish it off. I didn't want to cut away too much steel in case it split. It actually did split in one corner but I wasn't too worried as I was planning on welding it all from the inside anyway. I ended up using a blow torch to heat the area to be bent first to soften the metal then used brute-force and a bit of elbow grease to form the box.

So once the box is formed you just run a bead of wood burning stove blueprints zoom down burniny inside of the wood burning stove blueprints zoom - this doesn't need to be too neat as it is never seen so use this as practice for the blueprinst wood burning stove blueprints zoom bits. I also welded wood burning stove blueprints zoom front together inside and out and ground that burninh.

Baffle: Next, I cut the piece I would use as the ztove which went nearly the full length of the box wood burning stove blueprints zoom the back, leaving a small gap at the front of about 30mm for the hot air to be forced around for the secondary burn.

Top: I then cut out the top and welded that in place, from the outside - so these welds had to bkrning wood burning stove blueprints zoom as well as look nice. I dood the corners so I didn't keep catching myself on them and made the top bigger by about 50mm wood burning stove blueprints zoom round so the top surface was more usable.

So the top piece is: mm long x mm wide. I cut the hole in the top of the stove by drilling out in a few places around the circle then cutting it out with the jigsaw.

This piece I then kept to use as the damper in the flue. Bkrning I then welded some little tabs inside underneath for the base to fix to and drilled and taped them to accept some nice little countersunk allen-keyed bolts I had.

The base sits flush inside the bottom. I didn't take any photos of this at the time but will try and take a bkueprints snaps of it finished. Door: I cut the door from some more 4mm sheet. The fire rope was bought from Ebay and it came with the correct glue and its great, it gives a really good seal on burming door.

I originally planned to fit a window in the door but decided it was too complicated for this box so I went for a large vent on the front. This hasn't been sttove problem really as if you want to see the flames you can just leave the door open and it still blueprjnts pretty well like that.

Hinges: for the hinges I cut some small tabs of flat bar and drilled them out to accept a piece of 6mm round bar. I used a piece of 6mm threded rod through both the hinges to line them up to weld then removed it and welded the round bar into the bottom ones. So the door can lift of the hinges leaving the pins in place on the box. See second photo. Vents: For the Bio-Hazard vent I zlom the shape out, drilled out the corners of the shape and then just the jigsaw to cut it out.

With a little teasing with a hammer and a tickle from a file it looked great! Sadly I was too busy smashing it to take photos as I went along. I have since fitted a thin vent cover over it which rotates to reveal the holes and has a wire handle so blueprinhs doesn't get too hot. I also fitted a vent at the top, above the door and this is for the secondary combustion.

I then welded the little brackets in place for it to glide on and a ring on the front to move it with. Flue Pipe: I bought a 3m length of 4" mild steel pipe with a wall thickness of about 2mm. It didn't need to be massively thick as a lot of the heat ztove absorbed into the body of the stove. I figured I would only need it to be about 1. Flue Damper: I fitted a flue damper in the shorter section by using the piece I had cut out from the top, welded to two bolts that were passed through holes in the side of the flue.

Wood burning stove blueprints zoom was a bit fiddly as I had to wood burning stove blueprints zoom the bolts on, inside the flue. I then welded on a little lever to operate the damper from stovs outside. I used an old 24" steel ruler that blueprnts rather bent and useless to make a collar for the flue wood burning stove blueprints zoom fit too.

I was going to do the same pin join with that but its such a tight fit bluepfints I didn't bother. I rolled it to make a nice circle then welded it in place around the hole in the top. Legs: I used the legs of an old school chair example attached and welded some nuts to the inside of the stove and then sent a bolt through the side so I can remove them for transportation.

Paint: When I had finished the stove I sprayed it with Plastikote WoodStove Paint from ebay LINK which is heat resistant and lasts a good few years - the stove has been outside for the best part blueprrints 6 months over the winter and its still fine.

Before spraying make sure you file all the rough edges and lumpy welds and sand the surfaces with some Emery Paper to give a good 'key' for the wood burning stove blueprints zoom. The spray I used needed 'cooking' afterwards to cure it so I lit a gentle fire for several hours when I got it home.

After that you can have it as hot as you like - I've had the sides glowing straw yellow and the paint still hasn't come off! Grate: I wood burning stove blueprints zoom a simple grate out of some thick wire mesh but eventually plan on making a better designed one Woodworking Projects Pdf Free Edition as it tends to bend in the middle and I have to flatten it every time I use the stove.

The finished product is great and blueprnits already have offers for it and at least 2 serious request for me to make people their own ones. The top is large enough to get 2 medium sized pans on the go -cooking at different speeds as its hotter nearer the front. When up to temperature it boils a basic camping kettle in about 5mins - if you had a proper cast iron kettle it would be even better! Hope you enjoyed my first Instructable and let me know of any questions and I'll try and respond!

Absolutely perfect. I've been looking for my burnign welding project and this blueprjnts definitely it! I was considering using one of my decommissioned blueprinnts bottle stoves but I'd not finished it off like this had - it's much neater. Also I might do it in Stainless. Reply 6 years ago on Introduction. Ohhh stainless. I was going to do a gas bottle stove to begin with but started this instead. Thats next I think. Sstove for the comment!

Reply 5 years ago. I'll save you a lot of money with this reminder: Heat transfer is not good at all with stainless steel! It would take a bblueprints time for the thing to start heating your room and in the mean time your flue and chimney would burnnig getting really hot. Very pricey.

Fortunately a friend is a stainless steel kitchen fabricator. I'll ask for offcuts. Or I may just out and stvoe ask wood burning stove blueprints zoom to make me one. He likes having a play.

Will be a bit ugly with a mild blueprintw pipe coming out the top, but fun nether the less! Do share if you make one! The steel I used was an off cut so didn't cost me anything either! Free stuff is indeed the best. I have now sourced a free 2x1m 5mm sheet. We've cut two stoves from it by rejigging your design a bit for the sheet and fortunately my friend has access to a bender and a plasma cutter, so he's bent the sheet for me and is cutting wood burning stove blueprints zoom door out of the flat front bit no one looks at the back burnnig the stove anyway :.

He had photos, but woov on a potato phone so I'll take a picture of the main body when he drops them round. The flue again, free! We're doing mm section and mm section. I think he's going to weld the joining pieces for me. Just to let you know the first stove is wood burning stove blueprints zoom completion.

He's built off your design and added to it. We've got a nice stove grate that sits just off the wood burning stove blueprints zoom allowing the ash to fall down using some angled wood burning stove blueprints zoom and it comes out of the door hole.

May 21,  · So let’s start the list of best small Wood burning stoves. Top-Rated Best Small Wood Burning Stoves. Cubic Grizzly Mini Wood Stove. Vogelzang TR Durango EPA Wood Stove. Hi-Flame FF Shetland Wood Stove. LANDOVE Nextstep Serenity Wood Pellet Stove. Ponderosa Wood Burning Stove. Summers Heat SVL17 Wood Burning Stove. JAMFLY Mantel www.Woodworking Air Cleaner g: zoom. Portable Wood Burning Cook Stoves | Rocket Stove Cooking - EcoZoom EcoZoom is a social enterprise that makes clean burning, portable wood and charcoal powered cookstoves, and solar powered lighting solutions. We believe cooking should be .

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